Savannah Ghost Stories

Savannah is a city full of Ghosts and Ghost Stories - get to know some of our most well-known Ghosts

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A photo of the Little Gracie statue in Savannah Georgia's Bonaventure Cemetery.

The Ghost of Little Gracie

Though Savannah is known for many of the ghosts still roaming its historic streets, no ghost is a recognizable as Little Gracie, the little girl who lost her life over a century ago.

Today, Little Gracie's statue and grave can be found in Bonaventure Cemetery. But as for the details of her death, and the paranormal activity linked back to her, the ghost story goes a little something like this...

What is the real story behind the ghost of Little Gracie Watson?

Wright Square, where the ghost of Alice RIley is said to haunt

The story of Alice RIley

One of the most well-known ghost stories in Savannah is the story of Alice RIley. Believed to have been hanged in Wright Square, for murder, Alice RIley was the first woman sentenced to death in Savannah.

Part of her story is well known. The rest of her story is subject to intense debate. Was she really pregnant when she was hanged? And is her ghost actually haunting Wright Square?

Learn more about Alice Riley