The Echoes of War Ghost Tour | Family-Friendly Ghost Tour

The Echoes of War Ghost Tour

visit the most haunted places in Gettysburg with the whole family
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The Echoes of War Tour: Overview

Ages 0-5: Free Ages 6-11: $9.99 Ages 12+: $24.99
6pm & 8 pm | 90-Minutes All Ages Pet-Friendly
(based on 300+ reviews)

Flexible Bookings: Reschedule up to 8 hours before your Ghost Tour for any reason.

You'll visit some of Gettysburg's Most Haunted Locations, most of them associated with the Battle of Gettysburg.

This tour is more than just Ghosts and Hauntings though. You'll hear about the people of Gettysburg and historical information about the battle itself

Don't leave Gettysburg without exploring its haunted side. This is a memorable experience that your entire family will be talking about for a long time

You'll meet your Tour Guide right in the center of town. Other companies start at inconvenient locations with little parking

The Echoes of War Ghost Tour is the pefect evening time adventure for families and paranormal buffs visiting Gettysburg. You and your family will be entertained, and left feeling just the right amount of spooked, while exploring Gettysburg and meeting the Ghosts that call our town home


Ages 12+: $24.99
Ages 6-11: $9.99
Ages 0-5: Free

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Starting Time

Nightly: 6 pm & 8 pm | A 90-Minute Tour

All Ages Ghost Tour

The Echoes of War Tour is a great option for families

Pet Policy

This is a pet-friendly Ghost Tour

Alcohol Policy

Gettysburg's laws prohibit you from carrying alcohol on this tour

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The streets of Gettysburg, where many of the ghosts of Gettysburg have been seen.

Get to know the Ghosts that haunt Gettysburg

Gettysburg is well-known as one of the most haunted towns in America. The Battle of Gettysburg created enormous hardships for the town's people, and cost an incredible amount of men their lives. It should come as a suprise to nobody that Gettysburg is as haunted as it is.

On the Echoes of War of War Tour, we'll introduce you to the ghosts that haunt the town of Gettysburg in a respectiful manner. You'll leave the tour having a better understanding of how the battle impacted the town and people of Gettysburg.

Read about Gettysburg's Ghosts

Is the Echoes of War Tour the right one for you?

If you're looking for a 5-star rated Ghost Tour in Gettysburg, the Echoes of War Ghost Tour is perfect for you. Being our all-ages Ghost Tour in Gettysburg, this tour is perfect for families with children.

We designed this tour to be entertaining, spooky, yet educational. Whether you're 5 or 95, you're sure to have a great tour when you choose Ghost City Tours.

Being a Ghost Tour, you can expect to visit some pretty haunted locations. Some parents are concerned about whether a Ghost Tour could be too scary for their children. We can assure you that it isn't. You won't find anyone jumping out of bushes trying to scare you on our Ghost Tours.

The haunted streets of Gettysburg, where our Ghost Tours take place.

The Ghosts of the Streets of Gettysburg

While many people who visit Gettysburg think that the battlefield is the only haunted of Gettysburg, the reality is that the town is just as haunted, if not more. Since the battle, the streets of Gettysburg have been home to many hauntings and ghosts.

Learn More
One of the many haunted hotels that you can see on a Ghost Tour in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg's Haunted Hotels

If you and your family are looking for a hauntede hotel in Gettysburg, we can help. On the Echoes of War Ghost Tour, you'll pass many of the most haunted Hotels in Gettysburg..

Learn about Gettysburg's Haunted Hotels
One of the many haunted locations in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where ghosts are often seen.

...and more!

The Echoes of War of War visits 6-8 of Gettysburg's most haunted locations every night. You'll see the above locations, hear their stories, and many more!

Why should you choose the Echoes of War Tour?

Everyone looking for a Ghost Tour is looking for the same thing - a great tour for a great price. Ghost City Tours is widely regarded as the #1 Ghost Tour company in the World. The same passion and dedication to creating the best Ghost Tours in our other markets is the same in Gettysburg. Rest assured that when you choose Ghost City, and the Echoes of War of War Tour, you're booking a memorable experience for you and your family.

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In every city we operate in, Ghost City Tours is the highest rated Ghost Tour Company

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Where does the Echoes of War Tour start?

Starting Location

The Echoes of War Ghost Tour starts at the Ghost City Store, located at 10 Lincoln Square, in the heart of Gettysburg..

If you need directions or get lost, you have a map in your Ticket Confirmation email. You can also call our office at 855-999-9026, and we'll get you to the right place!


If you've been to Gettysburg before, you know parking can be very hard to find. If you haven't been, you'll find that out. We recommend that you grab an Uber or pedicab to meet us. It'll save you a big hassle of trying to find parking.

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