Ghosts of Lafayette Square | Haunted Lafayette Square in Savannah

The Ghosts of Lafayette Square

one of the most haunted Squares in Savannah

Lafayette Square is one of the most beautiful Squares in Savannah Georgia. During the day, you can visit Lafayette Square and visit famous locations such as the Hamilton-Turner Inn, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Andrew Low House. At night, Lafayette Square takes on a new persona. On a few of our ghost tours, including the Beyond Good and Evil Tour, we'll walk you through this beautiful and haunted Square.

We have spent numerous nights in Lafayette Square, after all of the tourists head to their Hotels, when the city gets quiet. On those nights, we have conducted EVP sessions and set up full spectrum cameras in an effort to get in touch with the ghosts that haunted Lafayette Square. We have not been let down. Every night that we spent time in Lafayette Square, we recorded numerous EVPs which were recorded at a lower volume than human speech is. In other words, EVPs that could have possibly have been people talking.

We never filmed an apparition or shadow person at Lafayette Square, but that doesn't mean that nobody ever will. If you're looking for a haunted location in Savannah to try and get in touch with the ghosts of Savannah, spend some time in Lafayette Square.

Ghosts in Lafayette Square

A number of the properties surrounding Lafayette Square have ghost stories associated with them. Perhaps the most well-known house on Lafayette Square is the Hamilton-Turner Inn. This Bed and Breakfast is home to more than a few ghosts and spirits. Many guests who have stayed there have reported all sorts of ghostly happenings. There are many reasons why this location may be haunted. Nicodemus tells you many of the stories while he is giving his ghost tour. It certainly has one of the more interesting histories of any haunted locations in Savannah. It is always one of our guests' favorite stops while taking a ghost tour in Savannah.

The Andrew Low House is another home on Lafayette Square that we sometimes bring up on the ghost tours. The people who work at the Andrew Low House have reported ghosts and spirits for many years. It seems like someone who used to live in the house refused to leave, even after death. Who is this ghost that haunts the Andrew Low House? Well, we have a few ideas, and you'll hear them on the ghost tours that go by this haunted Savannah location. I don't know if anyone knows for sure which famous Savannah resident still resides in this home. The history associated with the Low family and the house is a good story by itself.

Ghost Tours that visit Lafayette Square

If you absolutely want to visit Lafayette Square while on one of our ghost tours you'll want to take the Beyond Good and Evil Tour. This ghost tour walks through Lafayette Square Monday-Saturday. Nicodemus does a great job making the history and the hauntings come alive.

On occasion our Grave Tales ghost tour also goes through Lafayette Square. Usually you're passing through the Square on your way to hear the ghost stories of Colonial Park Cemetery.

Savannah has many haunted places, many haunted buildings. Lafayette Square is just one the many places you'll visit while taking one of our ghost tours. For more information about our ghost tours just check out this page.

Visiting Haunted Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is located right in the heart of the Historic District. If you're visiting Savannah there is a good chance you're going to end up there anyway - especially if you visit the Cathderal of St. John the Baptist or stay ay the Hamilton-Turner Inn.

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