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Gettysburg is well-known as one of the most haunted towns in America. The battle that ravaged the town and the surrounding areas left behind many ghost stories and haunted buildings.

Here at Ghost City Tours, we take a lot of pride in showing visitors to our town the most haunted locations, all the while being respectful of the people who perished here. Our Ghost Tours are a great way for anyone to understand the history of Gettysburg, the Battle that happened here, all the while connecting with the ghosts that call Gettysburg home.

We offer two different Ghost Tours in Gettysburg. If you're visiting town with kids or your family, you may want to choose our All-Ages Echoes of War Tour. However, we also offer a Ghost Tour for Adults. Ghost City Tours offers the ONLY Adults only Ghost Tour in Gettysburg.

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One of Gettysburg's haunted houses which is featured on this Ghost Tour.
Nightly at 8 pm

All Ages Ghost Tour

The Echoes of War Ghost Tour


  • Bring the whole family for a spooky evening on the Echoes of War Ghost Tour
  • This Ghost Tour is perfect for guests of all ages, including families and children
  • We don't only focus on the Ghosts of Gettysburg, you'll also learn about the Battle and how the townspeople dealt with the aftermath.
  • Our Ghost Tours visit most haunted locations in Gettysburg. Some of them have even been featured on TV Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change
A view of the Battlefield at Gettysburg where many ghosts haunt.
Nightly at 9 pm

Adults Only Ghost Tour

The Blood on the Battlefield Ghost Tour


  • This Ghost Tour is Gettysburg's ONLY Ghost Tour for Adults
  • Without children around, you'll experience a more mature setting without the crying of little kids
  • Keeping things true to history, this Ghost Tour explores the dark nature of humans and the hauntings they create
  • This Ghost Tour sells out often, running nightly at 9 pm
  • Reschedule your tour for free if your plans change
One of the haunted cemeteries we visit on our Group Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours for Groups

Across the country, Ghost City Tours is well-known as the Group Tour company that people love to work with. Whether you have a group of 12 or 200, you'll receive VIP treatment from our Group Tour Specialists. It can be a hassle planning a group Ghost Tour. Allow us to make it easy and enjoyable.

We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more.

For Groups of 30 or more we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance.

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Why do we offer Ghost Tours in Gettysburg?

Offering Ghost Tours in Gettysburg was a no-brainer for Ghost City Tours. As a Tour Company who tells the stories of hauntings and history, Gettysburg fits our mission perfectly.

Ghost Tours in Gettysburg are nothing new. We're certainly not the first to offer haunted tours in the streets of Gettysburg. So, when we decided to expand into Gettysburg we knew that we had to do something different to stand out.

Our CEO, Timothy Nealon, spent a lot of time in Gettysburg during his lifetime. He grew up not far from the haunted battlefield and town of Gettysburg. One thing about the tours offered in Gettysburg was the fact that they focused on Ghost Stories that are not true. Most companies simply take pieces of history and then add their own made-up nonsense to make the stories more spooky. We don't do that. Our Ghost Tours in Gettysburg are done in a respectful manner, showing reverance to the people who gave their lives in hope of making a difference.

Our Tour Guides are the best that you're going to find in Gettysburg. A number of great Tour Guides made the move to Ghost City Tours once they realized that we take great care of our Guide Staff. No matter which Tour Guide you have, know that you'll be getting an entertaining and spooky tour.

  • Do you think a ghost tour isn't for you? WRONG! Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or someone in between, you'll be entertained on our Paranormal Experiences.
  • Looking for something fun to do while in town? More than 500,000 people join Ghost City Tours across the country for a reason! People just like you LOVE joining our guides for a night of haunted fun.
  • With Ghost City Tours, you'll find the best Family-Friendly Ghost Tours in Gettysburg. We also offer Gettysburg's ONLY adults only ghost tour. Do you have the kids with you? Maybe you want a tour experience designed for just the adults? Ghost City has it all.
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We'll take you to the Most Haunted Places in Gettysburg

Ghost City Tours in Gettysburg has been many years in the making. During those years, we spent many weeks gathering information, researching, and interviewing people who have experienced the ghosts which haunted the town and Battlefield of Gettysburg.

We like pushing the envelope, offering tourists and locals alike a chance to join our Guides and journey into areas of Gettysburg that other tour companies neglect. Many of them are featured on television shows like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters.

The Haunted Streets of Gettysburg

The Haunted Streets of Gettysburg

Gettysburg is home to more ghosts than most towns. Even though most people think of the Ghosts of Gettysburg on the battlefield, the reality is that this isn't always the case.

Throughout the town of Gettysburg, even walking the streets, it wouldn't be uncommon to have a paranormal experience on the streets of Gettysburg.

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One of the Haunted Hotels that we visit on our Haunted Tours in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg's Haunted Hotels

Throughout the town of Gettysburg, you'll find many historic hotels, ready to welcome you for a stay. What you might not see - right away, anyway - are the ghosts which haunt these hotels.

Many guests who choose to stay in the Hotels of Gettysburg have experienced ghosts and other paranormal activity. We even visit some of these hotels on our Ghost Tours.

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The Jennie Wade House. People have claimed to have seen the ghost of Jennie Wade at this house.

The Ghost of Jennie Wade

The story of Jennie Wade will always be tied to the Battle that ravaged this town in 1863. The only civilian killed during the Battle, Jennie Wade's ghost has been seen in many locations throughout Gettysburg.

On our all-ages Ghost Tour, you'll hear the story of Jennie Wade at the places that her ghost has been seen.

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Little Round Top, where many people have experienced hauntings and paranormal activity in Gettysburg.

The Ghosts of Little Round Top

Even though our Ghost Tours do not visit the Gettysburg Battlefield, there are more than a few Ghost Stories from the Battlefield that are worth sharing.

Little Round Top is a popular area of the Battlefield for Guests and Tourists to visit. It also happens to be one of the most haunted areas in Gettysburg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about our Ghost Tours - and you don't want to call. Below you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get about our tours.

Are these walking tours?

ALL of our Gettysburg Ghost Tours are Walking Tours. You do have other options, such as Carriage Ghost Tours. To FEEL the energy which our ghosts give off, you have to be in the actual places where the haunting takes place. Imagine walking through a haunted alley with all of the lights out, or standing on what was once a battlefield. Are you already feeling the tingles up your spine?

  • Walking Tours allow you to immerse yourself in the stories we tell.
  • Walking is good for you, and it is a great way to walk off that amazing dinner you just had!
  • You're not crammed into a carriage, almost certainly squished in next to someone you'd rather not be squished up against.

Do your Ghost Tours go to the Gettysburg Battlefield?

As with all Ghost Tours in Gettysburg, our Ghost Tours do not go into the Battlefield. The Gettysburg Battlefield is part of the National Park Service and they do not allow Ghost Tours to tour the battlefield. All our our tours take place within the (very haunted) town of Gettysburg.

Can I buy tickets for your Ghost Tours through Groupon?

Ghost City has never sold Groupon vouchers - and we never will. There are companies which offer their tickets for sale on Groupon. And if you're not worried about the quality of the tour you're getting - you can certainly spend some time on Groupon or Living Social and find tickets.

We know that our experiences are of the highest quality, with thousands of 5-star reviews from tourists and locals who have enjoyed them. Also, we often sell out - especially on the weekends and on Holidays. There is simply no reason why we'd sell our tours on Groupon.

Is this a Ghost Tour where we go into Haunted Places?

Some locations allow us to come in; most don't. Many of the locations that you'll be visiting are private residences. Obviously the residents would not be happy about us coming into their homes. Therefore we do not go into most of the locations we visit.

Once I purchase tickets, can I get a refund?

You can get a full refund up to 48 hours before your tour. We realize plans change and things happen. You can book your Ghost Tour with Ghost City Tours, guaranteeing your spot on our tours, knowing that you can get a full refund if need be.

We can also reschedule your tour up to 2 hours before the start of the tour, no questions asked.

For your family ghost tours, what is the age of a child?

When it comes to buying tickets for our tours, the following classes of tickets are based on age.

  • Ages 0-5: We do not charge anything for anyone 5 or under. They get to attend our tours for free!
  • Ages 6-11: This is considered a child ticket
  • Ages 12+: This age range is considered an adult ticket.

Keep in mind, some of our tours are simply for ages 16+ only. For those tours there is only one ticket type you can choose from.

What days of the week are your Ghost Tours available for?

All of our Tours run 7 days per week. In addition, we often open up additional time slots for our tours as the original time sells out. If you want to book a tour Ghost City Tours will ensure that we are able to fit you in a tour. We still advise you to purchase your tickets as soon as you know which tour you want to take.

Purchasing tickets for our Ghost Tours

You can purchase your tickets online, or by phone. In either case, you'll receive your tickets immediately via email. You must buy your tickets in advance.