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The MOST HAUNTED locations in Seattle

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What are the MOST HAUNTED Places in Seattle?

We encourage you to read through our list of the most haunted places in Seattle. However, nothing will replace a great ghost tour. While we hope you enjoy our pages about the most haunted places in Seattle, we also hope you'll join us for a Ghost Tour in Seattle.

The Kells Irish Restaurant

The Kells Irish Restaurant

With rumors of paranormal activity going back nearly a century, it is no wonder that this popular downtown eatery has long been reputed to be one of the most haunted pubs in Washington.

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The Cadillac Hotel

The Cadillac Hotel

Sitting on the ashes of the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the Cadillac Hotel has seen its share of ghosts. From the more famous crying mother and child, to dozens of workmen from decades past, this historic three-story Victorian Italianate-style building is bustling with paranormal activity.

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Haunted Girl

The Martha Washington School

There was once a time when Seattle’s Capitol Hill was known as Millionaire's Row. Yet behind the glitz and the glamor lies dark forces that are beyond normal understanding, residual energy that makes the neighborhood and the Patterson Inn a stomping ground for ghosts, specters, and the paranormal.

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Moore Theater

The Moore Theater

Originally built by a Canadian and run by a New Yorker, the Moore Theater is Seattle’s oldest entertainment and performing arts venue. Known for its share of spirits and specters, it was even investigated by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) for an episode of Ghost Hunters.

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Arctic Club

The Arctic Club

Like the notorious Cadillac Hotel, Seattle's Arctic Club was once a popular gathering place during the glory days of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush, playing host to the tens of thousands of men who journeyed west in search of fortune and fame.

This sordid tale, written by some of the west’s roughest and toughest men, has left its mark on all of Seattle, including the Arctic Club, creating a uniquely terrifying visit for anyone interested in America’s most haunted history.

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