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The Ghosts of the Kehoe House

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Built on Columbia Square in Savannah, Georgia, the Kehoe House was completed in May of 1892. It was built for William Kehoe and his family. They lived in the house for a number of years with their children. It is known that some of their children passed away inside of the house.

Ghostly Lore at the Kehoe House

Guests who stay at the Kehoe House have reported all sorts of haunted events happening to them while staying at the Kehoe House.

With children having passed away in the home, it is no coincidence that the ghosts of children are some of the most reported ghostly occurrences in the house.

One of the stories that won't die, despite being debunked pretty heavily, is the story of two of the Kehoe children getting stuck in the chimney. If you believe the rumors, they were never able to escape and died in that chimney.

The story goes that one day, Mrs. Kehoe came home to find two of her children missing. In a panic, she looked everywhere, but they were nowhere to be found. Some time later, something smelling bad in the house. This lead the Kehoe family to look in the chimney, where they found the bodies of these two children. Fortunately, this never happened. But the fact still remains that many people who have stayed at the Kehoe House have experienced paranormal happenings that involve the ghosts of children. So, what is going on here?

One possible explanation can be found when you consider residential hauntings. Residual hauntings are when events or sounds from the past seemingly replay themselves in a haunted location. We know that many children have lived in the Kehoe House, well before it was known as a haunted Bed and Breakfast. Is it possible that what the Kehoe's guests are experiencing is actually the residual imprints that those children left on the house? It is possible.

A photo of the Kehoe House during the day. Said to be one of the most haunted boutique hotels in Savannah, Georgia.
The Haunted Kehoe House in Savannah

We haven't heard of any stories where the ghosts of these children seem to interact with the living. Instead, it just seems to be the sounds of children playing. This makes us believe that when it comes to the ghosts of children at the Kehoe House, that a residual haunting is happening here.

Another ghostly experience that occurs at the Kehoe House is the smell of perfumes from an age past have also been noticed wafting their way through the hallways or bedrooms of this haunted Savannah Bed and Breakfast. Now, being able to explain away some of the hauntings at the Kehoe House doesn't explain some of the other hauntings and encounters with ghosts in the Kehoe House.

At least one of the ghosts here seem to be of the intelligent variety. An intelligent haunting is one where the ghost/spirit/entity appears to recognize the living and can interact with them. And we know that this happens at the Kehoe House.

This might explain why the guests of the Kehoe House also often report the feeling of someone touching them while they sleep. Numerous people who have stayed at the Kehoe House have reported the ghostly phenomena. Imagine laying in bed peacefully, relaxing after a long day of exploring Savannah. The next thing you know, you feel a phantom hand on your head. Or maybe it grabbed your arm.


I would say it certainly could be, especially if you're not expecting it! And then again, who would be expecting to be grabbed by a ghost while trying to relax?

Well, if you knew that the Kehoe House is well-known as one of the most haunted places in Savannah, maybe you were expecting it. Regardless, this shows us that not all of the ghosts at the Kehoe House are residual in nature. There are certainly a few intelligent ghosts there as well, fully aware of the world we are living in.

Stay at the Haunted Kehoe House

If you’re looking to stay in one of Savannah’s finest Bed and Breakfasts, the Kehoe house is certainly a place you should consider. You never know, you may just have a run-in with one of Savannah’s famous ghosts!

To learn all about the Kehoe House, you will want to take one of our Savannah Ghost Tours. This tour often heads over to Columbia Square so you can hear the real story about the people and events of the Kehoe House.

If staying in luxury while visiting Savannah is a priority of yours, the Kehoe House must be on your short list. Just visit their website if you need further convincing.

Where is the Kehoe House Located?

The Kehoe House can be found at 123 Habersham Street on Columbia Square. The Kehoe House is not open to the public. So, please do not go there expecting to look around for the ghosts which haunt this amazing Bed and Breakfast. Make a reservation and spend the night there!

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