The Haunted Astor Crowne Plaza

The Haunted Astor Crowne Plaza

739 Canal, New Orleans, LA

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Did You Know?

  • Located in the Historic French Quarter
  • Site Dates Back to 1852
  • Near the Haunted Napoleon House
  • Walking Distance to the Museum of Death

The Haunted Astor Crowne Plaza

Most travelers say they’d stay in New Orleans forever. Only a few are lucky enough for the chance. Meet the city’s dearly departed while the Astor Crowne Plaza takes care of the rest.

Located within the historic French Quarter, this luxury hotel is your one-stop hotspot for supernatural activity. From disembodied spirits to the trailing sound of phantom footsteps, the Astor Crowne Plaza is swarming with specters.

The History of the Astor Crowne Plaza

Established in 1852, the property of the Astor Crowne Plaza began as an A. Schwartz & Son department store, later becoming a Woolworth’s. It continued in this capacity until the 1990s, though the building itself underwent significant renovations and reconfigurations.

It wasn’t until the new millennium that this ominous property was transformed into the Astor Crowne Plaza. Today, this French Quarter hotel blends Old World magic with New World amenities. For this upscale establishment, the poltergeists are just lagniappe.

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Ghosts of the Haunted Hotel

Paranormal enthusiasts may encounter ominous energies, mysterious orbs, and full-bodied apparitions. Those staying in the historic Alexa tower will be particularly close to the property’s ghostly residents, with the tower dating back to 1900.

Surrounded by so much supernatural activity, guests will find themselves double-checking beneath their beds.

Those less interested in the strange or the spectral shouldn’t worry, though. The property’s unparalleled beauty will have even the most severe skeptics staying an extra night.

Looking for Cemeteries?

Those who prefer a graveside gallivant will delight in the hotel’s proximity to the streetcar. Moments away from the Canal Street Line, the Astor Crowne Plaza provides easy access to the city’s historic cemeteries. Hop on to find yourself surrounded by the disembodied souls of Crescent City.

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Haunted Nearby Attractions

If you’re looking for nearby haunted attractions, check out the Napoleon House. Although this landmark restaurant is known for its Creole cuisine, it’s developed its own paranormal reputation.

On the eeriest of nights, lights flicker before fading forever. Patrons report feeling touched or shoved by unseen hands. Some have even felt the aggressive slap on the back, though found themselves alone once they turned around.

Maybe the Ghosts of the Napoleon rest easy at the Astor Crowne Plaza.

The Museum of Death

Travelers with a taste for the macabre can pop into the nearby Museum of Death. Located within walking distance of the Astor Crowne Plaza, this grisly exhibition features galleries of the gruesome and outrageous.

From serial killer paraphernalia to body bags, the Museum of Death is intended for a mature audience. If you’re squeamish, think twice before stopping by.

Why Stay at the Astor Crowne Plaza?

Locals call New Orleans America’s Most Haunted City, and it’s no secret why. With their voodoo roots and their predilection for the dead, this town’s no stranger to the spookier side.

Yet, lucky for us, the Astor Crowne Plaza features more than a ghostly guestlist. There’s a sparkling swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness facility, and Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House Restaurant. Bask in the sun before indulging in a quintessentially New Orleans culinary experience.

If you’re looking for an upscale spot for your next business meeting, you’ll appreciate the hotel’s accommodations for both small and large conventions. Brides-to-Be will also delight in the Astor’s elegant and extravagant 32,000-square-feet event space.

Visiting The Astor Crowne Plaza

Located at 739 Canal Street and Bourbon, the Astor Crowne Plaza joins two of the city’s most iconic locations. Patrons will find themselves so close to the heart of the French Quarter that they’ll hear a pulse.

With any luck, it belongs to the living.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ghosts of New Orleans, book an experience with Ghost City Tours. Don’t forget – spooky is our specialty.

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