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Dedicated to Honoring our Haunted History

When you go on a ghost tour with Ghost City, you can expect to hear the true history of our cities and our ghosts. Too many tour companies, especially ghost tours companies, resort to making up outlandish tales that are completely made up. We will never stoop to that level.

We have spent the time, researching the actual history behind our most haunted locations. This isn't easy, and we have invested much time and money into doing so. What we've discovered, is that the actual history is much more interested and spooky than anything you could imagine!

Dedicated To Customer Service

Here at Ghost City, we go above and beyond to provide the best customer service in the industry. From your first phone call or visit to our website, we are there for you at every step of the way. We will do anything within our power to not only ensure your ghost tour is the best experience you can buy, but also help with your visit to our cities.

Our office is open from 9 am until 10 pm CST, 7 days per week. Do you have questions, maybe you need directions to your tour, or are running late? We are only a phone call away. Click to call us at 888-859-5375.

Dedicated to Our Employees

When you're choosing your Ghost Tour, it is important to look at how the company treats their guides and other employees. After all, your tour guide and their experience is going to make or break your ghost tour experience.

Ghost City Tours has attracted the best guides in the World through our dedication to our employees. We offer the highest pay rates, ongoing training and much more. They know that we are there for them, and they reward us and our guests by giving the best ghost tours you can get anywhere, day in and day out.

Employee Blogs

Tim Nealon, of Ghost City Tours

Tim Nealon

Tim, the Founder and CEO of Ghost City, writes about running Ghost City and his paranormal experiences

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Gretchen Upshaw of Ghost City Tours

Gretchen Upshaw

Follow Gretchen, the General Manager of Ghost City, on her blog called 'A Girl and her Ghost'.

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Read more about Ghost City

Ghost City has the best staff members and tour guides. We couldn't be more proud to support our employees with fun activities, training and more. Read on in order to get to know the staff at Ghost City.

Ghost Hunting with the Ghost City staff

Bonding the Ghost City Way

by Maria Pinheiro

At Ghost City, we try to provide our employees with opportunities to learn more about ghosts, hauntings, and ghost hunting. So, when we were looking for an event to gather for, a ghost hunt was a great choice.

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Having fun at Colonial Park Cemetery with Ghost City Tours

Fun at the Cemetery

by Tim Nealon

In Savannah, during the early days of Ghost City Tours, we decided to get together for a quick photo shoot at Colonial Park Cemetery. We had a great time, taking some goofy photos, attracting the attention of by-passers.

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Does Ghost City Tours believe in Ghosts?

Belief in the Paranormal

by Maria Pinheiro

Here at Ghost City, we have almost 40 guides and staff members. All of us have our own believes when it comes to the Paranormal and Ghosts. Maria took some time to talk to staff at Ghost City to understand what they believe and why.

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