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The Haunted Foley House Inn

one of Savannah's most haunted places to stay

The Ghosts of the Foley House Inn

The Foley House Inn is one of our guests favorite stops on the Savannah Haunts Ghost Tour. We make a stop in Chippewa Square to tell this intriguing ghost story.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that our guests enjoy this stop on our ghost tours is because of the unsolved part of the ghost story.

During construction in 1987, workers tore down a wall and discovered a skeleton inside of the wall. It is believed this poor guy was the victim of a murder, his body hidden in the wall.

But, what is the story behind the Foley House Inn? Did this skeleton in the wall actually exist or is it simply a story?

Legends and Hauntings at the Foley House Inn

The Foley House Inn was built in 1896. The woman who was responsible for this house was Honoria Foley. Whereas it might seem as the entire property was built all in one go, that isn't actually true. In fact, the building at 14 Hull Street is two joined structures, where the eastern part was built in 1896 and the western part built four years later in 1870.

One of the stories that is told around Savannah is that of a gentleman who was trying to court Ms. Foley.

This so-called "gentleman" booked a room at the Inn and would often try to 'make a move' of Honoria.

Honoria, however, could not be tempted into any sort of love affair with the man--she wasn't having any of it. One night the enamored suitor snuck into her room while she was fast asleep. Startled, Honoria grabbed the nearest thing to her, a candle holder, and swung it with all of her might.

The heavy candle holder struck this guy in the head, killing him instantly.

This popular story goes on to say that she was friends with a different man, who happened to be a mason and carpenter. He allegedly helped Ms. Foley hide the man's body in the wall of the Inn.

What Truth Lays Behind these Haunted Walls?

So, what is the real story about the ghosts that haunt the Foley House Inn? And who was the poor guy that was found stuffed into the wall?

CEO and Founder of Ghost City Tours, Tim Nealon, started conducting major historical research to get to the bottom of this homicidal mess.

In his words: "I started looking into this story, digging for any dirt which may help bring the actual events to light. Well, upon going to the Georgia Historical Society and looking online, I found out that the truth about the events surrounding the Foley House and Honoria Foley are quite complicated and intriguing...and of course there are key details which refuse to be known, leaving this story incomplete."

Staying at the haunted Foley House Inn

So, what does this mean for the story of Honoria Foley and the man who may or may not have been stashed in the Inn's walls? Well, it's definitely an interesting story and one we love to tell.

If you want to hear the entirety of the tale, research and all, about the Foley House Inn, jump on our Adults Only Dead of Night Ghost Tour. This tour runs every night at 11 pm throughout the year, and you'll be sure to carry this tale with you long after you leave haunted Savanah.

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