Ghost Hunting at Hill View Manor

Purchase tickets to join Ghost City at the very haunted Hill View Manor

Join Ghost City at Hill View Manor

Located just North of Pittsburgh, you'll find one of the most haunted locations in all of the state of Pennsylvania, Hill View Manor. On September 16th and 17th, 2016, Ghost City will be holding one of our overnight ghost hunts at this haunted hotspot. This will mark our fourth time holding a ghost hunt at Hill View Manor, and all of the past ones have been a big success. EVPs, shadow people, objects moving, and more have happened at our previous events.

This is a two-night event. However, you can choose to stay only one night if you prefer. After spending one night here, we are sure you'd want to spend another night, so book both nights before they sell out!

As with all of our overnight ghost hunts:

  • All ghost hunting equipment is provided. Full spectrum camcorders, MEL meters, spirit boxes, and much more!
  • Keep all of your recordings. Three days after the event you'll be emailed a link to download everything you recorded
  • You'll be part of a small group. We do not crowd people in. After all, this is a real ghost hunt. Nobody wants a lot of people with them.

Ghost Hunt Info

Dates: 2017 Dates Coming Soon
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA