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Savannah Cemetery Tours

Choose from our 2 unique Cemetery Tours in Savannah, Georgia

These are not Ghost Tours: You'll see the haunting beauty of Savannah's historic cemeteries on these top-rated tours.

Colonial Park Cemetery, located in the heart of the Historic District, is Savannah's oldest Cemetery.

Bonaventure Cemetery, world-famous, is one of the most beautiful and historic cemeteries you'll ever step foot in.

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Our Savannah Cemetery Tours

Ghost Tours not your thing? Our Cemetery Tours are not ghost tours. We focus on the history of the cemeteries and the people buried inside.

Looking for something fun to do while in town? A Trip to Savannah is not complete with a visit to either Bonaventure Cemetery or Colonial Park Cemetery - or both!

Cemetery Tours are great for the whole family. Do you have the kids with you? Cemetery Tours are an exciting way to teach your children about history.

Bonaventure Cemetery, site of our most popular Cemetery Tour in Savannah, Georgia
Daily at 11am

Bonaventure Cemetery Tour


  • Bonaventure Cemetery is world-famous for its beautiful scenery, famous burials, and more
  • You'll get to visit the gravesites of Savannah's most famous residents, including Little Gracie, Johnny Mercer, and Conrad Aiken
  • The amazing Oak Trees provide plenty of shade on this tour, making your journey through Bonaventure an enjoyable experience
  • Have you ever wondered what the symbols on graves mean? You'll get an education on Cemetery Symbolism on this tour
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change

Explore Savannah's amazing history on a Cemetery Tour

Ghost City Tours is primarily known as a Ghost Tour Company - as expected. However, after uncovering so much interesting history while researching our Ghost tours, we decided to share that knowledge with the tourists who come to Savannah. So in 2018, we introduced our Cemetery Tours in Savannah - and they've been the most popular tours in Savannah since.

As with our other tours, our Cemetery Tours are heavily researched. You'll never look at Savannah the same way after joining our guides. The depth of knowledge our Cemeteries Tours include is amazing! But don't worry - these tours are not some history lesson. You'll still be entertained. You'll share a laugh or many along the way.

See Savannah's history on a Cemetery Tour
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Bonaventure Cemetery Tour

Ages 0-5: Free Ages 6-11: $9.99 Ages 12+: $19.99
9pm | 90 Minutes All Ages
(based on 2700+ reviews)

The most popular Cemetery in Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery is world-famous, well known as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the World.

You'll visit famous gravesites such as the burial plot of 'Little' Gracie Watkins, perhaps the most visited grave in all of Savannah

You'll enjoy the cool breezes and the shade cast by the magnificent Oak Trees that help set the mood for our somber journey into the Cemetery.

Colonial Park Cemetery Tour

Ages 0-5: Free Ages 6-11: $9.99 Ages 12+: $19.99
10 am | 90 Minutes All Ages
(based on 2700+ reviews)

Colonial Park is Savannah's oldest cemetery - and filled with history. You'll never look at Savannah the same way after your tour of Colonial Park Cemetery.

We all know that life was tough for those early colonists in Savannah. You'll learn about the challenges they faced and the ever lingering threat of death in early Savannah.

You'll learn about family tombs, above-ground and below-ground burials in Savannah. Have you ever wondered how so many people fit into such a small tomb? You'll learn how on this Tour.

What makes our Cemetery Tours the best in Savannah?

Learn about the Symbolism in Savannah's Cemeteries

Cemetery Symbolism

Have you ever wondered what all of the symbols on gravesites mean? Or maybe why Angels are so popular when it comes to statues in the Cemetery?

The Cemeteries of Savannah are full of symbolism. On our Tours, you'll learn about the common symbolism used in Cemeteries along with some of the more uncommon ones.

Learn about the famous people who are laid to rest in Savannah's historic Cemeteries

Famous Burials

You'll find many famous from history in Savannah's Cemeteries. On our Cemetery Tours, you'll visit the gravesites of many of these individuals.

If you're touring Colonial Park Cemetery, you'll get to meet one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. In Bonaventure Cemetery, you'll meet many famous people from Savannah's past, including Little Gracie Watkins.

Historic Savannah, which can be learned about when you take a guided tour of one of Savannah's cemeteries

Savannah's history as told by her Cemeteries

Many of the people who were responsible for creating the City of Savannah happen to be buried in the cemeteries which our tours visit. You'll learn a lot about the history of Savannah as we introduce you to these individuals.

You'll visit the site of mass burials and learn why they were necessary. You'll also learn about how Savannah's attitude towards burials influenced the way the city was built.

Burial Traditions in Savannah Georgia

Burial Customs and Traditions

You can tell a lot about people by their burial customs and funeral traditions. Here in Savannah, along with much of the deep South, we have unique burial customs and traditions.

Throughout Savannah's Cemeteries, we'll have numerous opportunities to show you how these traditions and customs influenced the design and operation of the historic cemeteries in Savannah.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about our Cemetery Tours - and you don't really want to call. Below you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get about our tours.

Are these walking tours?

ALL of our Cemetery Tours are Walking Tours

Here in Savannah, all of our tours are walking tours. This includes our Cemetery Tours. While we know you can go on a bus tour of Bonaventure Cemetery (not Colonial Park), we feel that the best experience is being able to walk amongst the graves, sitting on a bench, and taking in the whole feeling of being in some of the most historic cemeteries in America.

  • Walking Tours allow you to immerse yourself in the stories we tell.
  • Walking is good for you, and it is a great way to walk off that amazing dinner you just had!
  • You're not crammed into a vehicle, almost certainly squished in next to someone you'd rather not be squished up against.

Can I buy tickets for your CemeteryTours through Groupon?

We know that there are some Cemetery Tour Companies in Savannah that offer their tickets for sales on Groupon. And if you're not worried about the quality of the tour you're getting - you can certainly spend some time on Groupon or Living Social and find tickets available. However, you won't see any from Ghost City.

We know that our Cemetery Tours are of the highest quality, with thousands of reviews from tourists and locals who have enjoyed our tours. In addition, our tours often sell out - especially on the weekends and on Holidays. There is simply no reason why we'd sell our tours on Groupon.

Companies that sell on Groupon are taking a very substantial cut to their revenue. If their company was as good as they claim it was - they wouldn't have to sell $20 cemetery tour tickets for $6 on Groupon. Even if you do not choose Ghost City - do yourself a favor and stay far away from companies who offer their tours on Groupon.

Are pets allowed on your Cemetery Tours?

Pets are not permitted on the Cemetery Tours

Don't get mad at us! The rules of the Cemeteries we visit clearly state that you are not permitted to bring pets such as dogs into the Cemeteries. For this reason, Ghost City does not allow any pets on our Cemetery Tours in Savannah.

Are these tours Ghost Tours?

Our Cemetery Tours do not talk about Ghosts

While both Bonaventure Cemetery and Colonial Park Cemetery have more than their fair share of ghost stories, we do not talk about them on our Cemetery Tours. Out of respect for the families of those laid to rest, we prefer to spend our time talking our their lives and the history of the Cemetery itself.

Once I purchase tickets, can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final. Like any other performance, and yes, our Tours are performances, we can only admit a limited number of people. Therefore, we cannot give you a refund should you decide not to attend.

However, we're not a bunch of unreasonable monsters. We allow our guests to reschedule their tickets to another date or time, as long as you do it at least 12 hours in advance.

For your family cemetery tours, what is the age of a child?

When it comes to buying tickets for our tours, the following classes of tickets are based on age.

  • Ages 0-5: We do not charge anything for anyone 5 or under. They get to attend our tours for free!
  • Ages 6-11: This is considered a child ticket as defined by the city of Savannah.
  • Ages 12+: This age range is considered an adult ticket.

What days of the week are your Cemetery Tours available for?

All of our Tours run 7 days per week. In addition, we often open up additional time slots for our tours as the original time sells out. If you want to book a tour Ghost City Tours will ensure that we are able to fit you in a tour. We still advise you to purchase your tickets as soon as you know which tour you want to take.

Purchasing tickets for our Cemetery Tours

You can purchase your tickets online or by phone. In either case, you'll receive your tickets immediately via email. You must buy your tickets in advance.

Bonaventure Cemetery Tour, where Ghost City Tours also offers a Guided Tour.

Can I combine my Cemetery Tour with a Ghost Tour?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, if you want to add a Ghost Tour to your Cemetery we can offer you a pretty decent discount.

For more information about our Ghost/Cemetery Tour combo tours, give us a call at 855-999-9026, and we'll get you set up!