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Our tour of St. Louis Cemetery is the most popular tour of this cemetery

The tomb of Marie Laveau, the city's most famous (and most mysterious) Voodoo Queen

The Old Mortuary Chapel, originally built solely for the blessing of the thousands of yellow fever victims who passed through its hallowed walls and were then interred in the cemetery

Have you ever wondered why New Orleans buries their dead above ground? You'll hear the chilling truth

The labyrinth of tombs and wall vaults in the cemetery and the famous people buried within

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Marie Laveau, who's tomb is seen on this tour of St. Louis Cemetery
The Tomb of Marie Laveau

Perhaps the most famous person laid to rest in St. Louis Cemetery, Marie Laveau is a popular topic with our tour guests.

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Laveau is featured on our Cemetery Tour. You'll hear about the times and life of this amazing woman.

When we visit her tomb, you'll see evidence of people attempting voodoo ceremonies at her tomb. Even today, people are still trying to reach out to Marie Laveau.

Learn more about the haunted side of New Orleans and the people that haunt the city on our Cemetery Tour

Mark Twain nicknamed New Orleans' cemeteries the "Cities of the Dead." On the Cemetery Tour, you'll learn why that nickname has stuck throughout the centuries while uncovering the fascinating secrets that St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 hold within its walls . . . secrets that have helped to make this cemetery one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans.

Many notorious legends will forever remain linked to the infamy of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. On our New Orleans Cemetery Tours, you’ll learn more than just the myths and ghostly accounts of historical figures like the Voodoo Queen; you’ll learn the truth behind the cemetery’s most famous residents.

Our New Orleans Cemetery Tour is the perfect ghostly companion to our night-time haunted walking tours. Peel back the layers of Haunted New Orleans by booking a ticket to the only New Orleans Cemetery Tour that delves beneath the legends to tell the true, grim tales of life and death in New Orleans. Are you ready to visit the final resting place of centuries-worth of New Orleanians?

When visiting St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, you must be part of a tour group - read why

Famous Tombs and Graves in St. Louis Cemetery

Famous Grave Sites

On our guided tour of St. Louis Cemetery, you'll have the chance to see some of the most famous gravesites in all of New Orleans. Of course, everyone wants to stop by the tomb of Marie Laveau, but we also spend some time visiting other famous New Orleanians such as Bernard de Marigny and Homer Plessy.

A Family Tomb, as seen on one of our St. Louis Cemetery Tours

What kind of tomb is this?

New Orleans is well-known for the many kinds of tombs that dot our cemeteries. We'll show you examples of different burial plots such as Family Tombs, 'Oven Vaults,' and much more. Have you ever wondered how a whole family fits into one family tomb? We'll describe the morbid process in detail.

You'll tour the Gravesites of Yellow Fever victims on this Cemetery Tour

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever, a vicious disease common in the 1800s and prior, ravaged the population of New Orleans on more than one occasion. Thanks to Yellow Fever, St. Louis Cemetery was never short on bodies. We'll tell you the story of Yellow Fever as we visit some of the locations that played a part in processing of the dead.

You'll see more of St. Louis Cemetery (pictured) on our tours than with any other tour company.

....and more!

Our St. Louis Cemetery Tour will give you a complete understanding of the history of the people and the Cemetery itself. You'll be entertained as we take you through the rows of gravesites and tombs on this tour.

Savannah's #1 Cemetery Tour

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New Orleans' #1 Cemetery Tour

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Reviews for our St. Louis Cemetery Tour

Ghost City's tour of St. Louis Cemetery is the most popular Cemetery Tour in New Orleans.

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Where does the New Orleans Cemetery Tour start?

Our New Orleans Cemetery Tour starts in front of the Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes & Culture, which is located at 1010 Conti St, in the French Quarter. THIS TOUR DOES NOT START AT THE CEMETERY. Your Tour Guide will be waiting for you directly in front of the Museum.

If you are running late or need additional directions, please call our office toll-free at 855-999-9026.


Parking in the French Quarter is at a premium. While you can take a chance and try for on-street parking, we highly suggest that you walk to the starting location of Cemetery Tour. The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes & Culture and the cemetery are a quick 10-minute walk from almost anywhere in the French Quarter. You can also take a cab or a pedicab.

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