The (Very) Haunted Hotel of New Orleans

The (Very) Haunted Hotel of New Orleans

Who lurks in New Orleans’ most prominent haunted hotel?

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A favorite haunted hotspot for locals and tourists alike, the Haunted Hotel in New Orleans is what paranormal dreams are made of. With rumors of ties to the notorious, jazz-loving Axeman, you won’t be getting much sleep at this spine-chilling establishment.

Did you know?

  • Alleged former home of the Axeman
  • Built in 1829
  • Haunted by two notable spirits

This quaint hotel is home to many urban legends and undeniable hauntings. But out of all the tales tied to this centuries-old structure, one takes the cake: The Axeman.

The Ghosts of the Haunted Hotel

According to legend, the hotel is haunted by the Axeman. Many visitors report a feeling of uneasiness and panic when stepping into the premises. Similar to what the ghastly killer’s victims felt soon before their demise. Could this be coincidence or the infamous murderer himself?

The Axeman of New Orleans

It was the autumn of 1918 when all hell broke loose in New Orleans. A madman had taken it upon himself to purge the city of its inhabitants, particularly those of Italian descent.

The Axeman of New Orleans enacted a string of gruesome attacks that lasted until October of 1919. By then, he’d taken four lives and left many others severely injured.

Modus Operandi

The Axeman would break into his victim’s grocery stores and murder them in cold blood. His weapon of choice was the axe, but he’d often improvise, using whatever was on hand. As long as it was sharp.

One of his victims, a man named Joseph Maggio, was struck in the head with an axe. His throat was then cut. His wife was also murdered that night. She choked on her own blood after the Axeman slit her throat.

This hell-bent killer has been the grisliest murderer the Big Easy has ever seen. Needless to say, the attacks left the population, especially the Italian community, paralized in fear.

Men spent many nights wide awake protecting their families. It was truly a horrifying time to be an immigrant in New Orleans.

Cave Entrace

A Jazz-Obsessed Killer

It seemed that no one was safe in New Orleans until March 1919, when the cold-blooded murderer decided to take pity on the city. In a note, he swore he would spare the life of anyone who played jazz on a specific night.

Unsurprisingly, that night, jazz overflowed from every home in the French Quarter and filled the streets of New Orleans. The Axeman must’ve been pleased because no lives were lost that night.

Lucky for us, jazz is no longer what determines if we live or die. This deranged axe murderer is long gone. Or is he?

The Axeman’s True Identity: A Haunted Hotel Resident?

To this day, the Axeman's identity is unknown and the murders he committed remain unsolved.

However, many believe they’ve found the culprit. One theory is that the Axeman was a handyman who rented out one of the back rooms in the slave quarters that once stood where the Haunted Hotel stands today.

This theory arose after a bloody axe was found behind a wall during one of the building’s renovations. The axe, believed to have belonged to the infamous killer himself, is now on display in the hotel’s lobby.

While the Axeman is the most well-known ghost haunting the hotel, he’s not the only one.

Cave Entrace

The Owner Never Leaves

A previous owner, a woman by the name of Maime, is also reportedly stalking the Haunted Hotel in the afterlife.

As the story goes, she swore she would never leave her beloved home. After she died, many claimed to be able to feel her overwhelming presence.

Those who’ve stayed in her old room have encountered intense paranormal activity. Some even failed to make it through the night.

Lights flicker unexplainably and objects disappear and reappear without warning. Guests have also witnessed her misty apparition and have even heard a voice saying: “who are you?” Needless to say, Maime is one active poltergeist.

Visiting The Haunted Hotel in New Orleans

If you’d like to experience the magic of staying in a haunted New Orleans location, look no further than the Haunted Hotel. With a name like that, chills come almost as a guarantee.

Aside from the scares, the Haunted Hotel also provides fantastic modern amenities. Each one of their 17 unique rooms has wireless internet access, off-street parking (based on availability), and long-term rental availability.

Bring your ghost hunting equipment and hunt the night away in the city’s most haunted hotel. Let us know if you spot any specters!

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