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Our Ghost Tours and Haunted Tours

Some people call them Ghost Tours. Others will call them Haunted Tours. Whichever you call them. Ghost City Tours is the world's leader in offering these guided tours of haunted cities.

In every city we operate we offer many kinds of ghost tours, including: Family Friendly Ghost Tours, Adults-Only Ghost Tours, and Haunted Pub Crawls.

Do you need help deciding which Ghost Tour is the right one for you? Just call us at 855-999-9026 and our friendly Guest Support Team will assist you.

Our Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours offers the 4 highest-rated Ghost Tours in Savannah Georgia. Our Haunted Tours in Savannah run 7 nights per week, starting at 9 pm.

Check our our Savannah Ghost Tours

Guests on a haunted tour in New Orleans

New Orleans Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours opened in New Orleans in 2014. Within a few years we've become the most popular Ghost Tour in New Orleans. We even offer New Orleans first Haunted Pub Crawl and Adults-Only Ghost Tours!

Check out our New Orleans Ghost Tours

Downtown Charleston, which is where you can join us for a Ghost Tour.

Charleston Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours of Charleston offers the most unique Ghost Tours in Charleston. We offer Charleston's only adults-only ghost tour and the only ghost tour dedicated to the Wars fought in Charleston.

Check out our Charleston Ghost Tours

One of the haunted places we visit on our San Antonio Ghost Tours

San Antonio Ghost Tours

You can now join Ghost City Tours as we explore San Antonio's most haunted places. We offer two Ghost Tours in San Antonio, the all-ages Ghosts of San Antonio Tour and the adults-only Madams and Mayhem Tour.

Check out our San Antonio Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours in Nashville

Nashville Ghost Tours

Join Ghost City Tours for an amazing Ghost Tours experience in Nashville. We offer an all-ages Ghost Tour, an Adults-Only Ghost Tour, and a Haunted Pub Crawl in Nashville.

View our Haunted Nashville Ghost Tours

Tombstone Arizona, where you can join us on a Ghost Tour of Haunted Tombstone

Tombstone Ghost Tours

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Tombstone Arizona every year - and many of them are wanting to learn more about the ghosts of Tombstone. Now, you can join Ghost City Tours on a Ghost Tour in Tombstone.

Check out our Tombstone Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours in Galveston Texas

Galveston Ghost Tours

If you're looking for Ghost Tours in Galveston, you're looking for Ghost City Tours. We offer two haunted tours on Galveston Island, one all-ages ghost tour and one adults-only ghost tour.

Check out our Galveston Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours in Key West Florida

Key West Ghost Tours

It might not be one of the first cities that come to mind when you think of haunted places, but Key West, is one of the most haunted cities in the country. So, you're sure to have a great time exploring Key West's most haunted locations on one of our Ghost Tours.

Check out our Key West Ghost Tours

Ghost City Tours in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Ghost Tours

In a city as old as St. Augustine, you'd expect to find lots of ghosts and haunted locations - and you'd be right! Launching in Fall of 2021, Ghost City Tours will be offering what we think will be the best ghost tours in St. Augustine.

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Salem Haunted Tours and Ghost Tours from Ghost City

Salem Ghost Tours

Opening in Summer of 2021, Salem is one of the newer cities in which you can find Ghost City Tours. Our haunted tours in Salem are designed to ensure you have a spooky evening while visiting Salem!

Check out our Salem Ghost Tours

Boston Ghost Tours, offered by Ghost City Tours.

Boston Ghost Tours

Boston and Ghost City Tours were made for each other. With an incredible amount of history and hauntings, Boston is a great place to take a Ghost Tour. In Boston, you can expect the same high quality ghost tours that we're known for in all of our other cities.

Check out our Boston Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours in Austin, offered by Ghost City Tours.

Austin Ghost Tours

Is Austin the most haunted city in Texas? Join Ghost City Tours as we tour the haunted streets of Austin, Texas. Join us on an Adults-Only or Family-Friendly Ghost Tour.

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Philadelphia Ghost Tours, offered by Ghost City Tours.

Philadelphia Ghost Tours

One of the most historic cities in America, Philadelphia may also be one of the most haunted. Join our talented Tour Guides as we explore the most haunted locations in Philadelphia.

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Ghost Tours in Washington DC, offered by Ghost City Tours.

Washington DC Ghost Tours

Join Ghost City Tours for an amazing night of spooky ghost stories, haunted locations, and dead Presidents. Opening in July of 2021, Ghost City Tours aims to give you the best Ghost Tours in our Nation's Capital.

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