Haunted Hotels in Savannah Georgia

If you've ever wanted to spend the night in a hotel that is haunted by the ghosts of past-times, Savannah is a great city to do that in - explore out Haunted Hotels

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Haunted Places to Stay in Savannah Georgia

Savannah is a city that shares an interesting relationship with its ghosts. Without a doubt, Savannah, Georgia, is one of the most haunted cities in America--if not the most haunted city in the country--and yet, depending on who you talk to, many local Savannahians turn their noses up at its haunted reputation. Whether its because they'd prefer to believe Savannah is above ghosts and paranormal activity, or whether they are secretly too nervous to discuss the otherwordly, there are many locations in the city who prefer to believe that they are actually alone when they go to sleep at night. (If that makes them sleep better, then more power to them).

And while we never intend to, somehow we find ourselves helping guests plan their entire trip to Savannah--and that does include pointing them in the right direction for which haunted hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts that we highly support. Below we've gathered a list of our favorite haunted hotels and places to stay in the city, where staff are completely open to the concept of the paranormal (The Marshall House is perfect for this).

Would you dare to brave the night at one of these haunted Savannah hotels? After all, if you're coming to Savannah to join us on a Ghost Tour, what better way to spend your nights than in a haunted hotel?!

The Haunted 17Hundred90 Inn, in Savannah Georgia

17Hundred90 Inn

The ghost of Anne awaits visitors to the 17Hundred90 Inn. She is just one of the two famous ghosts which seem to haunt this Inn, Restaurant and Bar. If you’re feeling adventurous stay in Room 204, the room where Anne’s ghost has been seen the most. Even the dining area has a few ghost, including a former cook who was into Voodoo.

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The Hamilton-Turner Inn, one of Savannah's most haunted Bed and Breakfasts.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn

One of the most beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in all of Savannah, the Hamilton-Turner Inn may also be one of the most haunted. For many years, people staying at the Hamilton-Turner Inn have reported having paranormal encounters with the ghosts of the Hamilton-Turner Inn.

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Savannah's most haunted Hotel, the Marshall House Hotel.

The Marshall House Hotel

Savannah's most haunted Hotel, the Marshall House Hotel is well-known to any fans of ghosts and hauntings in Savannah. Once, a Civil War hospital, this Hotel always seems to have more than its' fair share of ghostly activity and paranormal happenings. Stay here for a haunted Savannah experience!

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One of Savannah's best Bed and Breakfasts is also one of its' most haunted. The Kehoe House.

The Kehoe House

Sitting on Columbia Square is the awe-inspiring Kehoe House. The Kehoe House is one of the most beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in the south..and if you believe the guests and staff at the Kehoe House, one of the most haunted. More than a few guests have awoken in the middle of the night to see a ghost standing at the end of their bed.

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The Foley House Inn is one of Savannah's most haunted Hotels.

Foley House Inn

The Foley House Inn is widely known as one of Savannah's most haunted places to stay. It also happens to be one of the favorite stops on a few of our ghost tours. However, when you look at the real history, it doesn't always line up with the ghost stories being told about the Foley House.

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A photo of River Street from the Savannah River perspective in Savannah Georgia

The Olde Harbour Inn

No where else in Savannah, Georgia, can you experience such a blend of Southern Hospitality and the paranormal. With a history that dates back to 1812, The Olde Harbour Inn is one of the longest-running sites which has been consistently used in the city.

But this stately boutique hotel is also quite well known for Hank, its grouchy (and sometimes joker) of a ghost. Stay in Room 405 or 406 to experience the paranormal phenomena yourself.

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