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Explore San Antonio, the Most Haunted City in Texas, with Ghost City Tours

San Antonio is widely considered the Most Haunted City in Texas. So it was only natural the Ghost City looked to San Antonio when we wanted to expand our Ghost Tours into new cities.

When you're visiting the Most Haunted City in Texas, it only makes sense that you go on a ghost tour. Ghost City offers the 2 most exciting Ghost tours in the historic area of San Antonio.

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San Antonio Ghost Tours
The Haunted Alamo, one of the places we visit on this Ghost Tour
Nightly at 8 pm

Our All Ages Ghost Tour

The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour


  • The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour takes you on a journey into San Antonio's haunted history. You'll visit some of the most haunted locations in San Antonio that were important to the history of our city.
  • The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour is San Antonio's #1 Family Ghost Tour.
  • This Ghost Tour is perfect for guests of all ages, including families and children.
  • Learn about San Antonio's Haunted History and Paranormal Activity.
  • Visit San Antonio's most haunted locations, including the Alamo and other haunted hotspots.
  • Flexible Bookings: Reschedule up to 8 hours before your Ghost Tour for any reason.
  • Additional tour times may be available.
San Antonio Haunted Pub Crawl
Nightly at 9 pm

San Antonio Haunted Pub Crawl


  • This tour is San Antonio's #1 Haunted Pub Crawl.
  • Once you join your Tour Guide, you'll visit the most historic and haunted pubs and taverns in San Antonio.
  • This tour is a great way to have fun out on the town while meeting people.
  • You'll be shocked by some of the events that happened in these pubs, which create paranormal hotspots.
  • All of our tours are walking tours.
  • Flexible Bookings: Reschedule up to 8 hours before your Ghost Tour for any reason.
  • Additional tour times may be available.
San Antonio's most haunted church, one of the stops on this ghost tour
Nightly at 10 pm

San Antonio's ONLY Adults Only Ghost Tour

The Madames and Mayhem Ghost Tour


  • The Madames and Mayhem Ghost Tour is designed for mature audiences who are interested in experiencing the dark side of Human Nature on a ghost tour in San Antonio.
  • The Madames and Mayhem Ghost Tour combines elements of prostitution, the occult, ghosts, demons, and more!
  • This tour contains mature language and themes.
  • An exciting journey into San Antonio's macabre haunted history.
  • Flexible Bookings: Reschedule up to 8 hours before your Ghost Tour for any reason.
  • Additional tour times may be available.
One of the haunted locations in San Antonio that we visit on our Group Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours for Groups

Ghost City Tours is San Antonio's group tour specialist. Whether you have a group of 12 or 312, Ghost City Tours offers the best group ghost tours in San Antonio.

We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more.

For Groups of 30 or more, we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance.

Learn more about our Group Ghost Tours

Looking for a Haunted Place to stay?

If you're coming to Savannah to take one of our Ghost Tours, why not stay in one of Savannah's haunted Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts? Our Ghost Tours will help set the mood for what is certainly going to be a spooky night amongst the ghosts!

We've put together a list of our favorite haunted places to stay in Savannah. Hopefully, we're able to help you find the perfect place to rest your weary bones - and in some of these places, bones have been found in the walls. Sounds like a good time to us!

Choose a haunted place to stay in San Antonio

The Menger Hotel, the Hotel which many people consider the most haunted Hotel in San Antonio

The Menger Hotel

Located right beside the Alamo, the Menger Hotel is considered by many to be the most haunted Hotel in San Antonio, if not all of Texas. During our first trip to San Antonio, we stayed at this haunted hotspot and had experiences with the Menger's ghosts. It certainly seems to live up to its' reputation as one of San Antonio's most haunted places.

Learn about the haunted Menger Hotel
The Emily Morgan Hotel, one of the most haunted locations in San Antonio

The Emily Morgan Hotel

Located right next to the historic Alamo Plaza, the Emily Morgan Hotel was recently rated the third most haunted hotel in the entire world. Once a medical center in the early 1900s, the Emily Morgan has been the site of all sorts of paranormal activity.

Apparitions, dancing orbs, and ghostly visitors to the living remind all that stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel that they are not alone. Not when they stroll through the building during the day, and especially not when they climb into bed and settle in for the night.

Learn about the haunted Emily Morgan Hotel
The Crockett Hotel. Many people consider this to be one of San Antonio's most haunted places

The Crockett Hotel

This historic hotel sits just across from the haunted Alamo, once the site of Texas' bloodiest battle in the fight for Independence. However, the Crockett Hotel has secrets, including the fact that the site of the hotel is actually where all of that bloodshed took place. Rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio, we can only harbor a guess as to who is still haunting its corridors. One thing is for certain, the ghosts of the Crockett Hotel are here to stay.

Learn about the haunted Crockett Hotel

Ghost Stories of San Antonio

Steeped in history and hauntings, San Antonio is the source of many ghost stories. For hundreds of years, stories of ghosts and hauntings have permeated the culture of San Antonio.

We've put together some of the best-known ghost stories from San Antonio. Most of these are not featured on our ghost tours - so feel free to dig in and learn more about the ghost stories of San Antonio.

Read more ghost stories of San Antonio

The ghost of El Muerto, in San Antonio

The Ghost of El Muerto

Once upon a time, South Texas was a No Man’s Land filled with outlaws. The baddest of all of the outlaws was the notorious cattle thief, Vidal. To clean up the lawlessness of No Man’s Land, Texas Rangers were assigned.

But legend has it that Vidal still roams the open land in Southeast Texas... only, he is no long living ... nor does he have a head anymore. He goes by the name, 'El Muerto.'

Discover the ghost behind the legend of El Muerto
The hanging tree of San Antonio

The True Hanging Tree of San Antonio: Debunking the Legend

One of the most ominous legends in San Antonio is the story of the Hanging Tree, otherwise known as the Tree of Sorrows. A befitting name considering that 35 people were hung between the 17th and 18th centuries.

But, is this legend true, was there really a Hanging Tree? Were there really 35 criminals hung at the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the rumored site of the Tree of Sorrows? Well, we’re here to reveal the truth about the Hanging Tree.

Read about the Hanging Tree of San Antonio
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