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Are you looking for a spooky way to spend an evening in Haunted Key West?

Key West is one serously haunted city! And that is why you can find Ghost City Tours, and our Ghost Tours, on the island of Key West. A new market for us, opening in fall of 2020, we're very much looking forward to meeting all of you ghost tours fans and showing you the most haunted places in Key West.

Ghost City Tours offers two Ghost Tours in Key West - one for everyone, and another one for adults-only! We highly encourage you to check out our adults-only ghost tour if your group is all over 16 years of age.

Below, you'll find more information about Ghost City Tours in Key West. Whether you're looking to purchase tickets for one of our tours, or you just want to learn more about Key West's haunted locations, we have what you're looking for/

Family Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours offers the #1 rated all-ages Ghost Tour in Key West. However, you don't have to have young ones to enjoy it! Fans of ghosts and hauntings, history buffs, and everyone else, will have a great time on the Ghosts of Key West Tour.

A skull, part of the Ghosts of Key West Ghost Tour.
Nightly at 8 pm

The Ghosts of Key West Tour


  • Bring your kids with you! The Ghosts of Key West Tour is great for guests of all ages!
  • You'll visit some of the most haunted locations in Key West - where ghosts are seen even today
  • You'll hear about the Ghosts of Key West's famous residents, Pirates, the Civil War, and much more
  • Visit some of Salem's most haunted locations including a few that were featured on TV Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change

Ghost Tours for Adults

This is Key West's ONLY Adults-Only Ghost Tour - so leave the kids behind and be prepared for a tour designed with those wanting a tour without children.

Our Adults only Ghost Tour in Key West, Florida.
Nightly at 10 pm

The Darkside of Key West Ghost Tour


  • This Ghost Tour is Key West's ONLY Ghost Tour for Adults
  • With no children, we're free to cover mature topics with mature language - this tour is not for the squeamish!
  • We cannot emphasize enough about how distrubing some of the topics we cover are - be prepared!
  • We'll also take you to locations where darker hauntings are reported, such as demonic hauntings
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change
The Hemingway House, one of the haunted houses you can learn about from Ghost City Tours in Key West.

The Haunted Hemingway House

Perhaps the most famous house in Key West, the Hemingway House, is also said to be one of the most haunted. One thing we can say for sure is that it is one of our favorite houses to visit on our Ghost Tours!

When we visit the Hemingway House, you'll hear the story of Ernest Hemingway, and why many people believe he is haunting this home. .

Read about the haunted Hemingway House

One of the haunted cemeteries we visit on our Group Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours for Groups

Are you coming to Key West with a large group? If you're looking for something fun for everyone to do, consider taking a Ghost Tour with Ghost City Tours. It is the spookiest way to spend an evening on the Island!

We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more.

For Groups of 30 or more we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance.

Learn more about our Group Ghost Tours

Get to know Key West's most haunted locations

If you're planning a trip to Salem Massachusetts, there is a good chance that youre interested in the many haunted houses, cemeteries, and other locations in town. If that sounds like you, you're in luck!

Below, you'll find a list of some of our favorite haunted and spooky locations in and around Salem. Many people like visiting these haunted places during the daytime, then come back at night to take a Ghost Tour with us.

Check out Key West's most haunted places.

The Key West Lighthouse, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Key West.

The Haunted Key West Lighthouse

What is it about Lighthouses always being haunted? We're not sure, but, the Key West Lighthouse won't let you down if you're looking for a haunted Lighthouse. Said to be haunted by soldiers, and a former Lighthouse Keeper, the Key West Lighthouse has been the subject of many Key West Ghost Stories over the years.

Learn more about the haunted Key West Lighthouse.
The Old Monroe County Jail, where many ghosts have been seen haunting this former Jail in Key West.

The Ghosts of the Old Monroe County Jail

It will probably not shock any of you that the Old Monroe County Jail is widely considered to be the most haunted place in Key West. After all, keeping violent humans behind bars is a recipe for murder, suicides, and other activities which tend to create some ghosts. Today, the Old Monroe County Jail is not open to the public, but, that doesn't mean there are not a lot of people with ghost stories about their time there.

Learn more about the haunted Old Monore County Jail.
The Porter Mansion, one of Key West's most well-known haunted Mansions.

The Ghosts of the Porter Mansion

Like many old Mansions, the Porter Mansion is haunted by many ghosts. Some people will tell you that the Porter Mansion is haunted by the former residents who lived here for so many years. Other people will tell you that the hauntings are caused by the natives who used to live in the area. Whoever it is, they're not shy to make themselves known - creating one of the most haunted places in Key West.

Learn more about the haunted Porter Mansion.
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