Andrew Jackson Hotel Ghost Hunt

Join Ghost City we return to the site of one of the most exciting investigations ever

Event Details


Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 and/or
Thursday, October 12th, 2017

$299.99 per room/night
- One Room at the Andrew Jackson Hotel for two adults
- Participation in the Ghost Hunt for both adults
- Use of Ghost City's extensive Ghost Hunting Equipment
- Digital Copy of all of your recordings

Check-in Time:
3 pm

Check-out Time:
11 am the following morning

Ghost Hunt at the Andrew Jackson Hotel

We are excited to announce that we are returning to the infamous Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans. Based on our experiences there during the Hotel's first-ever public hunt in July 2016, and the experiences of the guests who stayed overnight with Ghost City, we know that there is still much to uncover at this hotel.

As a matter of fact, many people consider the Andrew Jackson Hotel to be one of the most haunted Hotels in New Orleans. And our paranormal findings matched this claim, proving that this hotel might just be the most haunted in New Orleans.

The Andrew Jackson has long been the source of endless ghost stories and paranormal encounters, some of it only rumors . . . some of it hauntingly true. Perhaps the most famous spirits to haunt the Hotel are the ghosts of young children. As a former Boy's School, it is easy to understand why the ghosts of children may be haunting the Hotel. But numerous other apparitions have been spotted roaming the rooms and halls of the Andrew Jackson Hotel. The ghost of a confederate soldier, a caretaker, a woman named "Sarah," and a gentleman in a suit have been frequently encountered by hotel guests. For more information about the history and ghosts of the Andrew Jackson Hotel, click here.

We bought out the ENTIRE Hotel. Which means only our Ghost City Hunters will have access to the investigation each night.

Your Room is included in the Ghost Hunt

We cannot investigate the Andrew Jackson Hotel without staying there. And that is exactly what you'll be able to do. Tickets are sold by the room. Each ticket is for one room and two adults, per night. Do you have a specific room that you'd like to stay in? Book early to reserve the room of your choice. Will you be lucky enough to get Room 109, considered to be the most active room in the Hotel? (All bookings for the hunt must be made over the phone: 855-999-9026)

All Ghost Hunting Equipment is Provided

As with all of our overnight ghost hunts, all of your ghost hunting equipment is provided. We have everything from full-spectrum camcorders to MEL Meters, to Ovilus Devices and Sprit Boxes, and so much more! We'll have plenty of ghost hunting equipment on hand for everyone.

In addition, you'll be able to download all of your recordings after the ghost hunt. After all, what is the point of a ghost hunt if you cannot review your recordings to see if you captured anything? All of your recordings, both audio and video, will be available to download 3 days after the event. Or, bring your own SD cards and take your recordings with you at the end of the ghost hunt.

Don't Take Our Word For It?

Hear What Others Had to Say

Ghost City Tours' Paranormal Investigator Michael Bill said, "The Andrew Jackson Hotel is haunted. From the moment we heard an EVP asking us to 'come to the back house,' I knew this investigation wasn't over yet. There's more to the story here. The Hunt was the best experience I've ever had and I'm ready to go back."

And our guest, Larry H., wrote in after the July 2016 Hunt to tell us exactly what he thought of the Andrew Jackson: "The Andrew Jackson Hotel was our first hunt and we loved it so much and we're looking forward to doing it again SOON!!! We will look into going to more hunts and investigations with Ghost City Tours. It was an awesome experience and our hosts were great."

Want to find out just how haunted the Andrew Jackson Hotel really is? We wrote about our investigators and guests' experience for the national magazine, The Line Up.

Read here on how some of the paranormal activity left even our toughest expert paranormal investigators shaken to their core.