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4.8 Rating on TripAdvisor

You can't get much better than 4.8 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Our tours are the best you can get!

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love your ghost tour, we'll give you your money back. Why would we do this when nobody else does? We know we're the best!

Over 81,000 Happy Guests

Join our ever growing family of satisfied guests! More people chose Ghost City last year than any other Ghost Tour Company.

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We don't repeat what you'll hear on other companies' tours. All of our tours are 100% original, and thoroughly researched!

Purchasing Tickets for our Ghost Tours

Buying tickets to join Ghost City Tours on one of our haunted ghost walks couldn’t be easier. You can purchase your tickets online or by calling our Office at 888-859-5375. We answer all calls from 9 am until 10 pm CST.

Tickets for our Ghost Tours are always very limited. Once they are sold out you will have to choose from a different tour. To ensure that you get a spot on the ghost tour that you would like to take, we require that you purchase your tickets in advance. We do not allow for walk-ups.

Our Savannah Ghost Tours

The Grave Tales of Savannah Georgia Ghost Tour

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour

9pm | 7 nights per week | All Ages

On the Grave Tales Ghost Tour, you'll join your tour guide and explore some of Savannah Georgia's most haunted locations. The Grave Tales Ghost Tour focuses on Savannah's most famous haunted locations, including Colonial Park Cemetery, The Owens-Thomas House, and much more!

Savannah's haunted pub crawl from Ghost City Tours

Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

9 pm | Tuesday - Saturday | Ages 21+ Only

Imagine visiting Savannah's most haunted and historic pubs and bars, while hearing the ghost stories of their past. The Haunted Pub Crawl is a great way to spend an evening with friends, or the perfect night spent meeting new people. This laid back tour has the best of Savannah's drinks and ghosts!

Savannah's most popular ghost tour, the Beyond Good and Evil Ghost Tour

The Beyond Good and Evil Tour

10 pm | Ages 16+ Only

Ghosts, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Haunted Cemeteries, Demons…This is one of the most popular Savannah Ghost Tours. You’ll hear the stories of Savannah’s oldest (visible) cemetery, Colonial Park Cemetery, the number one location for Ghostly Sightings on our tours.

The Dead of Night Tour, Savannah's latest Adults Only Ghost Tour

The Dead of Night Ghost Tour

11 pm | 7 nights per week | Ages 16+ Only

The Dead of Night Tour is Savannah's latest starting adults only ghost tour. On this tour, you'll hear about the darker hauntings of Savannah's past. Not every ghost is friendly, and on the Dead of Night Tour, you'll visit the locations where these malevolent spirits rest.

Imagine visiting the MOST HAUNTED locations in America's MOST HAUNTED Cities
Spooky, right?

Our New Orleans Ghost Tours

The Ghosts of New Orleans Ghost Tour

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

8 pm | 7 nights per week | All Ages

Join Ghost City on one of New Orleans' most popular ghost tours, the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. You'll explore the haunted side of New Orleans. The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is a wonderful selection of New Orleans’ most famous haunted locations, as well as some disturbing haunted locations that we uncovered in our research.

The Hermann Grima House, which is one of the stops on the Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour in New Orleans

The Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour

8 pm & 8:30pm | 7 nights per week | Ages 16+ Only

The Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour is New Orleans’ only adults only ghost tour. If you’re looking for a ghost tour that is designed exclusively for adults, this is the ghost tour you want. Mature content and language is guaranteed on the Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour. We’ll explore the haunted streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter in search of the most disturbing ghost stories and history that The Big Easy has to offer.

The site is Ghost City's New Orleans Ghost Hunt Experience, the only one of it's kind in New Orleans

New Orleans Ghost Hunt Experience

10 pm | Thursday-Monday | Ages 16+ Only

Have you ever wanted to go on a real ghost hunt? Ghost City Tours offers New Orleans’ only real ghost hunt experience! Thursday through Monday, you can join our paranormal investigators at one of New Orleans’ most haunted locations for a real ghost hunt. All of your ghost hunting equipment is provided. You can even download your recordings to see if you captured one of our infamous ghosts on audio or video! This is not a haunted house experience, it is a real ghost hunt.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, one of the most haunted bars in New Orleans, and a stop on our Haunted Pub Crawl

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

8 pm | 7 days per week | Ages 21+ Only

If there are two things New Orleans is especially well known for, it is our ghosts and our bars. On Ghost City Tours’ New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl, you’ll go on a spooky journey to explore our most haunted bars and pubs. Along the way, you’ll hear the true tales of some of our most famous ghosts. We’ll explore the darker side of New Orleans' ghosts as we sip on some of New Orleans’ finest beverages!

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Our San Antonio Ghost Tours

The Alamo, one of the stops on the Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour

The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour

9 pm | 7 days per week | All Ages

If you want to get to know haunted San Antonio, start with our Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour. On this tour, you'll visit the most haunted locations in San Antonio, including the Alamo. Ghosts, hauntings, history and more! Tickets are very limited for the Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour.

Tickets will go on sale on April 1st 2016, with our first tours running May 1st 2016.