Ghost Tour Prices

How much are our Ghost Tours?


Here at Ghost City Tours, one of the most common questions we get is about our ghost tour prices. Everyone wants to know what prices we offer and what kinds of deals that we offer. So, here is the list of prices for our ghost tours in Savannah and New Orleans.

Our ghost tour prices do not fluctuate throughout the year. We don't raise our prices during the busy seasons like other ghost tour companies do. The price you see is the price you pay. We don't include hidden fees or taxes in our tickets prices.

Savannah Ghost Tour Prices

In Savannah, Ghost City offers four unique ghost tours. Our tours in Savannah start at $19.95 for adults and $9.95 for children.

Description: The Grave Tales Tour is Savannah's #1 Haunted History Tour. This ghost tour is great for all ages. You'll visit Savannah's most haunted locations, hearing about our haunted past along the way. The Grave Tales Tour runs 7 nights per week at 9 pm.
Price: $19.95
Description: The Beyond Good and Evil Tour is Savannah's most popular Ghost Tour. You'll join your guide for a macabre journey to a number of Savannah's most haunted locations. You'll hear about our ghosts, voodoo, haunted cemeteries, and our famous haunted mansions. This tour sells out nightly.
Price: $29.95
Description: If you're looking to visit Savannah's most haunted bars and pubs, the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl is the tour for you. Each night, we take our guests onto a haunted crawl to the most haunted places to drink in Savannah. History, ghosts, alcohol, this haunted pub crawl has it all. This ghost tour is for ages 21 and over, only.
Price: $24.95
Description: The Dead of NIght Ghost Tour is Savannah's latest ghost tour. It is also our most popular adults only ghost tour. This ghost tour takes a look at some of Savaannah's darker hauntings. While not a scarefest, the Dead of Night Tour is certainly one of the spookiest ghost tours that you can find in Savannah.
Price: $29.95

New Orleans Ghost Tour Prices

Here in New Orleans, Ghost City offers 3 unique ghost tours, starting at $19.95 for adults and $9.95 for children. We also offer New Orleans' only ghost hunt experience, which is $49.95.

Description: The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is Ghost City's most popular all-ages ghost tour in New Orleans. Nightly, at 8 om, you can join our talented tour guides as we visit the most haunted locations in New Orleans' French Quarter. This 90-minute walking tour is sure to entertain and educate you about New Orleans' ghosts and hauntings.
Price: $19.95
Description: Join our guides on New Orleans' only adults only ghost tour, the Killers and Thrillers Ghost Tour. NIghtly, starting at 8 pm, the Killers and Thrillers Tour takes daring souls on a tour through the haunted French Quarter. We'll explore the darker side of human nature, and the ghosts that these dark events left haunting New Orleans.
Price: $29.95
Description: If there are two things that New Orleans is famous for, it is our ghosts and our alcoholic drinks. The New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl combines both of these into a ghost tour that will show you a great time in the French Quarter. Since we visit haunted bars on this tour, you must be at least 21 years of age to join.
Price: $24.95
Description: Are you looking to get to know New Orleans' ghosts in a way that you can't on a ghost tour? Ghost City is proud to offer New Orleans' only ghost hunting experience. Thursdays through Mondays, you can join us in one of the French Quarter's most haunted locations for a real ghost hunt experience.
Price: $49.95

Charleston Ghost Tour Prices

In Charleston South Carolina, Ghost City offers 2 unique ghost tours, starting at $19.95 for adults and $9.95 for children. We also offer Charleston's only Adults Only Ghost Tour.

Description: The Ghosts of Liberty Tour, in Charleston, is our tour to honor the brave men and women who lived in Charleston. Whether they were important figures, war heroes, soldiers, or another deserving class - the Ghosts of Liberty Tour tells the stories of these people and the ghosts they've left behind.
Price: $19.95
Description: The Death and Depravity Tour is Charleston's only Adult Only Ghost Tour. Diving into more mature topics, this tour is certainly not one that you'd want your young kids taking part in. Whether we're talking about the ghosts of prostitutes, murderers and their victims, or other shady characters, the Death and Depravity Tour is sure to entertain you.
Price: $29.95