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Ghost City Tours is America’s premiere Ghost Tour Company. Offering our haunted adventures in Savannah, New Orleans and Chattanooga, over 60,000 people join us last year. Our tours will lead you on a journey into the most haunted locations in America’s most haunted cities!

Our dedication to provided the highest quality ghost tours has made Ghost City Tours as popular as we are. We only employ the best tour guides. Our customer service is unmatched. We offer a money back guarantee to show that we take our mission to ensure you a great time, seriously.

  • Adults Only and All Ages Ghost Tours
  • Military and Group Discounts
  • 4.6 Rating on TripAdvisor
  • Over 60,000 guests last year
  • Money Back Guarantee

Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Ghost Tours

Georgia’s first city, Savannah, has long been known as one of America’s most haunted cities. Tales of the dead are heavily ingrained in Savannah’s culture.

There is much more to Savannah than you think you know. Tales of death, deceit and forgotten souls reaching out to the living have been told by generation upon generation. Now we are allowing you to join us on a journey into Savannah’s haunted history. Be prepared for chills during your experience in Savannah with Ghost City Tours.

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New Orleans Ghost Tours

New Orleans Ghost Tours

Few cities in America bring the idea of ghosts into your mind quicker than New Orleans- and for good reason, this place is seriously haunted!

You can’t go to New Orleans without taking a ghost tour. Ghost City Tours has taken all of the work out of finding New Orleans’ most original ghost tours- you just found them. By working with professors of history and real residents with paranormal problems we have created the New Orleans ghost tour that all others wish they could be.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Chattanooga Ghost Tours

We’ll be the first to admit, Chattanooga and ghosts are not paired together as often as other cities, but it’s the South’s hidden gem when it comes to ghosts and hauntings.

What we found while researching Chattanooga will amaze you. Not only is it a very haunted city, it may be one of the most haunted cities in the entire South. Only on our ghost tours will you see these hidden locations that nobody else knows about. Let the mystery and excitement begin!

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Tour the Most Haunted Locations

With Ghost City Tours you’ll visit the most haunted locations in each city. Whether you join us in Savannah, New Orleans or Chattanooga, each city has that ‘must see’ haunted location. We make sure to include them on our ghost tours.

If getting off of the beaten path is your thing, we have you covered. Through our research, we have uncovered some incredible ghost stories that no other tour company touches on. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds: visiting the most well known haunted locations as well as some very creepy, very secret locations where the history is so horrible, we only wish the stories we uncovered were not true.

Historically Accurate Ghost Tours

We take great pride in the fact that all of our  ghost tour stories have been thoroughly researched and are true to history. You won’t find any made up stories about fake murders or zombies on our ghost tours. If hearing the real story behind America’s most haunted cities is important to you, our tours are the ones to take!

Whether it is scouring the archives at the Historical Society, finding newspaper articles, or talking to local sources, Ghost City Tours goes to great lengths to ensure that our guests only hear the true history behind America’s best ghost stories. But don’t mistake historically accurate for boring, our guides are all wonderful performers, bringing history to life in front of you.

An Enjoyable Spooky Evening

Our ghost tours are a perfect way to spend an enjoyable evening with your friends and family. All of our tours have the perfect mix of history and spookiness.

Families can enjoy our All-Ages Ghost Tours while we visit some of the most haunted locations that America has to offer.

Or are you looking for a fun night out with your friends, instead? In Savannah, New Orleans and Chattanooga we also offer Adults Only Ghost Tours, so if you’re looking for a ghostly good time in a more mature setting we have the ghost tour you are looking for.

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