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Join Ghost City on a tour of San Antonio's most Haunted Places

Have you ever wanted to learn the accurate haunted history of San Antonio? Many people consider San Antonio to be the most haunted city in Texas. Are you willing to risk running into one of our famous ghosts to learn the truth behind our most haunted locations? Join one of our nightly ghost tours and discover the real 'Haunted San Antonio'.

Our San Antonio Ghost Tours

The Grave Tales Tour

Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour

Are you looking for a great all-ages ghost tour in San Antonio? The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour will take you to the most haunted locations in San Antonio, including the Alamo.

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Nicodemus, one of the guides for the Beyond Good and Evil Tour

The Demonic Doings Tour

San Antonio's history is well-known. Even the hauntings don't surprise people. What may surprise you is the level of demonic hauntings which have occurred in San Antonio over the years.

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Tour the most haunted City in Texas

San Antonio is widely considered to be the most haunted City in Texas. The high number of haunted locations in the downtown area is impressive--so impressive that it is the perfect place to join Ghost City for a haunted tour.

When touring San Antonio, with Ghost City, we hope to show you what makes this historic city so special. When we first started coming to San Antonio, one of the things that really impressed us was that sense of wonder that seemed to take you over. Just around every bend is a new haunted location to discover. Why do ghosts seem to haunt these historic locations? You'll find your curiosity and senses at full alert while exploring these haunted places with your tour guide. We wanted to capture this magic and allow the spirits, the ghostly stories and the history to speak for itself.

Our San Antonio Ghost Tours visit the most famous, haunted locations in the downtown area. Not only will you hear about the ghosts which haunt these locations, you'll also learn about the history of these places. After all, it would be a shame to visit these locations and not hear about the history, and the people, which made them so very haunted.

Take a Walk with the Ghosts of San Antonio

Exploring San Antonio after dark is an experience that you won't soon forget. All of our ghost tours in San Antonio are walking tours. This allows you to get up close and personal with many of San Antonio's most haunted locations. Part of the experience when taking a ghost tour is standing in the same spot where these hauntings take place. We want you to totally immerse yourself in the city's haunted energy. You simply cannot get that on a riding ghost tour. I mean, how spooky can a building be when you're passing it at 25 m.p.h.?

When it comes to walking, we keep all of our ghost tours short in distance covered. We don't want to wear you out, making your ghost tour unenjoyable. We make sure to take a number of breaks. And, at many of our haunted stops, there are places to sit.

We sincerely hope that you take the time to join us for a walk among the ghosts of San Antonio. We promise to do everything that we can to make your haunted experience with Ghost City as memorable as possible. You never know, you may be our next guest to have a real encounter with the ghosts we visit!

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