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When it comes to ghosts and hauntings, New Orleans is a city that few others can rival. New Orleans’ ghosts, voodoo, hoodoo, and hauntings helped shape this haunted city into what it is today.

On our New Orleans Ghost Tours, we’ll take you on a trip into our haunted history, introducing you to the ghosts which still haunt the living, today.

Ghost City prides ourselves on visiting the most haunted locations in the French Quarter. Luckily for us (and you), you don't have to go far before you come across another great ghost story. Ghost City has the highest-rated Tour Guides in all of New Orleans. While touring the French Quarter with them, you'll enjoy the way that our Guides bring New Orleans' haunted past to life. Always friendly and eager to answer questions, our Guides are well liked by our guests and very experienced.

  • Do you think a Ghost Tour, after dark, in the French Quarter, isn't for you? WRONG! Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or someone in between, you'll find yourself having a great time exploring New Orleans' most haunted locations!
  • Did you know that New Orleans is considered the Most Haunted City in America? Why are there so many ghosts and hauntings in the French Quarter? You'll learn the secrets of New Orleans' haunted history on our tours.
  • While our tours focus on the ghosts and hauntings of the French Quarter, you'll also hear about Voodoo, true crime and the ghosts they created, the ghosts of New Orleans' Vice Districts, haunted mansions, and much more!
96% of our previous guests rate us as a 5-star experience on TripAdvisor, the highest rating possible!
New Orleans' best Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts trust Ghost City with their guests.
Ghost City is the #1 ranked Ghost Tour Company in New Orleans' on review websites such as TripAdvisor.

Our Ghost Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the haunted places we visit on our Tours

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is a great introduction to New Orleans paranormal history. You'll visit some of the most haunted places in the French Quarter, all the while hearing about New Orleans' unique history - and why our city is a havn for ghosts, even in the modern World.

St. Louis Cathedral, one of the places some of the Killers on this tour sought forgiveness

The Killers and Thrillers Tour

The Killers and Thrillers Tour was the first Adults Only Ghost Tour in New Orleans. Pushing the limits of what is traditionally told on Ghost Tours, the Killers and Thrillers Tour focuses on the ghosts of New Orleans' most infamous crimes. If you're a True Crime fan, this tour is for you..

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, one of the stops on the Haunted Pub Crawl

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

If there are two things that New Orleans is known for, it is having a great time and our ghosts. On our New Orleans' Haunted Pub Crawl you'll visit some of the most historic and haunted bars and pubs in New Orlean's French Quarter. This tour is a great way to meet other paranormal fans who enjoy a good time.

The LaLaurie Mansion, one of the stops on the Bad Bitches Tour

The Bad Bitches of New Orleans Tour

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" - or so goes the saying. Here in New Orleans, we've had more than our fair share of tough, criminially minded women who certainly add to the resident ghost population. On this new Adutls Only Ghost Tour we tell their gritty stories.

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What can you expect on our Ghost Tours in New Orleans' French Quarter?

Here at Ghost City we offer 4 very different and unique ghost tours. All of our tours take place in New Orleans' famous French Quarter, rarely going more than 10 minutes away from the River. Ranging in length from 90 minutes to 2 hours, we have a ghost tour that will please any paranormal or history fan. Whether you're looking for something to do while visiting New Orleans with your friends, family, or you lived here your whole life - our Ghost tours will certainly open up your eyes to a new way of viewing the historic neighborhood of the French Quarter.

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The MOST HAUNTED Locations

Here in New Orleans we visit some of the most haunted locations in the French Quarter.

Get off the beaten path

All of our ghost tours in New Orleans get away from the main tourist areas into less traveled areas.

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Here at Ghost City, we take a lot of pride in visiting the MOST HAUNTED locations in New Orleans

Here at Ghost City, we like pushing the envelope, offering tourists and locals alike a chance to join our Guides and journey into areas of the French Quarter which are not always the places where tourists dare to venture. All of the locations we visit on our Ghost Tours are carefully choosen and researched. Telling the true story about our ghosts and hauntings is the backbone of Ghost City. We don't stoop to telling stories about Vampires and other nonsense. However, you will hear the authentic paranormal history of New Orleans, our locals legends and folklore, and first-hand accounts of hauntings.

Do you need help deciding which Ghost Tour to take?

Visiting with the Family? Take a Family-Friendly Ghost Tour


The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is our all-ages tour which takes you to many of the famous haunted locations in the French Quarter. If you're looking for a great ghost tour that is going to talk about the ghosts and hauntings, along with some of the important history of New Orleans, this is the tour for you.

Looking to Explore the Sinsiter Side of New Orleans on an Adults-Only Tour?


Both the Killers & Thrillers Tour, and the Bad Bitches of New Orleans are adults only ghost tour. We require ticket buyers to be at least 16 years of age to participate in the tour. There are plenty of mature themes, language, and other reasons for you to leave the kids behind on these tours.

The big difference between these two tours are the topics. The Killers & Thrillers Tour focuses on True Crime stories which have resulted in some bizarre hauntings. The Bad Bitches Tour focues on the evil women who ruled the French Quarter with an iron fist. They left plenty of ghosts in their wake, including their own.

Do You Desire a Spooky Adults-Only Night out on the Town?


New Orleans' first Haunted Pub Crawl, the Ghost City Pub Crawl is a great way to experience two of the things New Orleans is well known for - ghosts and drinks. Not only will you visit the haunted bars, you'll hear about the ghosts that haunt them. In addition, your guide will introduce you to some of the cocktail history of New Orleans.

The Haunted Pub Crawl is a great way to meet other tourists, or locals, who are out for a good time. Many times, the guests on the Pub Crawl keep the party going well after the tour ends.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Tours in New Orleans

We understand that you may have some questions about our New Orleans Ghost Tours - and you don't really want to call. Below you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get about our tours.

01. Are these Walking Tours?

ALL of our Ghost Tours are Walking Tours

Our New Orleans Ghost Tours are all walking tours. In New Orleans, we do not have the other options other cities have, like Hearse Ghost Tours, or even Trollies. If you're taking a ghost tour in the French Quarter, it is going to be a walking tour.

In order to actually FEEL the energy which our ghosts give off you have to be in the actual places where the haunting takes place. Some areas of the French Quarter which we visit can be seriously spooky! We feel that THIS is the best way to explore the paranormally charged French Quarter.

  • Walking Tours allow you to immerse yourself in the stories we tell
  • Walking tours are much more friendly to the area - not giving off pollution or waking up the neighborhoods with their speakers
  • Walking is good for you, and it s great way to walk off that amazing dinner you just had!
  • On a walking tour you're not crammed into a vehicle, almost certainly squished in next to someone you'd rather not be squished up against
02. Does Ghost City offer any Groupon tickets, maybe Living Social?

Ghost City has never sold Groupon vouchers - and we never will.

We know that there are many companies in New Orleans and the French Quarter which offer their tickets for sales on Groupon. And if you're not worried about the quality of the tour you're getting - you can certainly spend some time on Groupon or Living Social and find tickets available. However, you won't see any from Ghost City.

We know that our Ghost Tours are of the highest quality, with thousands of reviews from tourists and locals who have enjoyed our tours. In addition, our tours often sell out - especially on the weekends and on Holidays. There is simply no reason why we'd sell our tours on Groupon.

Companies that sell on Groupon are taking a very substancial cut to their revenue. If their company was as good as they claim it was - they wouldn't have to sell $30 ghost tour tickets for $10 on Groupon. Even if you do not choose Ghost City - do yourself a favor and stay far away from companies who are offering their tours on Groupon.

03. Does Ghost City go into any of the locations on the tours?

Some locations allow us to come in, most don't

When we're touring the French Quarter, many of the locations that you'll be visiting are private residences. Obviously, they wouldn't be too happy about us simply coming into their homes with our Tour Groups. Therefore we do not go into most of the locations we visit on our tours.

If you're looking for a Ghost Tour where you can gain access into the building itself, we highly recommend our Haunted Pub Crawl. Each and every stop on the Pub Crawl allows you access into the building - and sometimes even into areas that are off access for the general public.

04. Does Ghost City do the Vampire Tours, in New Orleans?

No Vampire Tours

While we understand that there are people who are interested in Vampire folklore, the reality is that Vampires, as the way other tour companies in New Orleans portray them, do not exist. Therefore, Ghost City does not offer Vamprie Tours. We couldn't sleep at night knowing that we're telling people lies and made-up stories, all the while pretending we're telling the truth.

We take a lot of pride in doing the research needed to give you a ghost tour that is still spooky, yet historically accurate. So, you won't be finding Vampires on our Tours.

05. Once I purchase tickets, can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final

Just like any other performance, and yes our Tours are performances, we can only admit a limited number of people. This means that when you purchase your ticket we cannot give you a refund if you decide not to attend.

However, we're not a bunch of unreasonable monsters. If you have an emergency we will work with you. In addition, we also allow our guests to reschedule their tour, as long as you do it at least 24 hours in advance, and the tour you want to reschedule to has availability.

06. Are your Ghost Tours at Night?

All of our Ghost Tours are Night-time Tours

Here at Ghost City, all of our tours take place in the evening or at night. We do this for many reasons - first of all, it is much more comfortable in New Orleans after the sun goes down, most of the year. In addition, Ghost Tours are much more spooky as a night tour!

The city of New Orleans does dictate that our tours must be finished by 10pm (stupid), so we do not do late-night ghost tours. However, many of our ghost tours do go all of the way until 10pm. We try to give you as much of a night-time experience as we can.

07. Are your Ghost Tours also Voodoo Tours?

All of our tours talk about Voodoo

While our Ghost Tours are not voodoo specific tours, all of them touch on the subject of voodoo and how it has impacted New Orleans. After all, New Orleans is home to Marie Laveau, probably the most famous Voodoo Queen in the history of the World.

If you want to learn more about Voodoo while on our tours, simply ask your guide! Our Tour Guides are all very educated and are very knowledgable about voodoo, the history of voodoo, and the role is has played in New Orleans' history.

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at 888-859-5375

Tickets for our tours often sell out

Our Ghost Tours often sell out quickly. Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. You can purchase them online or by calling us at 888-859-5375.