New Orleans' Haunted Restaurants and Bars

What ghosts will you meet in these haunted dining establishments?

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You don’t come to New Orleans without plans to try your hand at a few of the city’s most famous restaurants (or take one of our amazing ghost tours). The Crescent City is home to Creole and Cajun cuisine, primarily, with added influences of various different cultures. BBQ shrimp, jambalaya, gumbo—check out the majority of restaurants in town and you’ll be hard pressed not to find one of these options on the menu.

Whether you’re in search for a relaxed atmosphere, a restaurant with a balcony overlooking beautiful scenery, or a century-old property whose menu has not changed in that hundred year span, New Orleans can satisfy all of your dining desires.

Including a desire to scope out and find the city’s most haunted restaurants.

Dishes crashing to the floor; silverware disappearing; spirits who enjoy sipping the paid-for-spirits by the guests of the establishment. (The “living” guests, I mean).

For as many restaurants that open in New Orleans, just as many have stories of hauntings and paranormal activity attached to them.

Here are some of the most haunted restaurants in New Orleans—some are well known, others not as much. But all have a singular thing in common: the ghosts still roaming these properties seem to like the ambiance and cuisine just as much as the living do.

A photo of the haunted CHartres House Cafe, which can be found in New Orleans' French Quarter

The Ghosts of the Chartres House Cafe

Just a few block from St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square you’ll find one the most popular restaurants in the French Quarter, the Chartres House Cafe. Over the years, 601 Rue Chartres has been many different types of establishments.

Today, Chartres House Cafe continues the grand restaurant tradition at 601. If you decide to enjoy the creative delicacies that can be found at the cafe, be prepare as you might be joined by an “unwanted” table guest. A ghostly guest.

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A photo of the haunted Commander's Palace in New Orleans' Garden District.

The Ghosts of Commander's Palace

Interested in stepping out of the French Quarter? Then head on over to the Garden District’s own Commander’s Palace. The restaurant has been serving up the people of New Orleans history and food for almost a century now.

Along with Commander’s fancy cuisine, comes a history that is very much alive. Alive with the ghosts from scandalous years gone by. But who is haunting the finest restaurant in New Orlenas?

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A photo of the haunted Court of Two Sisters Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Haunted Court of Two Sisters

One restaurant in the French Quarter that is considered to be a celebrity is The Court of Two Sisters. Located at 613 Royal Street, the restaurant was once part of an area in the quarter as Governor’s Row, as many the of the wealthiest politicians in New Orleans lived on the 600 block of Royal.

From Politicians to speakeasies 613 Royal Street made an impression on the French Quarter long before it became home to a world famous restaurant, and as such its play host to be stories and event throughout its existence. Some of the central figures of the stories, are believed to still be amongst the living.

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A photo the Jimani Bar in New Orleans, the location of the tragic-filled Upstairs Lounge.

The Ghosts of the Jimani Bar

The Jimani Bar was the site of one of the most unsettling fire to have ever occur in America.

Since that tragic day, over 40 years ago, there have been restless spirits causing a stir on the property’s grounds. Patrons and employees of the bar alike have experience both strange and moving encounters with the ghosts of the Jimani Bar.

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A photo of the haunted Kerry's Irish Pub, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The Haunted Kerry's Irish Pub

Since the early 1990s, Kerry’s Irish Pub has been home to Celtic-influenced music, food and drink. But, it has also been home to much ghostly activity. Local lore has it that the pub’s spirits are most likely patrons who have decided to stick around in the After life.

But what are the ghosts of Kerry’s Irish Pub capable of?

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Photo of the haunted Napoleon House, found in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana

The Ghosts of the Napoleon House

The History of the Napoleon House is as unusual is New Orleans is itself. Once proposed as an exile home for Napoleon Bonaparte by the New Orleans Mayor, Nicholas Girod, the home didn’t see much action until it became a grocery store, ran as a front for the New Orleans Mafia.

What actually has transpired at the Napoleon House in the past may never be known, but whatever occurred on the property's grounds during mom rule, has left 500 Chartres Street haunted. Haunted by angry spirits, some of whom have been known the treat diners and less than hospitable ways.

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A photo of the haunted O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub, that is now known as the New Orleans Creole Cookery.

The Haunted O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub

Located right in the middle of New Orleans' French Quarter sits one of the most unique haunted Hotels in New Orleans. Hotel Maison de Ville is home to numerous ghosts, one of which is rumored to be Tennessee Williams himself. By digging into the history of the Maison de Ville we might be able to figure out who is actually haunting this Hotel.

While staying in New Orleans, if you're looking for a haunted Hotel to stay in, you should check out Hotel Maison de Ville.

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A photo of Pat O'Briens Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Ghosts of Pat O'Briens Bar

With tranquil courtyards and a staff dedicated to creating the perfect experience for the hotel's guests, there's no surprise as to why the Dauphine Orleans Hotel sits in one of the coveted top spots for places to stay while traveling in New Orleans. But this luxurious hotel, once the site of the City's first licensed brothel, has quite the story to tell . . .

Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of courtesans and the visitors who have never left, the Dauphine Orleans Hotel is routinely voted as one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. Do you have what it takes to stay the night at this elegant, haunted hotel?

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