The Top 8 Haunted Houses in Savannah | Savannah's most haunted houses

Savannah's Haunted Houses

get to know the most haunted houses and mansions in Savannah, Georgia

When it comes to haunted houses and Savannah Georgia, they tend to go together like Savannah Georgia and muggy summer weather. You really expect one with the other. Throughout the historic district of Savannah, you'll find more than a few haunted houses.

Whether you're looking for more information about a haunted house that you heard about on a ghost tour, or you're sitting at home researching about why Savannah Georgia is so haunted, we have you covered.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite haunted houses in Savannah. While some of these haunted houses are featured on our Savannah Ghost Tours, we encourage you to check out the rest during the daytime. Some of these haunted houses are also incredible museums, which we highly encourage you to visit.

The Mercer Williams House, one of the most famous haunted houses in Savannah Georgia

1. Mercer Williams House

There are many mysteries surrounding the Mercer Williams House on Monterey Square. There have been all sorts of ghost stories and hauntings that come from this beautiful home. Of course some of them are nonsense, but some seem to have merit.

Featured in the famous book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the Mercer Williams house is a favorite tourist attraction in Savannah. Come out on our ghost tours and hear the haunted truths about the Mercer Williams House.

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432 Abercorn, reportedly one of the most haunted houses in Savannah

2. 432 Abercorn Street

Perhaps the most controversial haunted house in Savannah, the house at 432 Abercorn has captured the imaginations of paranormal fans and visitors to our ghost tours alike. However, most of the stories being told about the house at 432 Abercorn Street are downright lies and completely made up. We attempt to tell the true stories of this haunted home.

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The haunted Davenport House, on Columbia Square

3. The Davenport House

The Davenport House, in historic Savannah, has one of the city’s most famous ghosts haunting the halls and rooms of the building. People have been reporting seeing a ghostly feline roaming the house for many years. Is this ghost cat for real or simply a figment of over-active imaginations? But, that isn’t the only ghost seen here.

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The Andrew Low House, where many of Savannah's ghosts have been seen

4. The haunted Andrew Low House

The story of the ghosts and hauntings at the Andrew Low House is an interesting one. The staff of the Andrew Low House have been known to tell people about their run-ins with the ghosts which have seemed to stay behind. And who could blame them? The house is beautiful. So, who are these ghosts that reside in the Andrew Low House?

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One of the more well-known haunted places in Savannah, the house at 12 West Oglethorpe Street

5. 12 West Oglethorpe

12 West Oglethorpe seems to be one of everyone's' favorite haunted houses in Savannah Georgia. Long abandoned, this haunted house remains the source of mystery and intrigue for people seeing it on a ghost tour. What is the truth about who may be haunting 12 West Oglethorpe?

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Perhaps the most famous (un)haunted House in Savannah, the Hampton Lillibridge House

6. The Hampton-Lillibridge House

We are including the Hampton-Lillibridge House on this list because so many people request information about it. However, the Hampton-Lillibridge House is one of those houses in Savannah where the ghost tour companies took so many liberties with the story that it no longer resembles truth, at all.

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The Haunted Willink House, in the Historic District of Savannah

7. The Haunted Willink House

While Savannah is known for its haunted atmosphere, there is perhaps no other haunted house which has seen such sadness and despair as The Willink House, located at 426 East St. Julian Street.

Neighbors continue to hear the sounds of the front door opening and slamming shut by an unseen force, to say nothing of the household items that are constantly being moved around by ghostly fingers . . . Who are the ghosts of The Willink House in Savannah?

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The Haunted Owens Thomas House

8. The Haunted Owens-Thomas House

In the Owens-Thomas House’s long history, it has seen just about it all. Slavery, the fire of 1820, the Civil War, and Yellow Fever are just some of the tragedies that have been witnessed. It's conceivable that these events are what make Savannah one of the most haunted cities in the American South. And, the Owens-Thomas House might just be one of the more restless houses in this ghost-ridden city.

The Owens-Thomas House is a place of many secrets and hauntings. Spirits here linger about, unable to crossover, for whatever their reason might be. These lost souls roam throughout the halls and rooms of this property they call home.

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