The Ghosts of the Six Pence Pub | Haunted Pub in Savannah

The Ghosts of the Six Pence Pub

Savannah's haunted British Pub

Savannah is blessed when it comes to many things. Beauty, good restaurants, great people, ghosts…and wonderful pubs! The Six Pence Pub is one of those great pubs that you need to visit while you are in Savannah.

If you take our Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl you will be taken into the Six Pence Pub, and you’ll have the chance to try some of their famous ale selections. One thing is for certain at this pub: the spirits at Six Pence are not just relegated to the kind you fill into a glass.

Why else would we make it one of our featured stops on our popular Savannah haunted pub crawl?

The History of Six Pence Pub

Six Pence as Wally’s Sixpence

Savannah’s Six Pence Pub is a one of a kind British-style pub in the heart of the historic district. It’s a spot where locals frequent when they’re feeling inclined to grab an ale or take a photo in the classic red telephone booth seated right outside the front door.

And it’s no wonder - its first owners, when it was known as “Wally’s Sixpence, hailed from England. As transplants from London, Wally and Doris, the pub’s founders, intended to make Wally’s into a pub that anyone could enjoy. It featured a relaxed atmosphere that expatriates found alluring.

In fact, one interesting fact is that during this forty-year span in which the Six Pence was Wally’s Sixpence, the pub didn’t even have a kitchen! Doris subsequently made do by preparing lunch for the pub’s patrons at her house nearby. They served food until it ran out, or she and her husband Wally decided they were reading to pack it in for the day and head home.

Becoming the Six Pence Pub

In 1999, Wally’s Sixpence was sold to the current owners, two guys “with too much time on their hands purchased their favorite watering hole.” (Or so the official website says!) Six Pence went on to sell anything and everything, and, unlike Doris, they opened a kitchen within the pub and offered a full English and Americana comfort menu. While the interior of the pub has since been updated, the Six Pence Pub remains one of the most beloved drinking establishments in Savannah, Georgia, and is said to be ‘the most authentic English Pub in Georgia.’

The Ghosts of the Six Pence Pub

Ghostly Experiences at the Pub

Today, the Six Pence Pub has become known for some other activity aside from the ale-drinking. Yeah, you know what’s coming: ghosts stories.

At this British-style Pub, the “victims” of the paranormal activity most frequently are the pub’s employees. The kitchen staff have experienced all sorts of strange things happening behind the dining room area.

Pans and pots have been known to go flying off the countertops, as though an invisible force has taken a sweeping hand and sent them sailing to the ground. But that’s not all.

In one bizarre paranormal happenstance, a former manager of Six Pence watched an office chair turn in a circle and then slide across the floor untouched. Creepy? We think so, as well.

Employees have also complained about various electrical issues, from the temperature dropping randomly (and the thermostat doing the same!) to light bulbs actually bursting out of their sockets and splintering into a million little shards.

As ghosts are a matter comprised of energy, it only makes sense that a pub with so many spirits might actually pop with all of that spiritual energy so centrally localized.

Ghost Stories at Six Pence

While they are no specific ghost stories at the Six Pence Pub that Ghost City Tours is aware of, there’s no doubt for anyone who has visited that this British-style pub is haunted.

Owner of Ghost City Tours, Tim Nealon, has discussed in various publications that oftentimes, when someone puts their life’s energy into a place their spirits tend to stick around after death.

Perhaps, then, maybe Wally or his wife stayed behind to look after the place? You never really know. Or, perhaps, all of that bumping around of pots and pans are on account of the various people who have stopped in over the years. Perhaps the ghosts of the Six Pence Pub are none other than its former patrons, intent on having another pint of ale after death.

Visiting the Haunted Six Pence Pub

The Six Pence Pub is easy to find if you would like to stop in for some food or drinks. You don't have to be part of our Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl to enjoy their great food, obviously. The Six Pence Pub is located at 245 Bull Street, right near Chippewa Square in the historic district of Savannah.

For more information about taking our pub crawl, visit the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl Grave Tales Ghost Tour. This ghost tour stops near the Davenport House on almost every tour.

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