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Visit Haunted New Orleans with Ghost City

New Orleans is widely considered to be the most haunted city in America. Here at Ghost City, we like to think that all of the cities we operate in are equally haunted (kinda like loving parents, ha), however, New Orleans certainly stands out. Not only because it is where the home office of Ghost City is located, but because it genuinely seems like everyone you meet in New Orleans has their own Ghost Story.

In 2014, Ghost City started offering our Ghost Tours in New Orleans. Within 2 years, we have easily become New Orleans' most popular Ghost Tour company. Our outstanding reputation on review websites, such as TripAdvisor, have certainly helped. It wasn't always easy. We never resorted to desperate tactics like Groupon. And because of the hard work all of our staff has put in, we are proud to say, and are very confident in saying so, that we offer the best ghost tours in New Orleans' French Quarter


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Ghost City is the #1 ranked Ghost Tour Company in New Orleans on review websites such as TripAdvisor.

Elaine, one of our Ghost Tour Guides, giving the Killers and Thrillers Tour

Our Ghost Tours of New Orleans

Visit the French Quarter's most haunted places with Ghost City

Ghost City offers four unique and exciting Ghost Tours in New Orleans' French Quarter. We even offer New Orleans' only Ghost Hunt, where you can participate in a real ghost hunt. The reality is, a few companies offer ghost tours in New Orleans. So, what do you do differently than everyone else?

  • All of our tours are historically accuate. When you visit the haunted places on our tours, you'll hear the real history about the ghosts and hauntings. It is also why we don't offer Vampire Tours. No nonsense on our tours.
  • Ghost City has the best ghost tours in New Orleans. But, don't take our word for it. Read what hundreds of past guests have said about their experience with Ghost City.
  • Ghost City offers four, totally different, Ghost Tours of the French Quarter. With other companies you simply take 'their ghost tour'. Everyone who chooses someone else over else gets the same ghost tour. You need options!
Learn more the Sultan's Palace (pictured) along with New Orleans' other haunted locations

Learn more about Haunted New Orleans

Read about haunted locations in the French Quarter, and around the city

Nobody knows more about haunted New Orleans than Ghost City. Our historians and paranormal investigators are always on the look out for more information to suppliment our tours. Many of the locations we visit have been investigated by Ghost City.

Our website contains information about the most haunted locations in and around New Orleans. So, even if you don't have time for a tour, you can still read about some of our favorite haunted places here in New Orleans.

Tour the Most Haunted Places in New Orleans with Ghost City

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Learn more about haunted New Orleans

The hauntings and ghosts of New Orleans are so numerous that we could write a book about them. Instead, we've put together some articles where you can learn more about the haunted culture of New Orleans.

Why is New Orleans so haunted?

by Maria Pinheiro

At Ghost City, we try to provide our employees with opportunities to learn more about ghosts, hauntings, and ghost hunting. So, when we were looking for an event to gather for, a ghost hunt was a great choice.

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Do you own Ghost Hunt in New Orleans

by Maria Pinheiro

Many paranormal enthusiasts who come to New Orleans are interested in doing a Ghost Hunt. You can join us on our New Orleans' Ghost Hunt Experience, or you can visit a few public locations to look for Ghosts.

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Belief in the Paranormal

by Maria Pinheiro

Here at Ghost City, we have almost 40 guides and staff members. All of us have our own believes when it comes to the Paranormal and Ghosts. Maria took some time to talk to staff at Ghost City to understand what they believe and why.

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