Haunted San Antonio

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What are the most haunted places in San Antonio?

Here at Ghost City, we are proud to offer our ghost tours in Texas' most haunted city! For hundreds of years, ghost stories have been told by the locals in San Antonio. If you live there, you know how haunted San Antonio is. It doesn't seem to matter if you're downtown, out at one of the Missions, or in the out-laying areas, you're never far from somewhere haunted.

Our San Antonio Ghost Tours take you to the most haunted locations in the downtown area of San Antonio. You'll hear the stories of San Antonio's haunted history while standing in the very places these haunting events take place. If you want to learn more about the most haunted locations in San Antonio, please browse through the pages below. However, to hear the whole story about San Antonio's most haunted places, take a ghost tour on your next trip to San Antonio. It is a spooky experience that you won't soon forget!

The Most Haunted Places in San Antonio

The Alamo, one of San Antonio's most haunted locations.

The Alamo

You can't talk about the most haunted places in San Antonio without mentioning the Alamo. Not long after the Battle of the Alamo took place, stories about ghosts and hauntings started to be told by the people of San Antonio. Those ghost stories haven't slowed down since. It certainly seems to be the most haunted place in San Antonio.

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A photo of a church in San Antonio, Texas, said to be very haunted.

Haunted Hotels

When it comes to fans of Ghost City, we know you're always looking for the best paranormal experiences on your trips. And one thing you're always asking for is, "Where can I stay in your cities that is haunted?" Well, we've put together a list of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio.

Whether you're looking to stay in a Hotel which was built upon the battlefield of the Alamo, or one that used to be one of the most notorious jails in Texas, you'll find a haunted hotel to suit your taste, in San Antonio.

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Photo of the historic Spanish Governor's Palace, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The Spanish Governor's Palace

Once the military fortification for the famous Alamo, the Spanish Governor's Palace was never actually home to Texas's governors. It's been a captain's palace, an executioner's arena, as well as an assortment of different types of shops during the early twentieth century.

But what it has been known for in the last century is for being home to many of San Antonio's ghosts. Rumored to be haunted by the spirits of young children, as well as the victim of a heartless murder, the vibrant paranormal activity here clearly demonstrates that not all of its ghosts are able to forget what happened to them in life . . .

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A photo of the San Fernando Cathedral at night, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Cathedral is one of San Antonio's most recognizable landmarks, as well as one of its oldest. Tall spires reach for the sky and the architecture is beautiful no matter what time of day you strolled by.

But the San Fernando Cathedral is rumored to be one of the most haunted locations in all of San Antonio, where shadow people play amongst the living and the ghosts don't always know that they are dead. Who is haunting this hollowed ground?

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A photo of the allegedly haunted railroad crossing in San Antonio, Texas.

The Haunted Railroad Tracks of San Antonio

If you're local to San Antonio, Texas, you've probably spent a night or two driving out to Shane Road. Putting your car in park, you wait, hoping to feel your car be shoved up and over the tracks. But who is pushing you over?

That particular urban legend has told over and over again, until the truth and the fiction blend into a haunted tale of ghostly children, suicide nuns and the living, who hope beyond anything to come face to face with an apparition. But what is the truth?

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La Llorna, one of the many legends about hauntings and ghosts in San Antonio

The Legend and Ghost of La Llorona

Throughout South Texas, there is nothing more terrifying that the shrill cry of a woman--the weeping is a premonition, for those who hear it are often doomed to a series of grave misfortunes. The worst being death of either yourself or a loved one.

La Llorona has been depicted in various tales, but one thing is for certain: she drowned her children in a fit of anger and is now relegated to searching for them until Judgment Day.

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A photo of Frank, which was once the Alamo Street Theatre, of San Antonio Texas

The Haunted Alamo Street Theater

It's said that some of the most haunted places in the world are theaters and the former Alamo Street Theater (now a hot dog place called Frank) is no different. From the spirit of a young boy who loves to play pranks to the living, to a ghostly former actress who can't sing on-key, this old theater is one of the most haunted places in San Antonio.

And, according to its former owners, the living are very protective of these energies. At this haunted location, the living come second to the ghosts.

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A historic postcard of the San Antonio State Hospital, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The Haunted San Antonio State Hospital

All over the world, former "insane asylums" have considered to be some of the most paranormally active locations. For those which are currently abandoned, paranormal investigative groups flock to them to uncover the sometimes tragic events which occurred to them. But for some asylums, like the San Antonio State Hospital, it is not abandoned but still currently in use.

But though it has a fine reputation nowadays, patients who were once sent to the former Southwestern Insane Asylum were considered to be on "the March of Death." And it seems that though ghosts roam the halls, no one feels all to comfortable to discuss the phenomena that occurs daily . . .

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A photo of the Majestic Theatre, which is located in San Antonio, Texas

The Ghosts of the Majestic Theatre

Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas, the Majestic Theatre was once the second largest theatre in the United States. It was equipped with plaster doves flying through the sky, fake peacocks perched on the towers. and looked just like a fantasy Mediterranean Sea.

But the Majestic Theatre is also home to more than a few ghosts, those who have made themselves comfortable in the grand Majestic. Disembodied footsteps and voices, a female spirit who seems to determined to appear at every performance.

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A photo of an abandoned hallway in Texas.

The Ghosts and Legend of Midget Mansion

San Antonio's Midget Mansion has also been called the Gillespie Mansion and the Donore Manor, but despite the different names this urban legend is perhaps one of the most gruesome in all of Texas. Since the tragic night in the 1920s, rumors of hauntings have kept neighbors up night to the sounds of screaming emanating the house. According to local lore, it has been home to Satanists practicing rituals, as well as brave individuals hoping to take on the dark energies within the Mansion.

But is any of it true?

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An old postcard from the Cadillac Bar, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The Ghosts of the Cadillac Bar

The Cadillac Bar & Restaurant is said to be one of the most haunted places to eat in all of San Antonio, Texas. There have been sightings of angry female spirits, as well as unexplainable paranormal phenomena such as objects flying off the shelves or hearing sounds with no distinct source.

So, while The Cadillac Bar might be known for its delicious Mexican food and fresh margaritas, don't be alarmed if you happen to see something skirt past you . . . or if that uncomfortable sensation of being watched kicks up. Her name is Beatrice, and it's known about the restaurant that she isn't the kindest of spirits.

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A photo of an old stone bridge, which may be haunted

The Ghosts of The Devil's Bridge

All over the world, some of the most haunted places are old bridges. Some are thought to be places of ritual and sacrifices; others are said to be the place where living beings go to die. But at almost every old bridge, there are rumors that the Devil himself was involved with its construction.

At the haunted Devil's Bridge in San Antonio, Texas, the legend stands true. Only the very brave trek down to East Ashley Road to see how very lucky they are--but the questions remains, are you just as lucky?

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A photo of a statue and canon in a square, which is located in the haunted San Antonio, Texas

The Ghosts of the Institute of Texan Cultures

They say that museums are sometimes the most haunted places in the world--and San Antonio's very own Institute of Texan Cultures is no different. Built for the HemisFair in 1968, this museum offers exhibits about Big Foot as well as Texas' cultural past. Stepping into this museum is definitely a step back in time . . .

But while you're due to come across some interesting artifacts, many of them also happened to be haunted. A ghostly hearse, bathrooms that bleed blood, and the spirit of a poor soul only account for some of the paranormal phenomena which occurs regularly at the Institute. What puts this museum in the Top Ten Most Haunted Museums in the World?

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A photo of the interior if the Empire Theatre, located in the downtown of San Antonio, Texas

The Ghosts of the Empire Theatre

Step one foot inside of San Antonio's hauntingly historic Empire Theatre, and you'll discover what all the supernatural fuss is about, this is one place where you are assured to get a thrill, if not from the live performance itself, then perhaps, just maybe, by one of the ghostly fans who still haunt the stunning theatre.

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photo of la villita door in san antonio

The Ghosts of La Villita

All things considered, La Villita might just be the most haunted neighborhood in San Antonio, if not Texas. You should be wary when walking around the neighborhood at night, as you never know when you might encounter one of the ghosts of La Villita.

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Photo of the outside of the Aztec Theatre

The Ghosts of the Aztec Theatre

In its many years, the Aztec Theatre's stage has been rumored to be "graced" by spirits and haunted by overworked projection operators whose experiences and struggles were the stuff of blues legends.

One of the spirits that have been sighted at the Aztec Theatre, is a phantom operator located in the projection booth. In the past, the spirit in the booth, would play tricks on whomever was operating the projector. Perhaps, hazing the new guy, or maybe the spirit is trying to scare off any non-union operators.

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A photo of a church in San Antonio, Texas, said to be very haunted.

The Haunted King William District

Like the French Quarter in New Orleans, the King Williams District is known for its ghosts. The district's history of hauntings even predates its conception, reaching back to when the area was nothing but farmland. Like the French Quarter that rests alongside the Mississippi River, the King William District also lays along a river (the San Antonio River).

The reason why this is important to note is because most spiritual experts say that ghosts can not cross over water. Thus, it's reasonable to believe that many of the departed souls that passed away throughout the history of the area remain trapped in King William, making it the most haunted district in San Antonio.

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A photo of the Chinese Graveyard in San Antonio Texas.

The Chinese Graveyard

Cemeteries are known for being the final resting places to many souls - but no cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, has gives off quite the level of dispair as the Chinese Graveyard? Is this because of the two lovers who parted ways here? Or are the souls here so desperately restless than visitors really should head the sign: Do Not Trespass?

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A photo of the Terrell Castle, also known as the Lambermont House

The Terrell Castle

There is one house more beautiful, it's said, more elegant than all the others: The Terrell Castle, which also goes by the name of the Lambermont House. But the Terrell Castle has secrets...ghostly secrets. And for those who come here for a wedding or another event, well, it can't be said that the Castle's resident spirits are the kind to greet you with open arms.

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A photo of the historic and haunted Huebner-Onion Homestead

The Huebner-Onion Homestead

Welcome to the Huebner-Onion Homestead: one of the most haunted houses in San Antonio, Texas, but a place that you visit only at your own risk. Tragedy underlies the history at this haunted location, and the stories which have emerged from previous owners tell us only one thing ... something exists here, at this abandoned property, and it's more than likely that it is not a spirit but something much darker.

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