The People of Ghost City Tours

We have the best people

You don't become the #1 Ghost Tour company in the World without having a great team. Working day in and day out to ensure our competitors are left in the dust, ensuring our guests love our experiences, these are the people who are part of the Ghost City family.

The 'Behind the Scenes' Team

Tim Nealon, CEO of Ghost City Tours
5+ Years!
Gretchen Upshaw, our Media Director at Ghost City Tours
Donielle Muller, Chief Growth Officer at Ghost City Tours
Shelbye Branch, Personnel Manager at Ghost City Tours
Craig Conners, HR and Guide Recruiter at Ghost City Tours
Brianna Sandifer, Ghost City Tours' Customer Support Manager
2+ Years!
Halley Boutwell, our Group Sales Coordinator at Ghost City Tours.
Sarah Drago, writer for Ghost City Tours
Adriana Canabal, writer for Ghost City Tours
Luis Gimenez, writer for Ghost City Tours
Rachel Dell, illustrator and graphic designer at Ghost City Tours
Hannah Campo, marketing professional at Ghost City Tours
2+ Years!
Bray Berry, the Quality Assurance Officer at Ghost City Tours
2+ Years!
Matt Sorrell, Guest Support Agent at Ghost City Tours

Wanna join our team?

Ghost City Tours is always on the lookout for great people who can help us become even better! Are you interested in becoming a member of the Ghost City family?

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