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The Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

A stay at one of the Drury River Walk Hotels grants you quick access to some of the most haunted sites in San Antonio.

The Drury Hotels of San Antonio’s Riverwalk

The Drury Plaza Hotel and Drury Inn & Suites are both located in San Antonio’s iconic Riverwalk, with easy-access to the city’s best shops, restaurants - and of course - haunted sites.

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The Emily Morgan Hotel, one of the most haunted locations in San Antonio

The Emily Morgan Hotel

Located right next to the historic Alamo Plaza, the Emily Morgan Hotel was recently rated the third most haunted hotel in the entire world. Once a medical center in the early 1900s, the Emily Morgan has been the site of all sorts of paranormal activity.

Apparitions, dancing orbs and ghostly visitors to the living remind all that stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel that they are not alone. Not when they stroll through the building during the day, and especially not when they climb into bed and settle in for the night.

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The Crockett Hotel. Many people consider this to be one of San Antonio's most haunted places

The Crockett Hotel

This historic hotel sits just across from the haunted Alamo, which was once the site of Texas' bloodiest battle in the fight for Independence. However, the Crockett Hotel has secrets, including the fact that the site of the hotel is actually where all of that bloodshed took place. Rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio, we can only harbor a guess as to who is still haunting its corridors. One thing is for certain, the ghosts of the Crockett Hotel are here to stay.

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Postcard of the historic St. Anthony Hotel, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The St. Anthony Hotel

Located in the center of San Antonio, The St. Anthony Hotel has always had a claim to fame: its luxurious atmosphere, mingled with its timeless elegance. (It was also the first hotel in America to offer central air-conditioning . . . how's that for luxury?)

But this historic hotel also has a rumor for being one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio. While ghosts may follow you down the hall, or keep the Men's Locker Room occupied at all hours of the day, it is instead the mysterious death in 1965 that put The St. Anthony on the map as truly paranormally active. Do you have the gumption to call this haunted location your home away from home?

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A postcard of the historic Sheraton Gunter Hotel, which is located in San Antonio Texas

The Sheraton Gunter Hotel

Once the Headquarters for the US Army (and the Confederates), The Sheraton Gunter Hotel has been owned by many different companies and many different people over the last two centuries.

With such an extensive history, it's no surprise that The Sheraton Gunter Hotel is extremely paranormally active. But what's less known--for those who aren't from San Antonio--is that The Gunter was once the scene of one of the bloodiest murders in all of the city's history. Today, that horrific night is paranormally imprinted on the hotel itself, so that it continues to play out again and again.

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A photo of the oldest elevators in San Antonio, Texas, located at the Hotel Gibbs

Hotel Gibbs

While the Alamo, the Menger Hotel and the Crockett Hotel are more commonly known for their ghosts and paranormal activity, one hotel certainly shouldn't be passed over: the Hotel Gibbs.

It was once said that during the battle in 1836, the ground was literally saturated with blood... and according to employees and guests of the hotel today, it appears that the Fallen Texan heroes are still replaying the last moments of their life over and over again after death. From elevators swinging open on their own to guests hearing the tragic ghostly moans of men in pain, the Hotel Gibbs has enough spirits to keep even the most die-hard paranormal enthusiast clutching their sheets at night.

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A photo of the Old Bexar County Jail, now the Holiday Inn Express, in San Antonio, TX, and a featured stop on Ghost City's Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour

The Ghosts of the Holiday Inn Express & Old Bexar County Jail

Today, the Holiday Inn Express sits on the outskirts of Downtown San Antonio as a symbol of a time of torture--you see, the Holiday Inn Express was once the city's old county jail.

To this day, guests and staff experience off paranormal phenomena, from the eerie sensation of being watched, apparitions appearing on security cams and windows opening and closing on their own volition. It's safe to say that this hotel is haunted--and many of its prisoners have never left.

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A full moon, outside of the Black Swan Inn, one of the famous haunted hotels near San Antonio

The Black Swan Inn

Thanks to appearances on Ghost Hunting Shows such as Ghost Adventures, the Black Swan Inn has become famous as one of the most famous places to stay in Texas.

Many people who have stayed at the Black Swan Inn have reported coming into contact with the ghosts who haunt this location. Are you brave enough to grab a friend and spend the night in this haunted location?

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The Menger Hotel, the Hotel which many people consider the most haunted Hotel in San Antonio

The Grey Moss Inn

When you're near San Antonio and you're looking for a haunted place to stay for a night, or for a few, the Grey Moss Inn is one location where you can rest your head.

Whether or not you get any sleep, once you put your head down, is all up to the ghosts which haunt this haunted Inn. More than a few times we've heard stories about travelers who left in the middle of the night due to paranormal activity. If you think you have what it takes to spend the night in one of the most haunted places to stay near San Antonio, click on through and read about the Grey Moss Inn.

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