Savannah’s Best Pet-Friendly Ghost Tours

When you have a family outing, do you bring your whole family along?

We know your dogs, cats, bunnies, and rats love to be around you, whether at home or on an adventure. As long as they’re well-behaved, we’re more than happy to welcome them on our tours in Savannah.

All of Ghost City’s tours are pet-friendly, with the possible exception of our pub crawls - those will depend on the policies of the establishments we visit.

Be aware, though: sometimes our pets have better senses than we do. From Felix’s night sight to Fido’s uncanny nose, they never cease to amaze.

Some believe their sensory superiority extends beyond the realm of the living.

When we’re strolling through Savannah’s historic streets, telling tales of lost spirits and forlorn phantoms, the line between our world and theirs becomes blurred.

We actively encourage our guests to take photos for just that reason. You never know what you’ll see or even hear - or what your trusty companion will.

Ghost pets get lonely, I’m sure they’d like to find a companion, even if just for a brief moment. At least, the friendly ones would.

In fact, we have a few stories of ghost pets we’d love to share. Have a seat by the campfire if you have a few minutes to spare.

Maryland’s Oldest Legend

This one goes all the way back to the late 1700s, and it involves buried treasure!

It begins in Port Tobacco, Maryland, with a man named Charles Thomas Sims and his trusty canine companion. They were out together for a night at the tavern, throwing back a few brewskis.

See, Charles had just come into a respectable sum of money, and he didn’t care who knew it. As he drank, he couldn’t stop talking about his money and a deed to some valuable land.

He even took the deed out and showed some of the other townsfolk.

As the night passed, Charles’ eyelids grew heavier, and it was time for him and his hound to return home. They left the tavern and wandered into the night.

They were not alone.

A few jealous men, led by one Henry Hanos, had concocted a plan to separate Charles from his burdensome money. They followed Charles out of the tavern, down Rose Hill Road.

When they came to a spot now known as Peddler’s Rock, Charles and his hound were suddenly attacked from behind. Charles was thrown against Peddler’s Rock and was fatally wounded.

His dog suffered a similar fate.

Henry collected Charles’ money and the deed, and hastily buried everything under a holly tree nearby. His plan was to return for it after the heat died down.

But when Henry eventually went back to collect his ill-gotten gains, he met an unexpected guardian.

A photo of Nathanael Greene and the Ghoulish Ongoings at Johnson Square in Savannah Georgia, Ghost City Tours.

Before him stood the specter of a large dog. It was glowing blue, and looked as mean as the Devil himself.

Henry quickly departed the scene. He needed a new pair of trousers.

Shortly after, the murderer and would-be thief became sick and died. Good riddance.

Over the years, some who heard the legend went to Peddler’s Rock to see if the treasure was still there. Often, they reported seeing the same blue canine phantom.

If there was any treasure, it’s little more than worm food at this point. The last reported sighting of the ghost dog was in 1971.

Hopefully, with nothing of value to guard, the loyal dog found some rest in the afterlife. Still, you won’t find me poking around holly trees near Peddler’s Rock any time soon.

D.C. Stands for Demon Cat

Sometime in the 1800s, Washington D.C. had something many cities have: a rat problem. Specifically, there was a rat infestation in the tunnels running under the United States Capitol Building.

No offense to anyone who owns rats! Your domesticated buddy is totally cool in our book!

But when rats run rampant, what better way to clean up the place than with their natural predator: cats!

Cats were brought into the tunnels to...well...annihilate the rat population. One, it would seem, never left.

It was a black cat, of course, but with glowing red eyes. Its hunger for rat flesh was insatiable. Its fur was like a million tiny needles, its tongue like burning sandpaper, and its claws like razor blades.

OK...I may have taken some liberties there, but it definitely has red eyes.

A photo of Nathanael Greene and the Ghoulish Ongoings at Johnson Square in Savannah Georgia, Ghost City Tours.

The Demon Cat, or DC as it’s known, mainly haunts the U.S. Capitol building, but has also been spotted by White House security.

Demon Cat sightings are usually bad omens. I mean, it’s a black cat, they’re always bad luck. Being a demon just makes it turbo bad luck.

Many who’ve seen it swear it’s no larger than a kitten at first, but grows into a massive 10 foot-long shadow before it pounces toward its prey.

Skeptics will say these encounters are just rumors, or the result of drunk, amateur guards in years past. Don’t tell that to the capital city’s roller derby team; they’re called the Demon Cats!

Whatever you think, you can’t deny physical evidence. There are two faint but noticeable cat-sized paw prints on the floor of the small Senate rotunda - a calling card of the carnivorous colossus?

Sure, it falls short of proof, but mystery just makes it more fun! You can read more about the Demon Cat and other haunts at the Capitol building in this article.

Peter, Peter, Peter!

This story is somewhat famous. It involves Christopher Knight, better known for his role as Peter Brady in The Brady Bunch.

The young men on set had become good friends and occasionally vacationed together. On this occasion, they were visiting Mike Lookinland’s grandparents - he was Bobby Brady on screen.

They were gathered around the living room fireplace telling ghost stories one night. As mentioned earlier, just telling ghost stories can cause lost spirits to become restless.

In this case, according to Knight, that’s exactly what happened.

A photo of Nathanael Greene and the Ghoulish Ongoings at Johnson Square in Savannah Georgia, Ghost City Tours.

He was awakened in the middle of the night by what he described as a faint breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw two hunting dogs by his bedside. There was a young girl in the doorway, beckoning the dogs to follow her.

The dogs followed the girl, and Knight thought nothing of it. He drifted back off to sleep. At the breakfast table the following morning, he asked where the dogs were.

He was informed that there were no dogs in the house. No little girl either.

Curious, the homeowner led the group back into the living room. There, on the fireplace screen, they saw two hunting dogs depicted in brass. To this day, Knight says those were the same dogs he’d seen the previous night.

Say what you want, but like I said, Mr. Knight stands by his story. I think there were enough Brady Bunch episodes centered around honesty to give him the benefit of the doubt.

We hope these stories convinced you to bring your furry friend along on one of our tours. You never know what they might see!

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