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The Ghosts of Underground Chattanooga

Did you know that Chattanooga is built upon…Chattanooga? Confused? Don’t be! If you’re like most of the people who join Ghost City Tours for a Chattanooga ghost tour, you had no idea that there is a mysterious…and very haunted location in Chattanooga called “Underground Chattanooga.”

The city of Chattanooga is actually built on top of the old city of Chattanooga. The residents of Chattanooga did this to help prevent the city from flooding by the Tennessee River.

An entrance to Underground Chattanooga, where many ghosts are said to haunt.

If you were to raise the whole town, the chances of it being flooded go down dramatically. Fortunately for us, when the citizens decided to rebuild Chattanooga on top of itself, many of the residents decided to stay right where they thought they belong…in underground Chattanooga.

And by residents, we mean ghosts. (In case we weren’t being transparent enough--ghostly pun intended).

“I watched the Ghost walk right through the Door”

Those are the words of a witness we interviewed while crafting our Chattanooga ghost tours.

This guy worked at a prominent business right along Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga. In the basement of the building he worked in is an old entrance into the underground labyrinth of Chattanooga.

One night, while working alone, he got that weird feeling that someone was watching him.

You know that feeling. It’s the one where your hair stands up on end and you feel a little creeped out. Well, he ignored it for quite some time. He finally worked up enough nerve to turn around, and to his shock he was standing face to face with a ghost from Chattanooga’s past.

The spirit was wearing old work clothes and looked like he was in pain. Just as soon as he made eye contact with the apparition it turned and walked right through the doorway which leads to underground Chattanooga.

Needless to say, the gentleman in question never ran faster in his life as he sprinted up the stairs. He now refuses to work in the basement after dark.

Can We Visit Underground Chattanooga?

On our Chattanooga ghost tours you’ll hear the story of our spooked friend…and many more. It seems as if Underground Chattanooga has more than a few paranormal events going on. Whether it is someone seeing a ghost in the basement of their building, a person on a ghost tour photographing something ghostly at one of the entrances to Underground Chattanooga or simply hearing the voices echoing through the walls that keep you from going down…it seems as if Underground Chattanooga is quite the haven for the ghosts of Chattanooga.

One of the common questions we get while giving our ghost tours is, “Can we go down into underground Chattanooga?”

Man, do we wish that we could!

Unfortunately, going underground to look for the ghosts of Chattanooga is very dangerous. There have been many cave-ins all over downtown Chattanooga. We don’t know about you, but we are not risking getting caught underground for the sake of going on a ghost tour. Oh, and the city of Chattanooga would probably frown on that very much.

So, your best bet to learn more about the ghosts of Underground Chattanooga is simply to take a ghost tour. We’ll show you some of the entrances to this underground mystery. You’ll hear many stories about the buildings, the streets and the ghosts which are still right underneath your feet in Chattanooga.

For more information about our Chattanooga ghost tours simply call our Office at 855-999-9026. They’ll answer any questions you have and take your order right over the phone. For more information about our Chattanooga haunted ghost tours simply head on over to the page and check them out. We offer an all ages Chattanooga ghost tour and an adults only ghost tour.

Our Chattanooga Ghost Tours

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