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Get to know Haunted New Orleans with Ghost City Tours

Imagine exploring the haunted streets and locations of New Orleans and the French Quarter at night. Is there a ghost lurking around the next corner? Will you be the next guest to have an experience with one of New Orleans' ghosts at the haunted locations on our ghost tours? Here in New Orleans, we take our guests to the most haunted locations in the French Quarter 7 nights a week.

Below, you'll find an introduction to Ghost City Tours of New Orleans. You'll find links to the different ghost tours we offer in New Orleans, along with articles about the most haunted locations in New Orleans. We hope to help you plan a perfect haunted trip to New Orleans!

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New Orleans Ghost Tours

Family Ghost Tours

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is the #1 ghost tour for families and children in New Orleans - but it's also great for history buffs and fans of the paranormal.

One of the haunted locations where your Tour Guide will take you on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour.
Nightly at 8 pm

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour


  • The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is perfect for families and children.
  • You'll also learn about the history of New Orleans and the French Quarter, making this a great tour for anyone interested in why New Orleans is soo haunted.
  • Learn about New Orleans' haunted history and paranormal activity
  • Visit New Orleans' most haunted locations, including many featured on TV Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change.
  • Additional tour times may be available.

Ghost Tours for Adults

Ghost City Tours offers 2 Adults Only Ghost Tours in New Orleans (not including our Pub Crawl). These ghost tours are for ages 16+ only.

One of the stops on our True Crime Ghost Tour.
Nightly at 8 pm

The Killers and Thrillers Tour


  • The Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tours is our True Crime Ghost Tour. You'll hear about some of the most hideous crimes in New Orleans' history and the ghosts left behind.
  • This tours contains mature language and themes.
  • All stories on this tour are heavily researched, often with help from the crime's files and records.
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change.
  • Additional tour times may be available.
One of the haunted locations you'll visit on this tour.
Nightly at 8 pm

The Bad Bitches Ghost Tour


  • The Bad Bitches of New Orleans Tour is our adults-only ghost tour which focuses on the violent women of New Orleans who didn't quite follow the rules of society.
  • Hear about historic brothels, murderers, and more.
  • You'll hear the stories of these women at some of New Orleans' most haunted locations.
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change.
  • Additional tour times may be available.

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawls

Ghost City offers the most popular Pub Crawl in New Orleans. For ages 21+ only.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, one of the stops on this guided pub crawl in New Orleans
Nightly at 8 pm

Ghost City Haunted Pub Crawl


  • Conde Naste and others agree that this is the best Pub Crawl in New Orleans.
  • Ghosts + Drinks = a spooky fun night out on the town!
  • Perfect for date nights or meeting other people out for fun.
  • You'll visit the most historic and haunted bars and pubs in New Orleans.
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change.
  • Additional tour times may be available.
A large group of people taking a Ghost Tour

Ghost Tours for Groups

Ghost City Tours is New Orleans' #1 Group Ghost Tour Company. Whether you have a group of 12 or 312, Ghost City Tours offers the best group ghost tours in New Orleans.

We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more.

For Groups of 30 or more, we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance.

Learn more about our Group Ghost Tours

Looking for a Haunted Place to stay?

When our guests plan their trip to New Orleans, one of the most common questions we get is 'Where can I stay that is haunted?' Luckily for those looking for a haunted hotel or B&B, we've put together a list of the most haunted places to stay while visiting New Orleans.

Whether you're looking for a Hotel in the French Quarter, a Bed and Breakfast in the Garden District, or anything else, you can find a hotel place to stay in New Orleans with Ghost City Tours' help.

Find a haunted place to stay in New Orleans

The Andrew Jackson Hotel, right in the center of New Orleans' French Quarter, is considered one of the most haunted Hotels in New Orleans

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

When it comes to haunted hotels in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the Andrew Jackson Hotel is right up at the top. Stories of hauntings and ghosts have come from guests for as long as the Andrew Jackson Hotel has welcomed them.

Perhaps spookiest of all is the fact that most of the hauntings and ghosts seem to be that of children. Many guests have reported hearing children playing in the halls of this Haunted New Orleans Hotel.

Learn more about the Andrew Jackson Hotel
The Bourbon Orleans, home to many ghosts in New Orleans' haunted French Quarter

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel

The haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel, right in the heart of the French Quarter, is home to more ghosts than perhaps any other Hotel in New Orleans. From the ghosts of the Octoroon Mistresses to the ghosts of children running in the Halls, the Bourbon Orleans seems to have it all.

If you're looking for a Haunted Hotel to stay at while in New Orleans, the Bourbon Orleans should certainly be on your shortlist of possible lodging options.

Learn more about the Bourbon Orleans Hotel
The haunted Hotel Monteleone, one of the most popular, and haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone

The Hotel Monteleone has been a constant in New Orleans’ French Quarter for quite some time now. And ever since the doors opened, stories about ghosts and the haunted Hotel Monteleone have been told.

Who are the ghosts which haunt the Hotel Monteleone? Are they simply past employees who still report to work? Innocent victims of brutal crimes? Or maybe one of the many famous people who stayed here. Or, perhaps all of the above?

Learn more about Hotel Monteleone

When visiting New Orleans, eat at a Haunted Restaurant or Bar

To add more haunted goodness to your trip to New Orleans, we highly suggest that you take time for dinner at one of New Orleans' haunted restaurants. We also have more than our share of haunted bars!

We've compiled a list of our favorite haunted restaurants for you to choose from while visiting New Orleans. They're a perfect complement to our Ghost Tours.

View all Haunted New Orleans Restaurants

Muriel's Restaurant, one of the most haunted restaurants in New Orleans.

Muriel’s Restaurant

Perhaps more than any other location, Muriel’s has gone above and beyond to be accommodating to the ghosts which haunt this famous New Orleans restaurant. The building which houses Muriel’s was considered haunted well before the restaurant set up shop.

But, who is this mysterious ghost who harasses the staff and makes itself known to the diners who come to enjoy Muriel’s incredible menu? Our ghost tours tell the whole story about the hauntings of Muriel’s Restaurant.

Read more about the ghosts of Muriel’s Restaurant
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, one of New Orleans' most haunted locations.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

One of the oldest and most haunted buildings in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, is easily one of the spookiest bars in all of New Orleans. At night, almost the entire bar is lit by candlelight. It certainly seems to be welcoming for the ghosts that often make appearances.

Is the ghost of Lafitte’s that of Jean Lafitte, as is rumored, or is something else, something darker, going on at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop?

Read more about the ghosts of Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
A photo of the Absinthe House, located in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Haunted Old Absinthe House

As one of the few bars to survive the Prohibition era, the Absinthe House is an iconic spot along the busy Bourbon Street. But while people may come to the Old Absinthe House for the "green fairy," they inadvertently stick around for the ghosts.

Rumors of hauntings have circulated for decades--the ghost of a pirate, the ghosts of former tavern-goers. Which spirits may you encounter upon visiting this drinking establishment? Only time will tell. Just remember that the spirits love the Absinthe Bar just as much as the living do.

Learn more about the ghosts of the Absinthe House

Ghost Stories of New Orleans

Since the early 1700s, ghost stories have been told in New Orleans. Some of the ghost stories told in New Orleans are based on legend and lore - others are based on real hauntings that are still happening today. Being a Ghost Tour company, Ghost City knows a thing or two about Ghost Stories.

If you're interested in learning more about Ghost Stories in New Orleans, check out the pages below. You'll find a plethora of information related to common and less common ghost stories told in New Orleans.

Read more ghost stories of New Orleans

The Casket Girls, a historic ghost story that is told in New Orleans

The Casket Girls

One of the most misunderstood ghost stories in New Orleans involves the Casket Girls. These young women, who came to New Orleans in the early 1700s are the source of many vampire stories and more. How much of it is total nonsense?

Read more about the Casket Girls

The axeman of New Orleans.

The Axeman of New Orleans

What was once a terrifying sequence of deadly events has turned into a popular pop culture topic made into movies and more. The Axeman of New Orleans caused more than a few living souls to become ghosts during his murder spree.

Read more about the Axeman of New Orleans

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