The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

Will you be our next guest to encounter one of the French Quarter's ghosts?

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6 pm & 8 pm | 90-minute Tour Every Night Starts at 798 Chartes Street
Ages 12+: $19.95 | Ages 6-11: $9.95 | Ages 5 & under: Free

Imagine touring the haunted French Quarter at night


  • New Orleans' haunted restaurants and hotels. We'll show you where to eat or stay in a haunted location!
  • The infamous LaLaurie Mansion. Hear the true story behind this famous house.
  • Sites of grisly murders and crimes where the victims still haunt the living.
  • Homes of famous residents whose ghosts still walk the halls of their past lives.
  • and much more!

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is Ghost City Tours' flagship New Orleans Ghost Tour. We have included the most famous haunted locations in New Orleans on this ghost tour of New Orleans' infamous French Quarter.


98% of our previous guests rate us as a 5-star experience on TripAdvisor, the highest rating possible!


New Orleans' best Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts trust us with their guests.


Ghost City is the #1 ranked Ghost Tour Company in New Orleans on reviews website such as TripAdvisor.

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Haunted Places on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

Below, you can find a few of locations that we often go to on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. We usually go to 5-7 locations. Visiting any specific location is not guaranteed.

The haunted LaLaure Mansion

The LaLaurie Mansion

Featured on Ghosts of New Orleans Tour, The Killers and Thrillers - East Tour

Perhaps New Orleans' most haunted house, the LaLaurie Mansion is world-famous thanks to it's role in American Horror Story. Hear the real story behind the ghosts of this mansion.

The Beauregard-Keyes House, on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

The Beauregard-Keyes House

Featured on Ghosts of New Orleans Tour

Once home to the famous Civil War General, P.G.T Beauregard, this haunted house in New Orleans' French Quarter has long been known to be haunted by the residents who once lived here.

The Sultan's Palace, one of New Orleans most haunted places

The Sultan's Palace

Featured on Ghosts of New Orleans Tour, The Killers and Thrillers - West Tour

Rumored to be the location of a mass murder in the late 1800's, legends and ghost stories have surrounded the Sultan's Palace for almost 150 years. Who is actually behind the hauntings?

Meet Your Tour Guide at 798 Chartres Street

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour starts at 798 Chartres Street, right across the street from one of New Orleans' best restaurants, Muriel's. Your Tour Guide will be waiting for you on the corner.

If you are running late or need additional directions please call our office toll-free at 888-859-5375.


Parking in the French Quarter is at a premium. While you can take a chance and try for on-street parking, we highly suggest that you walk to the starting location of the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. You can also take a cab or a pedicab.

What Makes the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour Different?

When we started to put together ideas for the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour we knew it had to be different than what is being offered by other companies out there. The lack of originality in the market surprised us. It seems as if everyone goes to the same haunted places, tells the same ghost stories. Most of the time history is thrown to the curb in exchange for a few more gory details. This isn’t what we wanted from the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour.

So, to start, we decided against not visiting most of the locations other ghost tour companies in New Orleans visit. This is especially important for our repeat customers. You don’t want to come to New Orleans to take a ghost tour only to find out you’re visiting the same haunted locations and hearing the same ghost stories as last time. Aside from a few staples in the New Orleans haunted landscape, like the LaLaurie Mansion, we decided to research new locations. And we are soo glad we did.

Some of the new locations on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour are not visited by any other company. We spent weeks in the archives of Historical Societies and online databases uncovering the hidden haunted history of New Orleans. We came across true ghost stories, backed up by real historical research, that are soo crazy, soo spooky, that we only wish that what we uncovered wasn’t true. It is no wonder, after pouring over the first-hand accounts, the newspaper articles, that New Orleans is often called the most haunted city in America. We are proud to take our guests to these hidden haunted locations where the ghosts seem to be begging to be noticed by the living.

Another aspect of the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour that we knew we wanted to be different was the historical accuracy of our tours. By taking a few of the ghost tours in New Orleans, we were amazed by the amount of misinformation being presented. We take a lot of pride in our city, New Orleans. We all felt we would be doing New Orleans a big disservice by simply relying on hearsay and misrepresenting this city’s amazing, and dark history. Trust us, there is no reason to embellish New Orleans’ history to spook the crowds.

So, the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is 100% historically accurate. And we are very proud of that fact. We understand that on a ghost tour you want to get that spine-tingling feeling, you want to walk the dark streets and alleyways of the French Quarter and feel the spookiness. However, you don’t have to sacrifice real history to accomplish this. The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is easily one of the spookiest ghost tours in New Orleans, and the most historically accurate.

We also spent a lot of time working with our guide staff to ensure that the Ghosts of New Orleans haunted tour is presented in the best possible manner. I know I am completely biased, but I feel as if Ghost City Tours has some of the best tour guides in all of New Orleans. Entertaining, knowledgeable, and super friendly, you’ll quickly become good friends with your tour guide as you walk the streets of New Orleans on the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour.

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