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The Ghosts of the Brahmin Restaurant

dine at one of Boston's most haunted restaurants

The Brahmin restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, is the go-to stop for foodies and paranormal enthusiasts. Once a carriage house, the building has had many lives, arriving at its final form, a lavish, Victorian-inspired eatery. With reports from staff about ghosts and apparitions, there is no doubt this locale is haunted. From a creepy shadow figure to the spirit of a finely-dressed inspector, the residents of The Brahmin will chill you to the bone.

Did you know?

  • Spirits believed to have laid dormant for decades were stirred up after the structure was renovated and turned into The Brahmin.
  • A dark shadow figure allegedly walks the premises while a sharply-dressed inspector haunts the halls. Both spirits have been seen by the owners and their employees.
  • A fire in 1955 that destroyed the adjacent building is said to have left a paranormal imprint, inviting entities to haunt the surrounding areas.

The Ghosts of The Brahmin

After thorough research, the only source describing paranormal activity at The Brahmin seems to be Sam Baltrusis', Ghosts of Boston: Haunts of the Hub.

A Walking Shadow

In a conversation between Baltrusis and owners, Russ deMariano and Ed Brooks, the restaurateurs revealed they disturbed a formerly dormant entity during the building's renovations.

The establishment is located on Stanhope Street, which was laid out in the 1860s, in a part of the city that was mostly marshland. By 1930, Stanhope Street was a bustling metropolitan area, filled with restaurants and coffee houses, and it stayed that way ever since. Before it was crowned The Brahmin, the old building housed the 33 Restaurant & Lounge.

Upon purchasing the venue, Brooks and deMariano pictured an opulent vintage interior, inspired by Boston's 19th-century elite. To make their vision come to life, the building needed to be completely renovated, an extensive project they began in 2011. During this time, Brooks and deMariano caught a glimpse of the shadow figure that would frighten them for years to come.

The first time they saw it, they were closing a gate on the first floor, preparing to go into the liquor room. As they did, they noticed a shadow figure passing from underneath the door. Since the light behind the door was on, they were able to detect the shift in brightness as it walked by. The two quickly investigated, but - of course - no one was there. They recognized a change in temperature as well, noting that the room became uncomfortably cold. Needless to say, the event was enough to send them running out of the property.

Brooks - a self-proclaimed skeptic - claims that it wasn't the only time that happened, saying it looks like someone "pacing back and forth" behind the door. Tiffany Spearman, a Brahmin employee, confirmed she has seen the same entity in the ladies room, reflected in the mirror when she is doing her nightly rounds.

Inspector Gray-Suit

Aside from the dark apparition, there is another spirit haunting the place, a man in a vintage grey suit. First witnessed by deMariano's mother, she described him as an old-fashioned man and said he disappeared promptly after being spotted. The ghost has been identified as a 1950's investigator, as grey-colored suits were often worn by law enforcement. Apparently, The Brahmin restaurant is located behind what used to be the Boston Police Headquarters, further supporting the theory that this could be the specter of a deceased, film noir-type detective.

Does a Fire Explain the Paranormal Activity at The Brahmin?

When attempting to determine what kicked off the historic building's paranormal activity, one cause has been identified: the Red Coach Grill Fire of 1955.

On July 1, 1955, a fire started inside the Red Coach Grill restaurant building, leaving dozens of injured firefighters and approximately $150,000 in damages. This establishment was located next door to what is now The Brahmin. Locals believe residual traumatic energy has lingered in the neighborhood since.

Even though no deaths were reported during the fire, according to Adam Berry from SYFY's Ghost Hunters, any scarring event could potentially leave a "supernatural imprint," opening a portal of sorts and inviting lost souls into the area.

Firefighters had to shatter a few windows to get into the adjacent building and contain the flames. This could explain why, aside from the unsettling apparitions, Brahmin staff swears they have heard glass shattering on several occasions. Despite the entire restaurant being thoroughly searched, no one can find any glass. Could employees be hearing some form of paranormal "echo" stemming from the former Red Coach Grill building or is it just a trick of the mind?

Visit The Brahmin for a trip back in time to the luxury of the city's 19th-century elite, and encounter the ghosts that call it home, cocktail in hand.

Visitor Information

The Brahmin is a full-service restaurant and cocktail bar with a firm dress code. This is a 21 plus venue after 9pm.

Restaurant Hours

Monday - Available for Private Events Tuesday - 4pm to close Wednesday - 4pm to close Thursday - 4pm to close Friday - 4pm to 2am Saturday - 4:30pm to 2am Sunday - Available for Private Events


33 Stanhope Street Boston, MA 02116

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