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The Curse of the Luxor

When you stay at the Luxor you’re gambling with your life

Luxor Hotel & Casino: 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the Luxor Hotel and Casino is the most haunted establishment on the Vegas strip. Do the ghosts that reside in its hallways seek to create more ghosts through grisly accidents and incidents?

Or is it that the Luxor’s dedication to Ancient Egypt has offended millennium-old spirits? No matter the cause, the body count at the Luxor Hotel steadily increases over the years.

Did You Know?

  • The Luxor is the third largest pyramid in the world; only two of the pyramids of Giza, Egypt are larger.
  • Though it was built as recently as 1993, the Luxor has undergone numerous (and expensive) renovations to increase its size and modernize its style.
  • The hotel originally featured a Nile River tour that allowed guests to take a tour through the pyramid where they would see various artifacts and artworks collected by the Luxor.

The House Always Wins

For a hotel and casino just shy of thirty years, the Luxor has had a significantly high number of murders, suicides, and unexplained deaths. Word on the Las Vegas strip is that the Egyptian-themed resort is haunted, more so than any other hotel/casino in the City of Sin. The frequency of these incidents even lead some to suggest that the place is cursed.

So which is it? Cursed or haunted? Could it be both?

The Skybeam emitted from the top of the Luxor Hotel & Casino’s pyramid is considered one of the brightest things on earth when operating at full power. However, there is an unquestionably dark energy that permeates throughout the interior of the hotel.

Speculation has it that referencing ancient Egyptian culture, and failing to pay attention to crucial details, has put a curse on the Luxor.

Cave Entrace

The Sphinx that guards the entrance to the behemoth of a pyramid is no doubt iconic, but it’s missing something: another Sphinx. According to texts concerning the ancient world and hieroglyphics, sphinxes likely came in pairs.

Their purpose was to guard an entrance, either to a city or to a bounty of treasure. The Sphinx that guards the Luxor, containing the entirety of a casino’s wealth and the lives contained in thousands of hotel rooms is left on its own.

The defense is not airtight and something has clearly gotten through.

A String of Deaths

Tourists and residents alike, down on their luck, at their wit’s end, tired without hope... Whatever the cause, the number of suicides that occur each year in a Las Vegas hotel room is staggering. The accurate figures are unknown due to the tendency of hotels to not report such grisly incidents.

You’re less likely to want to stay in a room where brain matter and a bullet hole once decorated the wall. Or sit in a dining area where someone threw themselves over the railing and fell to their death.

No matter how many reports are stifled by the privilege of controlling information, the news finds a way out. Sometimes it emerges as a whisper, sometimes it appears as an urban legend. Some tales are told to attract attention.

Paranormal Activity at the Luxor

The news may get out, but as the reputation of the Luxor demonstrates, there are things that never leave. The tortured souls that met their end amongst the mass-produced furniture, dusty remotes, and stained sheets, seem to be stuck in this world, unable to move on.

Cave Entrace

These entities are likely to be the source of the Luxor’s haunted notoriety.

Hotel staff might not tell you, but there are rooms with more paranormal activity than others. Rooms that you shouldn’t stay in. But the unsuspecting couple or family takes the room they’re offered, the one that’s available, and proceed with their vacation thinking that nothing will happen to them.

The Poltergeist in Room 30018

Room 30018 features a metallic noise that clangs like clockwork every morning at 8:30 a.m. The kind of noise that no amount of hotel pillows can snuff out. The entity that refuses to show itself to any guest clearly wants the living out as soon as possible. This is a ghost with a clear sense of personal space.

The Deadly Blonde

Multiple rooms seem to be haunted by the same blonde woman, though it is unknown if her stay at the Luxor is for business or pleasure. One thing that is certain is that the Luxor Blonde has a thing for strangulation; not her of course, but the guest who’s unfortunate enough to occupy her bed.

Numerous visitors have reported waking up after feeling hands gripped tightly around their necks. They awoke gasping for air, their hearts ready to burst. When they checked the room for signs of an intruder, there was no one.

The majority of these guests also reported that right before being woken up with their necks in a ghastly grip they were in the middle of a dream. And not just any dream, they were dreaming of an unknown blonde woman. It’s unclear what happens if you dream of a brunette.

Vacationers at the Luxor have seemingly experienced more paranormal activity while staying in the pyramid portion of the hotel-casino, as opposed to the towers full of rooms.

The casino wants to squeeze the money out of you, but the entities in the hotel want to take your life.

Some hotel guests may not see the Luxor Blonde, but they do wake up finding it difficult to breathe, their heart palpitating, sweat drenching the pillows and sheets. Also, guests without a history of heart trouble have reported experiencing intense chest pains at the Luxor. It’s hard to get a night’s rest when it looks like you’re ready to shake off your mortal coil.

The sound of fists hammering against the door in the middle of the night when security reports that the hallways are empty. A shadowy figure that exists in your periphery, just fast enough to move in the nanosecond before you turn to confront it. Whatever troubles the Luxor does not want you to sleep. It doesn’t even want you to be comfortable. That’s because it wants you out.

Visiting the Luxor Hotel

For those of you brave enough to step into the darkside, the Luxor Hotel & Casino is located at 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd. For more information or to book a (potentially) haunted room, please visit their website.

Don’t forget to let us know if you spot any specters!

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