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The Ghosts of Union Station Hotel

1001 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Once a buzzing terminal in Nashville, Tennessee, Union Station has seen many changes throughout the years. During World War II, the train station was used as a shipping-out point for soldiers. Following a significant decline and rapid deterioration after being vacant, the space has been revitalized as a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city. Today, the landmark combines a historic structure with a contemporary interior, giving spirits in the afterlife a place to call home.

The Union Station Hotel at Sunset, one of Nashville's most haunted Hotels

Did you know?

  • During World War II, thousands of troops departed Union Station to be deployed overseas.
  • The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Abigail, which can be seen re-enacting how she passed.
  • Out of all the rooms in this 7-story hotel, there is one famously known for its unexplained phenomena, room 711.

See You Never: A Nashville Ghost Story

If you’re interested in Nashville’s paranormal, you’ve probably heard the story of Abigail and her beloved soldier. As with any folk tale, there are some natural variations. But there is one version that stuck, which is arguably the most tragic of all.

During World War II, 20-year-old Abigail said goodbye to her beau at Union Station before he left for France. While standing on the platform, she promised she would be waiting for him in the same spot when the war was over. After the war, she returned to the station only to find out that he had been killed while in Europe. Abigail was so heartbroken that she threw herself in front of a moving train.

Who Lives in Room 711?

Guests staying in this room claim they have heard strange noises such as phones ringing, lights flickering and stomping on the roof - as if someone is walking on the top floor. The catch is, room 711 is the top floor. It was once the building’s attic, but when the hotel was being built, it was transformed into additional rooms.

People also describe hearing what sounds like heavy furniture dragged above the room, especially during the early hours of the morning. Some have even felt sudden, unexplained drops in the room’s temperature and feeling like they are not alone. Both common occurrences in a haunted location.

It’s hard to say who is haunting this specific room and why. Is it Abigail or someone else? If it is her, why this room? There are plenty of unanswered questions. We know for sure that there is definitely something going on in this room and that it’s likely explained by the century-old building’s past.

Brief History of the Union Station Hotel

Nashville’s Union Station was built in 1900, as a Gothic-style train terminal. The structure was designed by Richard Montford, and included eight railroads and streetcars to service passengers.

The large station became incredibly significant during World War II, sending out thousands of soldiers during the conflict. At the time, over sixteen trains stopped daily. By the 1960s, the station had declined significantly, with only six railroads making stops. Slowly going into obsoletion, the terminal operated until 1979 and remained vacant for seven years.

While it was abandoned, the disarrayed building was managed by the local government, which was waiting for the perfect revitalization project to be presented. Eventually, the idea of turning it into a hotel was proposed and the project was promptly approved. Keeping the historical importance of the location in mind, the space was remodeled and turned into a hotel in 1986. It has since been renovated on several different occasions, the last one being 2016.

Today, the 4-star hotel displays massive crystal chandeliers, cozy fireplaces, and Italian marble floors, reminiscent of the past. But don’t be fooled by the 20th-century structure, the rooms, and public areas feature plenty of beautiful modern furnishings.

When in Nashville, spend the night in one of the city’s most impressive hotels, soaking up the history, and the ghost tales that resonate through the antiqued walls.

Know Before You Go

Union Station is a 4-star hotel, open for reservations. When visiting the hotel without a reservation, please be mindful of guests and note that the lobby is not a public space.


The Union Station Hotel can be found at 1001 Broadway Street, Nashville, TN 37203. For more information about booking a (potentially) haunted room at the Union Station Hotel, please visit their website.

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