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New Orleans' Most Haunted Hotels

New Orleans almost certainly has more haunted Hotels than any other city in the Country. It truly seems as if every Hotel has more than a few stories about the ghosts which haunt the halls and guest rooms where tourists stay.

Every day, we answer calls and emails from people who are coming to New Orleans. Since many of them are interested in ghosts and hauntings, they often ask us if we can recommend a haunted Hotel to stay in. After all, after wrapping up their ghost tour, going back to their haunted Hotel room is a perfect way to end the evening for many of our guests.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite haunted Hotels in New Orleans. If spending the night, surrounded by the ghosts of New Orleans is your idea of a great night, check out these Hotels. Let us know if you have any experiences while spending the night!

The Bourbon Orleans, home to many ghosts in New Orleans' haunted French Quarter

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Our favorite haunted Hotel in New Orleans! The haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel, right in the heart of the French Quarter, is home to more ghosts than perhaps any other Hotel in New Orleans. From the ghosts of the Octoroon Mistresses, to the ghosts of children running in the Halls, the Bourbon Orleans seems to have it all.

If you're looking for a haunted Hotel to stay at, while in New Orleans, the Bourbon Orleans should certainly be on your short list of possible lodging options.

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don’t let the shiny new inviting hot spot fool you. This is New Orleans. Everything has a past in The Big Easy, especially the ghosts.

The Hilton Riverside New Orleans

New Orleans is a living city. It has character, a mind of its own. It breathes, and when you’re there, you can feel its pulse. But that doesn’t mean everything in the city is alive.

We’re talking about ghosts.

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don’t let the shiny new inviting hot spot fool you. This is New Orleans. Everything has a past in The Big Easy, especially the ghosts.

The Troubadour Hotel in New Orleans

A fabulous rooftop bar, elegant dining room, and chic guest rooms make The Troubadour a fantastic stay for those wanting a premium experience on their visit to New Orleans.

Learn about the specters surrounding this luxury New Orleans accommodation.

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For those looking for a one stop shop haunted experience in New Orleans, a stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel should be at the top of your list.

The Drury Plaza Hotel

For those looking for a one stop shop haunted experience in New Orleans, a stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel should be at the top of your list.

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Alleged former home of the Axeman

The Haunted Astor Crowne Plaza

Most travelers say they’d stay in New Orleans forever. Only a few are lucky enough for the chance. Meet the city’s dearly departed while the Astor Crowne Plaza takes care of the rest.

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Alleged former home of the Axeman

The (Very) Haunted Hotel of New Orleans

A favorite haunted hotspot for locals and tourists alike, the Haunted Hotel in New Orleans is what paranormal dreams are made of. With rumors of ties to the notorious, jazz-loving Axeman, you won’t be getting much sleep at this spine-chilling establishment.

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The Haunted Hotel, Le Pavillon, in New Orleans' Central Business District

Le Pavillon

Located in New Orleans' Central Business District, Le Pavillon is one of New Orleans' most luxurious, and haunted Hotels. The stories of the ghost which haunted the Le Pavillon are well-known. It seems like every floor has a ghost of its own.

Perhaps, the most haunted rooms in the Le Pavillon are the suites, which are incredibly decadent, and apparently, very haunted.

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The haunted Hotel Monteleone, one of the most popular, and haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone

The Hotel Monteleone has been a constant in New Orleans’ French Quarter for quite some time now. And every since the doors opened stories about ghosts, and of the Hotel Monteleone being haunted have been told.

Who are the ghosts which haunt the Hotel Monteleone? Are they simply past employees who still report to work? Innocent victims of brutal crimes? Or maybe one of the many famous people who stayed here. Or, maybe all of the above?

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The Andrew Jackson Hotel, right in the center of New Orleans' French Quarter, is considered one of the most haunted Hotels in New Orleans

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

When it comes to haunted hotels in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the Andrew Jackson Hotel is right up at the top. Stories of hauntings and ghosts have come from guests for as long as the Andrew Jackson Hotel has welcomed them.

Perhaps spookiest of all is the fact that most of the hauntings and ghosts seem to be that of children. Many guests have reported hearing children playing in the halls of this Haunted New Orleans Hotel.

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The ghosts which haunt this Hotel, the Hotel Villa Convento, are said to be former residents from the days when the Hotel was a Brothel.

Hotel Villa Convento

Rumored to be the infamous ‘House of the Rising Sun’, the Hotel Villa Convento certainly has a history as interesting as the song.

Said to be one of the many brothels that were scattered throughout New Orleans in the mid-1800’s, the Hotel Villa Convento has a number of ghosts to back up that claim. Perhaps the most famous ghost at this haunted Hotel is that of a Madame from New Orleans’ dark past.

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The haunted Hotel, Lafitte Guest House, on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Lafitte Guest House

Located right on Bourbon Street, next to the haunted Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, you can find the Lafitte Guest House. This historic Hotel is also an amazing art gallery. While staying at the Lafitte Guest House, many people have reported having encounters with the ghosts which haunt here.

But who is haunting the Lafitte Guest House? And what is the history of this building? By understanding the history, we may figure out who's ghosts are here.

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The Haunted St. Pierre Hotel, in New Orleans

The Hotel St. Pierre

Nestled in the back of the French Quarter, the Hotel St Pierre is luxury at its finest. At one time the first Jazz Museum, this historic property is one of the oldest in the entire French Quarter and even survived the fire of 1794. But with age comes mysterious occurrences, and this hotel has no shortage of paranormal activity.

Who exactly is haunting this historical hotel? It doesn't help that all thirteen of its cottages were brought to its present site. Perhaps the ghosts of these various buildings just came along for the ride, and just decided they never wanted to leave.

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The Haunted Hotel Maison de Ville, in New Orleans' French Quarter

The Maison de Ville Hotel

Located right in the middle of New Orleans' French Quarter sits one of the most unique haunted Hotels in New Orleans. Hotel Maison de Ville is home to numerous ghosts, one of which is rumored to be Tennessee Williams himself. By digging into the history of the Maison de Ville we might be able to figure out who is actually haunting this Hotel.

While staying in New Orleans, if you're looking for a haunted Hotel to stay in, you should check out Hotel Maison de Ville.

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The Haunted Dauphine Orleans, one of the most famous haunted Hotels in New Orleans and the French Quarter

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel

With tranquil courtyards and a staff dedicated to creating the perfect experience for the hotel's guests, there's no surprise as to why the Dauphine Orleans Hotel sits in one of the coveted top spots for places to stay while traveling in New Orleans. But this luxurious hotel, once the site of the City's first licensed brothel, has quite the story to tell.

Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of courtesans and the visitors who have never left, the Dauphine Orleans Hotel is routinely voted as one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. Do you have what it takes to stay the night at this elegant, haunted hotel?

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A photo of the beautiful Mansión Magnolia, a boutique hotel in New Orlean's Garden District neighborhood

The Mansión Magnolia

Known as "The Gateway to the Historic Garden District," the Mansión Magnolia is an eye-catcher to all whom wander past. White-washed walls, elaborate and finely-detailed architecture. It's often said that no other antebellum home in the area can hold a candle to this boutique hotel. Not for its beauty and not for its ghosts either.

For as beautiful as the Mansión Magnolia is, it seems that whoever lives in this two-century old property is struck by tragedy. Is it for this reason that the Mansión Magnolia is now considered one of the most haunted locations in all of New Orleans?

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