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Tour Savannah's oldest and most historic cemetery

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Tour Overview

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11am | 90 Minutes All Ages
(based on 2700+ reviews)

Learn about the History of Colonial Park Cemetery

Get to know some of the most famous 'residents' of Colonial Park Cemetery, including Button Gwinnett and the victims of Savannah's Yellow Fever outbreaks

You'll enjoy a peaceful walk through the cemetery, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and gain more insight into the history of Savannah.

Colonial Park Cemetery is Savannah's oldest, most historic cemetery. You'll see gravesites from as early as the 1700's.

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The family tomb of the Habersham Family, inside of Colonial Park Cemetery
The Habersham Family

One of the most influential families in the history of Savannah is the Habersham Family. You'll learn about them and their impact on Savannah.

The Habersham family has one of the largest family tombs in Colonial Park Cemetery. You'll learn how family tombs work and how so many members of the Habersham family fit into the tomb.

The story of the Habershams involves everything from the Revolutionary War to one of the most popular Restaurants in Savannah.

Get to know Savannah through new eyes on our Colonial Park Cemetery Tour

It is no secret that Savannah is one of the most historic cities in the Country. After all, it is the oldest city in Georgia. What you may not realize is that Savannah is still full of many secrets - some of them buried in Colonial Park Cemetery.

Our tour of Colonial Park Cemetery will take you on a journey back in time, making stops at key points in Savannah's history. Through the stories of the dead buried in Colonial Park, you'll never look at Savannah the same way again. As you walk around the city during the rest of your stay in Savannah, you'll remember parts of the tour - showing you that there is more to Savannah than meets the eye.

Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Savannah - and because of this, you'll find many key individuals buried here. From the Habersham family to Button Gwinnett, we'll introduce you to people who not only changed Savannah's history - but influenced the history of the entire Country.

We, partnering with Gallivanter Tours, offer the only Colonial Park Cemetery Tour in Savannah. Often selling out days or weeks in advance, we highly recommend that you purchase tickets for this tour in advance. We do not accept walk-ups. You can purchase tickets online or by calling us at 855-999-9026.

Famous Grave Sites in Colonial Park Cemetery

Famous Grave Sites

Throughout Colonial Park Cemetery, you'll find burial plots and tombs to Savannah's most famous and influential residents from times past. On our guided tour of the Cemetery, you'll get to see these majestic burial areas. You'll also hear the background information and stories of these famous people.

The marker for the Yellow Fever mass burial site

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever - this disease struck fear in the heart of the residents of Savannah through the 1700s and 1800s. During many of the epidemics, a large portion of Savannah's population was completely wiped out. With few places to put that many dead bodies, the city resorted to mass Burials. Colonial Park Cemetery is where you can find one of these mass graves - which strangely reports having exactly 666 bodies buried.

Cemetery Symbolism

Cemetery Symbolism

Throughout Colonial Park Cemetery, you'll find symbolism everywhere you look. Each of these symbols, statues, and markers mean something, but do you know what they mean? As we walk through Colonial Park Cemetery, your guide will be pointing out classic examples of Cemetery Symbolism and what they mean. After this tour, you'll be able to walk through any Cemetery and know what you're looking at and what hidden meaning it holds.

One of the many graves you'll visit on the Colonial Park Cemetery Tour

....and more!

Our tour of Colonial Park Cemetery will introduce you to the many time periods of Savannah's history. The Civil and Revolutionary Wars, our industries, and much more.

Savannah's only tour of this historic Cemetery

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Meet at Colonial Park Cemetery

Our tour of Colonial Park Cemetery starts at the front gate of the Cemetery. You can use the address 201 Abercorn Street - and you'll arrive at the Cemetery. Once there, you'll notice a large archway with a bronze eagle on it - this is where your tour guide will be waiting for you.

If you are running late or need directions, please call our office at 855-999-9026.

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