The Killers and Thrillers Tour

New Orleans' ONLY True Crime Ghost Tour

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Tour Overview

Ages 16+: $29.99
8 pm | 90 Minutes Ages 16+ Only Alcohol-Friendly Pet-Friendly
(based on 2000+ reviews)

If you're a fan of True Crime, you're going to love the Killers and Thrillers Tour. This tour delves deep into the notorious crimes of the city, and the malevolent hauntings which still occur at these locations

We take you to where some of New Orleans' most infamous crimes and murders have taken place - and tell you the story about the events which made that location soo haunted.

Prepare to discover the dark side of human nature and the ghosts which were left behind as a result of these crimes. You'll be shocked to hear about the hauntings which resulted from True Crime happenings, maybe even in the Hotel you're staying in!

Don't worry - you'll get to know New Orleans' most haunted areas - and go to plenty of places ghosts have been seen, even today.

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The Pharmacy Museum, one of the stops on this True Crime Ghost Tour
The Ghosts of the Pharmacy Museum

Some of the most heinous crimes took place during the time when slavery was legal, and thriving in New Orleans. What does slavery have to do with the Pharmacy Museum? You'll find out on the Killers and Thrillers Tour.

Let's just tease you by saying 'medical experiments'. Want to know more - get your tickets before they sell out!

Read about the Pharmacy Museum

Why should you choose the Killers and Thrillers Tour?

If you're a fan of True Crime, the Killers and Thrillers Tour is for you. And don't worry, we still focus on the ghosts and hauntings of the French Quarter. What makes this tour unique is that we focus on some of the most gruesome crimes which have taken place in the French Quarter.

This was New Orleans' first ghost tour to ever stray off the beaten path and offer guests a glimpse of the notorious crimes which occurred in New Orleans' history, and recent past.

The stories are heavily researched, which means that when you feel yourself gasp in horror and your stomach curls in fear, you are hearing the gruesome truth and nothing less. Our professional tour guides will bring the stories to life for you so that you can vividly imagine life in during The French Quarter's dark and crime-ridden past.

On the Killers and Thrillers Tour you will visit some of the most haunted locations in the French Quarter. You will discover the inconspicuous locations where grisly acts have resulted in some of the most extreme hauntings.

The Borboun Orleans, where our Pub Crawl makes a stop

The Haunted Bourbon Orleans

One of the most haunted Hotels in New Orleans, the Bourbon Orleans is one of our optional stops on our Killers and Thrillers Tour. You'll hear the stories of the ghosts which haunt here, including the ghosts of the infamous Octaroon Balls.

If you're lucky enough to stay at the Bourbon Orleans, we'll tell you about the ghosts you should keep your eye out for in the Hotel.

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Tujague's, where you meet your Tour Guide

The Ghosts of Tujague's

The starting location for our Haunted Pub Crawl, Tujagues is an institution in New Orleans. One of the oldest restaurants and bars in New Orleans, Tujagues is a historical time capsule.

While getting your first drink of the tour you'll hear about the many ghosts which haunt Tujagues, including the cross-dressing ghost often seen in the dining room.

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The haunted Mahogany Jazz Club

The Mahogany Jazz Club

With strong Mob connections, it is no surprise that the Mahogany Jazz Club has more than a few ghost stories being told about it. After all, many of the staff who work here report having paranormal experiences on a near weekly basis.

When we stop at the Mahogany Jazz Club you'll be able to grab one of their refreshing drinks while hearing about the murders and hauntings.

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Pirates Alley, where your tour guide will take you while on this tour.

Pirates' Alley

We'll make a pit-stop in Pirates Alley, allowing you to fill up your drink and learn more about the ghosts of the French Quarter. Pirates Alley may be home to one of the best small bars today, but in the past it was heaviy trafficed by New Orleans' seedier characters.

Not only will you hear about the ghosts which are sometimes seen in Pirates Alley, we'll also tell you the spine-tingling tales of the Cathderal and Cabildo (one of the first jails in New Orleans).

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One of New Orleans' haunted buildings, featured on this ghost tour.

...and more!

Our New Orleans Pub Crawl visits 4-5 of New Orleans' most haunted bars and pubs every night. You'll see the above locations, hear their stories, and many more!

New Orleans' only True Crime Ghost Tour

Why should you choose the Killers and Thrillers Tour?

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You're a fan of True Crime and Ghosts

This is the only tour in New Orleans to combine both of these interests into one tour.

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True Crime fans love the Killers and Thrillers Tour!

Interest in True Crime and hauntings is at an all-time high. Combine them together and you end up with demand you can hardly keep up with! We are confident that you'll love this tour, like the 10,000's of thousands before you.

Still not convinced? Check out all of the Reviews for Ghost City Tours.

Where does the Killers and Thrillers Tour start?

The Killers and Thrillers West Tour starts at the entrace to Pirates' Alley, right in the heart of the French Quarter. Pirates' Alley runs between Cathedral and the Cabildo. Your Tour Guide will be waiting for you where Pirates Alley meets Jackson Square.

If you are running late or need additional directions please call our office toll-free at 855-999-9026.


Parking in the French Quarter is at a premium. While you can take a chance and try for on-street parking, we highly suggest that you walk to the starting location of the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. You can also take a cab or a pedicab.

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