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Salem Witch Trials Tour: Overview

Ages 0-5: Free Ages 6-11: $9.99 Ages 12+: $24.99
6 pm | 90-Minutes All-Ages Pet-Friendly
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Explore sites that were part of the story of the Salem Witch Trials

This is not a Ghost Tour

Walk away from the tour with a greater understanding of what happened - and why it could happen again.

You'll be introduced to the main players in the Salem Witch Trials, including John Proctor and Bridget Bishop.

Our Witch Trial Tours are NOT Ghost Tours - but are factual tours based on the real history of the Salem Witch Trials.

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Nightly: 6 pm | A 90-Minute Tour

All-Ages Ghost Tour

Our Salem Witch Trials Tour is a great option for families

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This is a pet-friendly Ghost Tour

Alcohol Policy

You may NOT bring your alcoholic drinks on this Ghost Tour


Ages 12+: $24.99 | Ages 6-11: $9.99 | Ages 0-5: Free

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Salem has many haunted Cemeteries - and on the Ghosts of Salem Tour you'll get to see one or more of them.

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Why should you choose Ghost City for your Salem Witch Trials Tour?

The Salem Witch Trials have captivated generations with their tragic outcome. Most of us come to Salem to learn more about the Witch Trials.

Here at Ghost City Tours, we put a lot of time and effort into making what we believe is the best tour for those interested in learning more about the history of the Witch Trials.

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The Salem Witch Trails are one of the most infamous events in American History.
The Salem Witch Trials

While Europe was in the throes of “witch hunts,” Salem was being settled by the English. Yet belief in black magic was widespread in the colonies as well as the continent. Indeed, Salem had recently recovered from both a smallpox epidemic and Native American Wars, making the village susceptible to superstition.

Read about the Salem Witch Trials

Get to know Salem's most important sites

If you're anything like us, you're interested in all of the historic homes, cemeteries, and sites that Salem has to offer.

Our Salem Witch Trials Tour takes you on a journey through Salem's darkened past, showing you the most significant landmarks the city has to offer and retelling their fascinating stories.

Here are just a few of the city's must-sees:

The Witch House, as seen on the Ghosts of Salem Tour.

The Witch House

The Salem Witch House is one of the city's most famous landmarks. Made famous for its connection to the Witch Trials, this home is truly a portal back in time.

Learn More About The Witch House
Could Bridget Bishop’s ghost still gather apples?

The Lyceum and Turner's Seafood

Turner's Seafood stands where Bridget Bishop's apple orchard once stood.

The site is both a significant part of Salem history and an important part of the story of the Witch Trials.

Learn More About Turner's Seafood
The House of the Seven Gables - one of our guests' favorite places to visit while on tour.

The House of the Seven Gables

Perhaps the most famous house in Salem, the House of the Seven Gables is a must see. Famous for its link to the 1692 Witch Trials, this home represents Salem's somber past.

Learn More About The House of the Seven Gables
The most haunted places in Salem which you can visit on a Tour.

...and more!

Our Salem Witches Tour visits 5-6 of the locations associated with the Salem Witch Trials. You'll see the above locations, hear their stories, and many more!

Where does our Salem Witch Trials Tour start?

The Salem Witch Trials Tour starts at 43 Church Street, in front of Turner's Seafood.

If you need directions, or get lost, you have a map in your Ticket Confirmation email. You can also call our office at 855-999-9026 and we'll get you to the right place!


If you've been to Salem before, you know parking can be very hard to find, depending on when you visit. If you haven't been, you'll find that out. We recommend that you grab an Uber, or pedicab to meet us. It'll save you a big hassle of trying to find parking.

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