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Ghost City Tours has re-opened in Savannah!

Please note that we are strictly following Social Distancing Guidelines. While you can stay in your group we expect our groups that make up a tour to maintain the suggested 6 foot distance from the other groups on the tour.

Being that we're outdoors, our Tours are already a ridiculously safe way of getting out and about. Now, you can have even more peace of mind.

In Savannah, you are now required to wear a mask in public, this includes our tours as well. Please ensure that you have a mask when checking in for your tour. If you cannot wear a mask you are permitted to join without a mask. Also, children 10 and under are excempt from this. Also, while drinking or smoking you're not required to wear a mask. We will not issue refunds if you choose not to wear a mask.

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Haunted Pub Crawl: Overview

Ages 21+: Only $24.99
8 pm & 9 pm | 2-Hours Alcohol-Friendly
(based on 2700+ reviews)

So, you're visiting Savannah, Georgia, and you're looking for a fun night-time activity for you and your friends? Consider taking a Haunted Pub Crawl from Ghost City Tours. You'll venture on an unforgettable journey into some of Savannah's most haunted..and creepy...bars and pubs. Along the way, you'll be able to enjoy the great drinks that Savannah has to offer while you walk from one bar to the next. On this 2-hour walking tour of Savannah's most haunted and historic pubs and bars, you'll be entertained as you hear the stories of Savannah's dark past and our haunted present!

Explore Savannah's most historic, and haunted, bars and pubs. You'll hear the ghost stories of these haunted locations while standing where the events happened.

Take advantage of Savannah's open carry laws. Oh, you didn't know? You can carry your alcoholic beverage on the streets, making a pub crawl truly...interesting.

You'll meet like-minded strangers on the Pub Crawl. Often, the tour ends up going back to some of the bars, enjoying the night with new friends!

This tour is Savannah's MOST POPULAR haunted pub crawl. Don't take our word for it, though. Read our TripAdvisor Reviews.

Starting Time

Nightly: 8 pm & 9 pm | A 2-Hour Tour

Adults-Only Pub Crawl

You must be at least 21 years of age to join our Pub Crawl

Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted on the Pub Crawl - All of our other tours are Pet-Friendly

Alcohol Policy

You may carry your drinks between bars


Ages 21+: $24.99

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The ghosts of former slaves in Savannah Georgia
The Ghosts of the Slave Trade

The Haunted Pub Crawl isn't all happy stories about ghosts. We also get into Savannah's role in the Slave Trade - and how those events created haunted areas in Savannah.

It is no secret that Savannah played a big role in the Slave Trade - but what might surprise you is the extent of the evil which happened.

It should be no surprise that the buildings which played a part in Savannah's slave trade are haunted - and many of them are now bars and restaurants. And you'll visit them on this tour.

Why is our Haunted Pub Crawl soo popular?

Take your drink with you! Savannah's open carry laws allow you to take your drink to- go, which is helpful when you are visiting as many as 5 of Savannah's most haunted pubs.

We are always adding new haunted pubs into the mix, and we often venture to places that can't be found on other tours in the city. Tickets often sell out days in advance, so don't wait to join what is sure to be an exciting evening of ghosts, hauntings and delicious adult alcoholic beverages!

Tondee's Tavern, the starting location for the Pub Crawl.

Ghosts of Tondee's Tavern

The starting location for our Haunted Pub Crawl, Tondee's Tavern is one seriously haunted location. The team at Ghost City Tours has held paranormal investigations at Tondee's, gathering much proof of Tondee's haunted status.

On this Pub Crawl you'll hear the stories of the Slave Trade in Savannah, as this building once housed the largest Slave Trading Company in Savannah. Is this why Tondee's is soo haunted?

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Colonial Park Cemetery, the last stop of the Haunted Pub Crawl.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Our haunted pub crawl often ends at Colonial Park Cemetery, to the delight of our guests. Considering that our guests have paranormal experiences here more than anywhere else, it is always a good time.

You'll hear some stories about the grim deaths of many Savannahians. You'll hear about the Voodoo ceremonies which are rumored to take place inside of the Cemetery, and more.

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The 17Hundred90 Inn, one of the stops on the tour.

The 17Hundred90

The story of Anne and her ghost is one of the most often-told ghost stories in Savannah. Why does she haunted the 17Hundred90? You'll find out on the Pub Crawl.

In addition to Anne, there are a few other well known ghosts which haunt this Bar and Restaurant. Downstairs you might run into the boy who leaves coins. Or, maybe, the Voodoo priestess in the kitchen.

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The Owens-Thomas House, sometimes a tour stop on the Grave Tales Tour.

....and more!

Our Haunted Pub Crawl visits between 4-6 locations on any given night. We try to pack as much ghostly goodness into this 2-hour tour as possible

Savannah's #1 Pub Crawl

Why should you choose the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl?

When you purchase your tickets directly from Ghost City you're in for a stress free, easy, and enjoyable experience. You're going to love exploring Savannah's haunted bars with Ghost City Tours.

Savannah's #1 Haunted Pub Crawl

More people have chose our Haunted Pub Crawl than any other company's. It isn't even close. Join us to see why.

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Reviews for our Haunted Pub Crawl

Ghost City Tours' haunted Pub Crawl has been Savannah's most popualr pub crawl since 2012.

Still not convinced? Check out all of the Reviews for Ghost City Tours.

Where does the Haunted Pub Crawl start?

This tour starts at Tondee's Tavern, which is one of Savannah's most haunted Restaurants. Tondee's Tavern is located at 7 East Bay Street, one block away from the RIver in Savannah's Historic District. When you arrive at Tondee's Tavern, just head inside to the Bar area. This is where your Tour Guide will be waiting for you.

If you need directions, or get lost, you have a map in your Ticket Confirmation email. You can also call our office at 855-999-9026 and we'll get you to the right place!

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