Join us for a Ghost Tour in New Orleans' French Quarter

When it comes to ghosts and hauntings, New Orleans is a city that few others can rival. New Orleans’ ghosts, voodoo, hoodoo, and hauntings helped shape this haunted city into what it is today. On our New Orleans Ghost Tours, we’ll take you on a trip into New Orleans’ past, introducing you to the ghosts which still haunt the living, today.

  • Do you think a Ghost Tour isn't for you? WRONG! Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or someone in between, you'll find yourself having a great time exploring New Orleans' most haunted locations!
  • Did you know that New Orleans is considered the Most Haunted City in America? Why are there so many ghosts and hauntings in the French Quarter? You'll learn the secrets of our amazingly haunted city on our tours.
  • While our tours focus on the ghosts and hauntings of the French Quarter, you'll also hear about Voodoo, true crime and the ghosts they created, the ghosts of New Orleans' Vice Districts, haunted mansions, and much more!

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Our haunted New Orleans Tours are a perfect combination of New Orleans’ better known haunted locations and some off the beaten path locations that other tour companies neglect. You will get to go to the LaLaurie Mansion and hear the real story behind the hauntings there, and you’ll also get to hear about secret brothels and hidden haunted treasures that New Orleans is notoriously known for.

A review for a Ghost Tour from Ghost City Tours

Not for the Faint-Hearted!

"This walking tour was a-mazing!! Maria, our guide, was so enthusiastic about the stories, you felt like you were the moment when it was happening! She took us to all the major spots. Gruesome details were discussed, so stick with the company's advisory for 16 years or over. Not only were there ghost was very historically accurate to actual events. She walks you around the French Quarter so you get all the history of the area (scary mostly). Maria is a plethora of knowledge of any and everything New ask questions!!"

Delilah N - Real TripAdvisor Review

Our Haunted New Orleans Tours

The LaLaurie Mansion, one of the stops on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

8 pm | 7 nights per week | All Ages

Join Ghost City on one of New Orleans' most popular ghost tours, the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. You'll explore the haunted side of New Orleans. The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is a wonderful selection of New Orleans’ most famous haunted locations, as well as some disturbing haunted locations that we uncovered in our research.

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One of the many haunted, and historic homes, which you'll see on the Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour

The Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour

8 pm & 8:30pm | 7 nights per week | Ages 16+ Only

The Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour is New Orleans’ only adults only ghost tour. If you’re looking for a ghost tour that is designed exclusively for adults, this is the ghost tour you want. Mature content and language is guaranteed on the Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour. We’ll explore the haunted streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter in search of the most disturbing ghost stories and history New Orleans has to offer.

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Join Ghost City at this haunted location in New Orleans' French Quarter for a real ghost hunt

New Orleans Ghost Hunt Experience

10 pm | Thursday-Monday | Ages 16+ Only

Have you ever wanted to go on a real ghost hunt? Ghost City Tours offers New Orleans’ only real ghost hunt experience! Thursday through Monday you can join our paranormal investigators at one of New Orleans’ most haunted locations for a real ghost hunt. All of your ghost hunting equipment is provided. You can even download your recordings to see if you captured one of our infamous ghosts on audio or video! This is not a haunted house experience, it is a real ghost hunt.

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Ghost City Tours offers the New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl, nightly at 8 pm

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

8 pm | 7 days per week | Ages 21+ Only

If there are two things New Orleans is especially well known for, it is our ghosts and our bars. On Ghost City Tours’ New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl, you’ll go on a spooky journey to explore our most haunted bars and pubs. Along the way, you’ll hear the true tales of some of our most famous ghosts. We’ll explore the darker side of New Orleans' ghosts as we sip on some of New Orleans’ finest beverages!

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Join us for a real Haunted New Orleans Experience

Will you be the next guest to have a paranormal experience on our Ghost Tours?

Imagine touring the places in New Orleans where the most ghost sightings have taken place, where events, so tragic, have occurred, leaving the souls of New Orleans’ past trapped in the veil of haunted mystery that surrounds New Orleans. You won't find a better haunted ghost tour in all of New Orleans.

More people take a haunted ghost tour with Ghost City Tours, across the country, than with any other ghost tour company. When you buy tickets for your New Orleans ghost tour, you’re signing up for an experience you won’t forget.

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A review for our New Orleans Ghost Tours, on TripAdvisor

Great way to spend an evening in New Orleans!

"Had a wonderful time on this tour. The "haunted" history in the sites visited were very interesting. No Ghosts were seen on the tour, but our pictures did catch a few orbs. Our tour guide Gretchen. She was thorough, professional, you would never know that she was with the company only a short time."

D.R. - Real TripAdvisor Review

The most thoroughly researched New Orleans Ghost Tours

When it comes to taking a ghost tour, few things are more disappointing than finishing your tour and realizing that everything you were told was made up. Too many companies in New Orleans do this. Here at Ghost City, all of our tours are 100% historically accurate. This means you can expect to hear the real story about New Orleans most haunted locations. You'll also learn a great deal about the non-haunted history of New Orleans along the way. 

All of our haunted walks are carefully researched by the staff of Ghost City Tours. Working with the Historical Society and other great resources, we have uncovered some incredible stories that are previously unknown to the New Orleans Ghost Tour community. We have also been able to verify, and in some cases correct, the history and stories associated with New Orleans’ most haunted locations.

Elaine, one of our tour guides, telling the haunted history of Muriel's Restaurant in the French Quarter.
Elaine, telling the story of Muriel's Restaurant, on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Haunted Tours of New Orleans

Are your Haunted Tours walking tours?

Yes. Since all of our ghost tours in New Orleans take place in the French Quarter, walking is the only way to go. Nobody offers driving ghost tours in the French Quarter due to traffic and the fact that many streets are shut-off at night for walking traffic.

Don't worry, our tours are very leisurely paced. The longest tour route we offer is just over 1 mile in length, with most of them being around 3/4 or a mile.

Are your ghost tours pet-friendly?

With the exception of the Haunted Pub Crawl and the New Orleans Ghost Hunting Experience, all of our tours are pet-friendly. So, feel free to bring your well-behaved pet out for the tour!

Can I bring an alcoholic beverage on the tour?

Yes, since New Orleans allows anyone of legal drinking age to walk around the French Quarter with their drinks, feel free to bring a drink along for the tour. Just make sure it is in a plastic cup and nobody will hassle you. We also stop at a bar for a restroom break, so feel free to pick one up there too.

Do your haunted tours operate in the rain?

Yes, our tours run rain or shine. In the rare event that the weather is going to be on the severe side we may have to cancel a tour. If we do this, you'll have the chance to reschedule your tour, or you'll receive a full refund.

Are your Ghost Tours kid-friendly?

Our Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is our all-ages ghost tour. It was designed so that everyone will enjoy it, regardless of your age. If you're planning on taking a ghost tour while in New Orleans, and you have young children, the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is the one you want to take.

Why are some of your Ghost Tours 'Adults Only'?

Our Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour is adults only because it deals with mature content. It isn't because it is super scary. (You may find it so, though). In addition, we have found that many of our guests appreciate the option of going on a tour where there are no children because it is a more enjoyable experience for them.

The Haunted Pub Crawl is an adults only ghost tour because, well, it is a tour of bars and pubs. Those establishments would frown upon us if we showed up with children in tow.

Do your Ghost Tours go inside of any Haunted Buildings?

Our Haunted Pub Crawl does go into numerous haunted buildings. Our Ghosts of New Orleans Tour and Killers and Thrillers Tour do not venture into any of the buildings we visit. Why? Most of the buildings are private residences. It doesn't matter which tour company you choose, nobody has access to them.

If you want to spend all of your time inside, consider the New Orleans Ghost Hunt Experience. It is a real ghost hunt which spends the entire time in one of New Orleans' most haunted buildings. It is also New Orleans' only ghost hunt experience.

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