The Grave Tales Ghost Tour

Explore Savannah's most haunted locations

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9 pm | 90 Minute Tour Every Night Starts in Johnson Square
Ages 12+: $19.95 | Ages 6-11: $9.95 | Ages 5 & under: Free

Bring the whole family on the Grave Tales Tour


  • You'll visit locations such as Savannah’s Haunted Mansions and Historic Homes, Haunted Cemeteries and Burial Grounds, a Revolutionary War Battlefield, and much more!
  • Bring the whole family for the Grave Tales Ghost Tour. We've designed this tour to be entertaining for anyone ages 5-100. Combining history with hauntings, this tour has something for everyone.
  • Have you heard the saying that 'Savannah is buried on top of her dead'? Well, it is true. If you're in Savannah, you're probably not far from a hidden cemetery. We'll show you the haunted ones.

See Savannah's Haunted History

The Graves Tales Ghost Tour takes you on a haunted journey through Savannah Georgia’s haunted past. This tour is a history buff’s dream. Not only will you hear about the ghosts of the haunted locations you visit, you’ll also hear about the Historic events and the founders who helped shape Savannah. Their love for this beautiful city is evident in their desire to stay here…even after death.

Savannah was named ‘The Most Haunted City in America’; however, many of the ghost tours rely on exaggeration and made-up stories to send shivers up your spine. The Grave Tales Ghost Tour leaves all of that nonsense behind. All of the locations you are taken to are thoroughly researched to ensure that you are given the facts about Savannah’s haunted history. You won’t find any made up stories on the Grave Tales Ghost Tour.


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Haunted Places on the Grave Tales Tour

Below, you can find a few of locaitons that we often go to on the Grave Tales Tour. We usually go to 5-7 locations. Visiting any specific location is not guaranteed.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery

Featured on Grave Tales Tour, Beyond Good and Evil Tour, Dead of Night Tour

Do you know the real, morbid, and haunted history behind Savannah's oldest cemetery? For over 200 years, stories of ghosts wandering through the tombstones at night have been told in Savannah. On the Grave Tales Ghost Tour, you'll hear about the ghosts, mass graves, and famous people associated with Colonial Park Cemetery.

Colonial Park Cemetery is also where most of our guests' paranormal experiences have taken place. Of course we can't promise you'll see anything ghostly on our tours, but if you do, it will probably be at Colonial Park Cemetery.

Madison Square

Madison Square

Featured on Grave Tales Tour, Dead of Night Tour

The site of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolutionary War, Madison Square has a long haunted history. Whether we're talking about the bodies of British soldiers being uncovered in the basement of nearby houses, shadow people who disappear into thin air, or the sounds of muskets firing, Madison Square can claim all of them.

On the Grave Tales Ghost Tour, you'll be introduced to a number of the haunted houses on Madison Square. You'll also hear the grisly details of the Battle of Savannah. This is one seriously haunted Square in Savannah!

Haunted Wright Square

Wright Square

Featured on Grave Tales Tour, Dead of Night Tour

Wright Square is known to many as 'The Hanging Square.' When Savannah was founded, and for years after, many people were put to death by hanging. It just so happens that Wright Square is where many of these hangings took place.

Today, Wright Square is said to be haunted by those unfortunate souls whose lives were lost at the end of a rope. From famous ghosts, such as Alice Reiley, to lesser known ghosts which haunt this Square, you'll hear about all of them on the Grave Tales Ghost Tour.

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Meet Your Tour Guide in Johnson Square

The Grave Tales Ghost Tours meets in the center of Johnson Square. Johnson Square is only on block away from the River, on Bull Street.

Once you arrive in Johnson Square you will see a large monument directly in the center of the Square. This is where your tour guide will meet you.

If you are running late or need directions please call our office at 888-859-5375.


There is on-street parking in the area of Johnson Square. However, your best bet would be to park in one of the two parking garages on Reynolds Square, just two blocks to the east of Johnson Square.

Johnson Square is an easy walk from almost anywhere in the Historic District. So, if you're staying nearby you should consider walking. It'll save you the hassle of trying to find a parking spot.