Ghost Stories of New Orleans' Most Haunted

Meet some of the most talked about ghosts the city of New Orleans has to offer

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The true story fo Coven, which was based in New Orleans, American Horror Story

Coven: The (Un)True American Horror Story

American Horror Story's Coven is beloved by thousands--but what if we told you that they got all of it wrong? That Marie Laveau and Madame Delphine LaLaurie probably would never met? Or that the truth, in this case, is definitely stranger than any TV show could script?

New Orleans is a hotbed for tragedy, violence and, always, ghosts. We've brought you the truth behind American Horror Story's fiction. And it is definitely more gritty than the show.

What is the real story behind American Horror Story's Famous Characters

Ghost stories that are told in New Orleans which are not true, made up Ghost Stories

Five (Un)True New Orleans Ghost Stories

New Orleans is known for many things, but perhaps the city’s greatest legacy is its ghosts. The Cities of the Dead, as New Orleans is affectionately known as, is one of the most haunted cities in the world.

But, just because the city is indeed haunted doesn’t mean every ghost story that is told is true. In fact, New Orleans has so many ghost stories that they couldn’t all possibly be real. These type of stories are usually just made up by local businesses to bring in tourists.

Discover these untrue ghost tales here.

New Orleans is home to many former brothels which are still haunted to this day.

The Haunted (Former) Brothels of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city known for its vice and crime. A century ago, brothels lined nearly every street in the French Quarter. And the madams who worked them were unscrupulous women--they grabbed men off the streets, stealing their wallets or, worse, taking their lives.

Today, these brothels no longer exist as they once were (thank goodness), but the spirits of these madams still linger. For those who've had encounters with them, it seems that these women are up to their old tricks. Would you dare to meet one?

Discover the madams haunting their former brothels here.

The ghosts of Children, which are said to haunt New Orleans

The Ghostly Children of New Orleans

It seems that at nearly every turn, we hear of a little boy haunting this hotel or the spirit of a young girl seen whisping down a hallway.

This begs the question: who are the children haunting New Orleans? Ghost City has compiled the most famous ghostly children in the city. After all, sometimes encountering a ghostly child is more spooky than anything else...

Discover the ghostly children of New Orleans.

One of the lesser known Ghosts of New Orleans' French Quarter

Secret Ghosts of New Orleans

They say that New Orleans is haunted. They say that New Orleans is the most haunted city in America. We hear of the Madame LaLaurie's and the famed pirate ghost Jean Lafitte, but what of the other, lesser known spirits that lurk in the streets of the French Quarter?

These are the city's secret spirits...those who pass by unnoticed by tourists and many locals. Are you ready to make their ghostly acquaintance?

Discover the secret ghosts of New Orleans

The Casket Girls, a famous Ghost Story of New Orleans

The Truth About the Casket Girls

Once upon a time, a ship carrying young women arrived at the Port of New Orleans, intended for marriage.

But, after months aboard the ship, the women became increasingly sick. When they arrived to the Port, the rumors immediately started. Vampires, people said in hushed whispers...but are vampires actually roaming the streets of New Orleans? What is the truth beyond this fanged legend?

Discover the truth about the Casket Girls here

The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman of New Orleans

Perhaps the most famous murderer in New Orleans' history, the Axeman of New Orleans is well documented.

After all of this time, nobody knows who the Axeman was. While there are many theories about who this mystery murdered was, there was never a conviction. In this article we dive into the history of the Axeman articles which took place in New Orleans.

Read about the Axeman of New Orleans