The 6 MOST Haunted Restaurants in Savannah Georgia

Savannah's Top 6 Haunted Restaurants

Dine at one of Savannah's most haunted Restaurants

To this day, Savannah, Georgia, remains the most haunted city in America--so it can't come as much of a surprise that many of the city's famous restaurants and pubs have a ghost or two of their own still lingering around. From the spirits who refuse to let their spectral existence be ignored by patrons or employees to paranormal phenomena which leans more toward the expressively violent . . . these haunted restaurants and pubs are teeming with ghostly lore that can leave you hoping for more or scared out of your wits.

If you're coming to town to take one of our ghost tours, dining in a haunted resturant is just icing on the cake! Which haunted restaurant or bar will you stop at during your next visit to Savannah?

The Pirates House, located in one of the oldest, and most haunted buildings in Savannah

1. The Pirates House

The Haunted Pirate’s House Restaurant is situated in a building that is one of the oldest in Savannah. Stories about the ghosts that reside in the Pirate’s House are well known to Ghost Hunters in Savannah. There are tunnels that run from the basement of this haunted Savannah building to the river, adding to the mystery and intrigue that surround the Pirate’s House.

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The Olde Pink House is well known as one of the most haunted restaurants in Savannah

2. The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House Restaurant in Savannah is one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. You can sit down in the Habersham house and enjoy a world-class dinner while being surrounded by the spirits of Savannah’s past. One of the pervious owners of the house killed himself in the house. Is this the ghost people see in the haunted basement?

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The Moon River Brewing Company, made famous by multiple Ghost Hunting TV shows

3. Moon River Brewing Company

Few buildings in Savannah has such a reputation for the ghosts and hauntings inside than the Moon River Brewing Company. The building which houses Moon River dates back to 1820. It was the City Hotel. Many of the guests have forgotten to check out. When major TV shows come to your place to look for ghosts, you know you have something special.

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The 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant, home to many of Savannah's ghosts

4. The Haunted 17hundred90 Inn

This is perhaps the most visited location on every haunted pub crawl in the City of Savannah. Dating back to the 19th century, the famous 17hundred90 Inn remains the highlight for visitors on the search for the paranormal. This Inn (and its accompanying bar) is said to be haunted by a former Voodoo practitioner who once worked at the Inn. As for the most paranormally active room at the property, that belongs to Room 204 where a female spirit refuses to leave the living alone.

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The Six Pence Pub, one of the most haunted pubs and restaurants in Savannah

5. Six Pence Pub

For some British flare, there is no where better than Savannah's Six Pence Pub. For most of the 20th century, it has been serving up pints, ales and all sorts of scrumptious puddings.

But in addition to the thoroughfare, Six Pence Pub has also gained a haunted reputation. What spirits are behind the paranormal activity at this iconic pub?

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A photo of Tondee's Tavern, one of the most haunted places to eat in Savannah, Georgia

6. Tondee's Tavern

Tondee's Tavern, one of the most haunted restaurants in Savannah's historic district. Whilst serving up good drink and even better food, Tondee's paranormal activity is less known to tourists, despite the fact that the staff are fully aware that they are not alone. Descend to the basement for an spooky experience, or simply sidle up to the bar and wait...the rumors aren't for nothing, after all.

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