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Savannah's Haunted Squares

one of the most haunted Squares in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia, is known for a lot of different things. Its haunted mansions, for one, are a major highlight to visitors of the city. But perhaps one aesthetic feature that is broadcasted from photograph to photograph is the city's beloved Squares in Savannah. With 24 squares in total, these green spaces have become the preferred places in the city for picnics, hanging out with friends, people-watching . . . and ghosts.

Whether the squares have lived another life in a different past time as a burial ground, public execution spot or simply a park, many of Savannah's squares have their own secrets to unveil and their own ghostly lore. And as for the haunted mansions situated on the green, well, their paranormal phenomena only add to the overall spectral presences in the Historic District.

Which Haunted Savannah Square should you visit during your stay? Check them out below and be sure to keep note of your personal favorites. Rest assured, you'll be walking through some of these haunted Squares if you join us for a Ghost Tour while you're in Savannah.

Madison Square is said to be home to numerous ghosts, including the ghosts of British Soldiers

Madison Square

Madison Square is widely considered one of the most haunted outdoor locations in Savannah. Reports of shadow people and other ghostly figures have been reported in Madison Square. In the area of Madison Square there was fighting during the Battle of Savannah in the American Revolutionary War. Are these ghostly figures the ghost of war?

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Savannah's most haunted Square, Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square

One of the most haunted Squares in Savannah, Lafayette Square is surrounded by haunted homes and buildings. What is it that makes Lafayette Square so haunted? The Andrew Low House and the Hamilton-Turner Inn is also on Lafayette Square.

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A photo of the historic and haunted Calhoun Square, which is located in Savannah Georgia's Historic District.

The Ghosts of Calhoun Square

Of all Savannah's historic squares, there is perhaps not one more recognized or visited than Calhoun Square. While the square itself has a few ghosts lingering on the green, it is also the haunted houses situated along the square that make Calhoun Square possibly the most haunted of them all.

It's safe to say that at this haunted location, taking a stroll through during the nighttime hours might reveal more than you ever bargained for . . . after all, it just so happens that Calhoun Square is one of the largest unhallowed burial grounds in Savannah. Who is haunting Calhoun Square?

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Wright Square, where some of Savannah's most famous ghosts are said to haunt.

Wright Square

In early Savannah, Wright Square was the site of much death and tragedy. You see, the gallows were at one point sitting in Wright Square. If you were sentenced to death, Wright Square is where you took your last breath. Today, many visitors to Savannah report all sorts of ghostly happenings in Wright Square. What really happens here?

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Columbia Square, where some of Savannah's most famous ghosts are said to haunt.

Columbia Square

While Savannah's Columbia Square is most often mentioned because of its importance for historic preservation in the city, Columbia Square is also known for its ghosts... Some of the Savannah's most haunted houses sit on this square and a night does not go by that ghost tours fail to pop up and hear some of the strangest ghost stories Savannah has to offer. But what ghosts are actually haunting Columbia Square?

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