Galveston Ghost Stories | Famous Ghosts on Galveston Island
Galveston Texas, home to many Ghost Stories about haunted places and Ghosts

Ghost Stories from Galveston

One of the most haunted cities in Texas, Galveston has more than a few ghost stories associated with the many haunted locations on the Island..

Jean Lafitte, who's ghost story is one of the more commonly told Galveston Ghost Stories

The Ghost of Jean Lafitte

One of the first Europeans to call Galveston home, Jean Lafitte was one of the more famous people to make his way to the Island in Colonial times.

The history of Jean Lafitte is filled with holes and tall-tales. From his journies to and from New Orleans, Jean Lafitte left a lot of trumoil and stories in his wake. His ghost is said to haunt Galveston.

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