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What are the MOST HAUNTED Places in Charleston?

Here at Ghost City, we are proud to offer our ghost tours in South Carolina's most haunted city! For hundreds of years, ghost stories have been told by the locals in Charleston--they don't call it the "Holy City" for nothing, you know. If you live there, you know how haunted Charleston is. It doesn't seem to matter if you're downtown, out at one of the Plantations, or in the out-laying areas, you're never far from somewhere haunted.

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Our Charleston Ghost Tours take you to the most haunted locations in the downtown area of Charleston. You'll hear the stories of Charleston's haunted history while standing in the very places these haunting events take place. If you want to learn more about the most haunted locations in Charleston, please browse through the pages below. However, to hear the whole story about Charleston's most haunted places, take a ghost tour on your next trip down to the Holy City. It is a spooky experience that you won't soon forget!

The haunted Battery Carriage Inn, in Charleston South Carolina

The Battery Carriage House

You can't talk about the most haunted places in Charleston without mentioning the Battery Carriage House. Since the 1840s, the Battery Carriage House has been making a name for itself in the Holy City. First as one of the city's most opulent homes and then later as a ballroom, the Battery Carriage House is now one of the city's most historic hotels, as well as one of its most haunted.

Ghosts of Civil-war era soldiers are said to roam the hotel grounds, and employees report a varierty of paranormal activity while they go about their daily duties. At this haunted hotel, the spirits are just as lively as the living...which haunted room would you dare to sleep in?

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The Blind Tiger Pub, one of Charleston's most haunted pubs.

The Blind Tiger Pub

At this haunted pub, its history as illegal speakeasy during Prohibition is as notable as its ghosts.

Who haunts the Blind Tiger Pub? Patrons have reports encounters with angry spirits--and not those of the cocktail vareity--along with strange paranormal activity that leaves even staff looking over their shoulder each night. It's safe to say that enjoying a pint at the Blind Tiger Pub might end up being more of an experience that you bargained for.

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Charleston's most haunted place, the Old City Jail, where ghosts still roam

The Old Charleston Jail

Of all the haunted places in Charleston, none is more spoken of in hushed whispers than the Old Charleston Jail. It has locked away innumerable crazed criminals, including the country's first female serial killer.

With a history like this, it's no wonder that the Old Charleston Jail is possible the most haunted location in Charleston. People have claimed to see human footprints suddenly appear on the ground, and items are known to vanish straight from sight. A visit to the Old Charleston Jail is not for the weak of heart...would you dare to step inside?

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A photo of the haunted Dock Street Theatre, in Charleston, South Carolina

The Dock Street Theatre

This property was once Charleston's first theatre. But tragedy is known to strike the strong, and the Dock Street Theatre faced countless tragic events, a devastating fire among them.

In the last century, Dock Street Theatre has become famous for its ghostly activity as well. And, no wonder, as theatres are known hotspots for paranormal phenomena. But who are the ghosts who still roam this majestic theatre? A hint: one female spirit might be just as salacious in death as she was in life.

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The rear of the haunted Exchange building, in Charleston, where the Provost MIlitary Prison is.

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon has a torrid history. It's been the old jail (where the pirates were tossed in), a former US Post Office, as well as other businesses. Though now a museum open to the public, the Exchange's spirits have no intention of going anywhere.

Rumors of a dark entity down in the dungeon have circulated for decades. But is there any truth to these rumors?

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A photograph of the Powder Magazine, rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Charleston.

The Powder Magazine

The Powder Magazine remains the oldest building in Charleston. It has been privy to battles and skirmishes, explosives and gun fights. From the very start, the Powder Magazine served as a method for the people of Charleston to protect themselves. Guns, powder, cannons.

But with such an interesting history comes the ghosts who have attached themselves to this historic property. Those who choose to visit the Powder Magazine today do so at the risk of spotting something...otherworldly during their trip. Echoes of gunfire, a shadowy figure moving in the grass. Who is haunting the Powder Magazine today?

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Fort Sumter is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Charleston

Fort Sumter

The first shot of the Civil War rang out at Fort Sumter in 1861.

Since then, there have been countless of claims that this battle ground is more than a little haunted by Civil War-era soldiers. Ghostly figures are said to rise from the soil, stretching tall as though preparing to lunge for battle. Are these spirits still reenacting this two-hundred year old battle?

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The Pink House, one of the oldest and most haunted houses in Charleston

The Pink House

Not to be confused with the Pink House in Savannah, Charleston's Pink House is now an art and jewely gallery. But don't let its current elegance fool you one bit. Over a century ago, the Pink House sat in the midst of Mulatto Alley, Charleston's former Red Light district.

Today, it seems that these former prostitutes and pirates and tavern-goers are still hitting up The Pink House, even after their death. Who is haunting this gallery?

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A photo of Poogan's Porch, one of Charleston's most haunted restaurants

Poogan's Porch

Is it possible for a location to be haunted by the spirit of a four-legged creature--a dog? One visit to Charleston's Poogan's Porch will prove the dog-ghost theory correct.

But, this Victorian mansion has other spirits lurking within its rooms. Heartbreak and love seem to have kept the ghosts of Poogan's Porch around after all of these years, and visitors have frequently caught sight of them ... even during the day.

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White Point Garden, the site of many ghost sightings in Charleston, South Carolina

White Point Garden

Charleston is know for the motto, "Where history lives," and there is no better location to bring that slogan to mind than White Point Garden. A beautiful, serene park it may be during the day, but as dusk falls, the beauty fades, that is when the spirits come out to play. And not all of them are particularly friendly.

But is any of it true?

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