The Beyond Good & Evil Tour

If you're looking for an Adults Only Ghost tour that combines raunchy humor, adult themes, and very haunted locations - the Beyond Good & Evil Tour is what you're looking for.

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90 Minutes
Every night
For Ages 16+ Only
Pet Friendly
Alcohol Friendly
Ghost Tour

Imagine walking the haunted streets of Savannah, knowing that a ghost could be around any corner. You'll have to do your best not to run....

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What is it that makes Savannah Georgia the most haunted city in the Country? You can point to the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by violence and disease...maybe the fact that every major war fought in America has seen fighting in Savannah? Ghost City Tours has a theory all of its own. Join our Tour Guides on the Beyond Good and Evil Tour to find out the secrets which this haunted land holds.

  • Our unique blend of humor, the macabre, voodoo, ghosts, local folklore and legends has created Savannah's most popular Ghost Tour. This tour is not to be missed!
  • You'll explore Savannah's most haunted locations, many of them loosely related to the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. If you're a fan of 'The Book' and you're looking for a ghost tour, this is the one you need to take!
  • You'll visit some of Savannah's most stately homes, such as the Mercer-Williams House and 432 Abercorn. Oh, and a haunted cemetery or two as well.

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What can you expect on the Beyond Good & Evil Tour?

Starting at the front gate of Colonial Park Cemetery, your tour guide will lead you through the sinister streets of Savannah's forgotten...and not to be talked about...cultures. Voodoo and Hoodoo. You will hear how these cultures have influenced Savannah. Still practiced in Savannah, usually underground (not literally underground), Voodoo and Hoodoo continue to help account for many of the hauntings that take place in Savannah. Hoodoo ceremonies performed in ceremonies? Check. Voodoo priests and practitioners? Check. You will hear about them all while on the Beyond Good and Evil Tour.

Murders & Suicides

Every city has their share. As with most things in Savannah, the stories will intrigue you.

VooDoo and Hoodoo

Both have played a role in underground communities in Savannah. You'll hear about both.

Demonic Hauntings

When the sun goes down, the beautiful homes of Savannah have secrets which make themselves known.

"The Book"

Many of the stops on this tour were part of the famous novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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Savannah's #1 Comedy Ghost Tour

The Beyond Good & Tour oftens sells out days in advance thanks to its unique theme and laid back attitude.

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Visit some of the MOST HAUNTED locations in Savannah

On the Beyond Good and Evil Tour you will visit some of the most haunted locations in the entire city of Savannah. Most of these locations are higher on the 'creepy' scale than the ones you'll find on our other tours. While the Beyond Good and Evil Tour can be seriously spooky, don't be suprised if you and your friends enjoy a few laughs as our guides put all of the skills to work to keep you entertained.

Where does the Beyond Good & Evil Tour start?

This tour starts at 201 East Oglethorpe Aevenue, in Savannah. When you arrive at the address you'll see a large gate, the entrance to Colonial Park Cemetery. This is where your Tour Guide will be waiting for you.

If you need directions, or get lost, you have a map in your Ticket Confirmation email. You can also call our office at 888-859-5375 and we'll get you to the right place!

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