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The Ghosts at Haunted Tondee's Tavern

one of the most popular haunted restaurants in Savannah

As a fan of ghost hunting/paranormal investigating…whatever you want to call it, there is hardly a better place to live than Savannah Georgia. Not only do we get to work at one of the World's' best ghost tour companies, Ghost City Tours, but we also get to investigate some of the World's most haunted locations. You can't lose here!

This video is from a recent investigation at Tondee's Tavern on Bay Street in Savannah. I was investigating this location for an episode of our series, The Dead Sessions. In this series, Chris Allen of Haunted Savannah Tours and myself investigate some of the most haunted places around. Since the main emphasis of The Dead Sessions is EVPs this clip doesn't fit with the final product. It is interesting none-the-less. There are certainly ghosts in this haunted Savannah location.I am using a MEL REM-ATDD and an RT-EVP device for this session. The MEL is a great device that can be used to be alerted of disturbances in EM fields. Many paranormal investigators think that ghosts can manipulate the EM fields around us, or simply produce EM fields when they are trying to manifest. This device will detect any disturbances and alert us to them.

Many times we will use devices like the MEL REM-ATDD to do question and answer sessions with the ghosts we come across. As the video shows, we can ask the ghosts to interact with the EM field around the device. You'll also notice that I ask the same question multiple times, attempting to rule out coincidental alerts. It must be said that we had this device on in the basement for almost an hour prior to this video clip..and it never went off.

The History of Tondee's Tavern

Tondee's Tavern is a great place to investigate here in Savannah. The building dates back to 1853. The ground floor of this building was used by the Central Railway and Banking Company. On the upper floor, accessed from the rear of the building, was the offices of Joseph Bryan, the largest and most infamous slave broker of the 1850's in Savannah. It is rumored, but not verifiable, that slaves were occasionally stored in the basement, which is where this video was captured. I don't know that I buy into this though…The slave pens were located right out of the back door, in Bay Lane. I don't know why the basement would be used to keep slaves when the actual slave yards were just a few feet away. In addition, the way the basement was laid out, there wasn't a room to keep anyone in.

During the Civil War, specifically during Sherman's occupation of Savannah, this location was used by General John Geary or the Union Army, who commanded the city of Savannah after its surrender.

Today, this location is occupied by Tondee's Tavern, a great upstart restaurant that serves delicious food throughout the day. They definitely deserve a stop when you're hungry.

Getting to Tondee's Tavern

If you're signed up for our Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl, you'll be meeting your tour guide at Tondee's Tavern. Located at 7 East Bay Street, Tondee's Tavern is very close to numerous Hotels and B&B's in Savannah.

Once you arrive at Tondee's Tavern, simply head inside. Your tour guide will be waiting for you next to the bar. If you cannot see your tour guide simply ask one of the staff members to point you to them.

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