Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tours

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After dusk has fallen in New Orleans, and the children have been put to sleep, the only people still wandering the streets of The French Quarter are the brave . . . and the restless spirits of the Dead. As the hand chimes 8:30 at the historic St. Louis Cathedral, those brave souls gather at the haunted 1022 Royal Street to begin their journey through New Orleans' mysterious and troubled past. Excitement cloaks the group, the living, but around them the ghosts still roam, hovering, sending chills scattering down their spines.

  • Leave the kids behind! The Killers and Thrillers Tours are New Orleans' ONLY Adults Only Ghost Tours.
  • Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned: This ghost tour focuses on the violent women from New Orleans' past, and the ghosts they left behind! Mad Madames galore!
  • Did You Know: New Orleans is famous for our Voodoo community. On this tour, you'll visit the home of Maria Laveau, the most famous Voodoo Priestess. Imagine being where she performed her rituals, where her ghost still haunts. Spooky, right?

Unlike the Killers and Thrillers and West Ghost Tour, Killers and Thrillers East will truly take you off the beaten path of the haunted French Quarter in search of these murderous women. Tales of female serial killers and mad madams await you here—as well as their ghosts who refuse to rest or leave the living alone.

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