Walking with the Ghosts of Savannah

When walking in Savannah, at night, you never know who might join you

One night, when I was in Savannah, there was a little bit of a rain storm, luckily it didn’t last long. So, I was able to spend some time walking the streets of Historic District around midnight. If you never walked around a historic town after midnight, especially one with a haunted reputation like Savannah, it is something you need to do. After all, it is at night that the ghosts of Savannah come out to walk with you.

On that particular night, the sidewalks glistened from the recent rain, and with hardly a soul in sight, it made for a peaceful stroll. It’s a memory I will always treasure, as I was able to imagine the Savannah of old. A time when streets made of sand, and horses pulled their owners to a town function. I had lived in Savannah for awhile at that point, but, it wasn’t until that night that I felt a connection to the people of Savannah’s past.

Just as easily as you can see yourself walking through the historic streets of Savannah, you can surely envision the people from years gone by, still walking around Savannah today. But, now as ghosts, as the past bleeds into the present and vis-a-versa.

While, I can’t promise that you’ll see an apparition on one of Ghost City’s walking tours, anyone can feel the presence of a lost soul in Savannah at any given moment. As you make your way through these haunted streets you are indeed walking with the ghosts of Savannah.

Ghostly Footsteps on President's Street

Whenever I would go on one of my late night strolls, I never had a destination in mind, I would just go where my feet took me. This serendipitous belief on the aforementioned night led me down President Street, where I thought I was alone. This is until, until I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly turned around to make sure that this wasn’t someone I should keep an eye on.

Savannah is pretty safe at night, but you should always remain vigilant no matter what city you are in. I was expecting to see someone, maybe another person battling insomnia? However, there was nobody was behind me, not a visible soul. So, I kept walking.

About 10 seconds later I heard these footsteps again. I walked a few more steps to see if the footsteps would keep coming. They did. Once again, I turned around, and once again, nobody was there. Every time I would turn around these ghostly footsteps would stop. There was nothing to do but crack a smile, it seemed as if I had a ghost walking with me.

asually I asked “So, why are you out walking on a night like this?” I didn’t know what I expected to happen. I didn’t get a response, no ghostly voice answering me. “Well, you have a good night then,”I said, as I turned around and kept walking. I was really hoping to hear the ghostly footsteps keep following me, but they didn’t. I didn’t hear the footsteps for the rest of the night.

While in Savannah, make sure to spend some time touring the city at night. It is a totally different experience than the experience you get from touring Savannah during the day. Even if you don’t take one of our tours here at Ghost City, get out and see Savannah after the sun goes down.

The Haunted Walks of Savannah

One of Savannah's haunted walkways
Savannah has a spooky vibe after the sun goes down

When I tell people about my walk with a ghost, they tend to share a similar experience. It seems like almost everyone who has walked down the historic streets of Savannah has felt someone watching them, only to turn around to find nobody.

There are certain places in Savannah, on our ghost tours, where people inevitably feel the eyes of our ghosts and spirits watching them. The walk past Colonial Park happens to be one of those haunted locations.

As you’re walking past Colonial Park, even if you are not on a ghost tour, you cannot help but to think about the ghosts which roam the burial ground. Your eyes are drawn to the historic grave stones, watching every shadow dance, waiting for one of Savannah’s awaken souls to walk out into the open.

Awaken Souls

But, what would you do if you actually watched a ghost manifest right before your eyes? It has happened on our ghost tours, right in the historic district of Savannah. The bravest of men (or women) are not brave for very long when a shadow person manifests in front of them and starts walking towards the tour group…

So, you’re passing Colonial Park or any of Savannah’s other haunted locations, do you look? Do you turn your head and take the chance that you may see something that changes your perception, makes you a believer in ghosts? Even if you’re a believer, are you prepared for the shock that will come to your system when you see a child staring back at you, and vanish into thin air?

Every night when we take guests out on our ghost tours, we are presented with these decisions. The possibility of these events happening are very real. After all, Savannah has more ghosts and hauntings than any other city in the country. That is why Savannah ghost tours are so popular. Are you prepared for what you may see, feel…what you may experience? I certainly hope you are.

Enter our Haunted Space

Many of our guests, most actually, are not from Savannah. It can be hard for outsiders to understand the hauntings in this ghost city. One of the most asked questions about our Savannah Ghost Tours is “Do your ghost tours go into any haunted places?” The short answer is yes, all of our ghost walks go somewhere haunted.

However, it doesn’t have to be a building or a home. That is how Savannah is different…once you enter the Historic District, you’re already in the haunted place. We don’t need to go into buildings or home to visit the most haunted places in Savannah. The Historic District is the haunted location.

More ghosts are seen while walking the streets and alleys of Savannah than anywhere else. Are the buildings here haunted? Absolutely, we visit many of them on our ghost tours. Some of the ghosts certainly decide to stay inside, but many are free to go where they like. And, these are the ghosts which we occasionally run into while taking guests on our walking ghost tours in Savannah.

Keep Your Eyes Open for the Ghosts

The next time you are in Savannah walking through the streets, through the ghostly squares, keep your eyes peeled open. You never know when you’re going to see one of our ghosts while walking the streets.

The Ghosts of Savannah particularly seem to enjoy making themselves known to people at night. Maybe you’ll see a slinking shadow disappear into the side of a brick wall. Maybe you’ll feel something tug on your arm when nothing is there.

You may even hear phantom footsteps following you as you make your way through the night. And, if you’re really lucky, you just may get a chance to see one of the full bodied apparitions who have made the Historic District their home.

Touring with Ghost City

Are you ready to open your eyes to what Savannah has to offer? Well, take a tour with Ghost City, we’ll give you an experience you won’t soon forget.